Great Corporate Identity Designs – Weekly Inspiration #3

As usual, every Thursday we’ll be posting beautiful, brilliant and creative brand identity design to help you get the inspiration. And for this week we have a collection of 15 great examples of well designed corporate identity designs.

In creating a corporate identity or branding identity design (some also call it visual identity), consistency is one of the most important aspect that designers should consider . From logo design, to stationery and brochures as well as web design, there must be a consistency in terms of color and elements used in the layout.

by Best Design Options

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Gold & Things by zkzook

corporate identity design

inproco by coldfinch

corporate identity design

Balcon Material by sirorene

corporate identity design

am by eslamvito

corporate identity design

Nini by Sepidehgraphic

corporate identity design

Realty Bureau by ahillesus

corporate identity design


corporate identity design

Chemical by darkman4e

corporate identity design

Miroslaw Cielma by Holmess

Oxygen by netdriller

corporate identity design

FOX International Channels by dhnn studio

corporate identity design

FLY by omni6us

corporate identity design


corporate identity design

Induse by Atelier Martino & Jana

corporate identity design

opium by Atelier Martino & Jana

corporate identity design

We hope you like this selection of corporate identity designs as much as we do, feel free to comment and let us know what you think.
Thanks 🙂

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  1. Alfred says

    Great work!
    I think that most of the look & feel of an organization is defined by its identity, most of the time design sells, and is great when you arrive at a company and you see that everything has a design, everything is unified, of course a designers work is there!

  2. Admin1 says

    @Alfred : Thanks…
    A great design will affect the branding process.

  3. va109 says

    it was very interesting to read

  4. Admin2 says

    Thanks, glad you like it. don’t forget to follow us on twitter too ^_^)>

  5. Vunesp says

    Very good! I would like to receive blog updates into email.

  6. Douglas Milsap says

    I additionally obtained a website like this, however my personal articles are not so great because your own. keep up the great function as well as ideally we’ll get to see much more articles such as this. Thank you.

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