8 Packaging Trends and Advances in Beauty Industry to Watch Out in 2021

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Do you want to enter the beauty industry and sell cosmetic products? If so, the first thing you should do is to create unique, eye-catching and packaging.

A well-packaged product could significantly improve the standing of your business. As a starter, entering the competitive cosmetic market could be relatively challenging. But, having a packaging and design that out stands the rest could help you sell your products effortlessly.

This article will discuss the essential things you need to know in designing and packaging your cosmetic items. But before that, let us first determine the factors to consider before starting a cosmetic line.

Read on to know further.

Factors to Consider before Starting a Cosmetic Line

 icon-angle-right Evaluate Your Market

Without market evaluation, everything would be hard for you. You will not understand what your potential market wants and expect from you. Evaluating your market is the first thing you should do when planning to sell cosmetic products. Through this, you will keep yourself and your business from minor to significant difficulties. Also, this is an essential step towards a good advertising campaign and product design.

The following are the crucial things to pay close attention to:

 icon-angle-right Know Your Brand Personality and Potential Customers

Before creating your packaging design, make sure to know the wants and needs of your customers. Do your products suitable for adults, young adults, college students, or teenagers? After that, it’s time to do your research about the latest fashion and trends that your customers are into. You can use this as the basis for building your brand personality.

 icon-angle-right Know the Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

These days, you can have an idea about the packaging trends by just looking at how the products on the market are packed. You should know why a product is popular or why the item is not popularized by many.

Through this, you can create an idea about how you will package your cosmetic item and how the packaging will look like.

 icon-angle-right Product Reach

Last, you should know how your item will reach your target customers. This is an essential factor you should consider because it has a significant part in computing the overall production cost needed.

In addition, there are several ways you can do for your product’s reach. One of these is by displaying it in local stores, department shops, or even in boutiques.

Nuage Cosmetics Identity Design by tubik
Design by tubik via Dribbble

Top 8 Packaging Design Trends for the Beauty Industry

After knowing the things to consider before selling cosmetic products, let us now move on to the packaging trends and advances in the beauty industry.

#1. Artistic Illustrations

Customers these days will have a hard time picking the perfect beauty product for them. In connection to that, many cosmetic brands would have difficulties producing a product that can satisfy their customers. That’s why making something simple yet unique and basic yet meaningful could be your way to gain your target customers’ attention.

So, the first packaging trend in 2021 you should know is an artistic illustration. A cosmetic packaging with artistic illustrations will surely stand out among the competitors. What do we mean by artistic illustrations? This means that your packaging should feature an illustration that shows how your product transforms. Make sure to use your creative skills here. Treat your packaging design as a canvas for your artwork.

#2. Neatly Structured Layouts

Another trend in cosmetic packaging you should keep an eye on is a neatly structured layout. Make sure that the design and text of your packaging complement each other. We should arrange them properly. Do not compromise the readability of the text for the sake of the visually appealing design.

Typography is one of the crucial factors needed in designing a package. Although only a few cosmetic manufacturers think about typography design in 2020, expect that it will explode in 2021.

#3. Eco-Friendly Packaging

The world would be the best place to live in if manufacturers will use eco-friendly packaging. Also, many customers patronize an eco-friendly company. Following eco-friendly packaging is a great way to gain more customers.

Aside from using eco-friendly and recyclable materials in your packaging, you can show the eco-friendliness in your business by providing refillable products. This way of selling products will be an on trend for the next several years. This means that having sustainable living and following eco-friendly packaging will become more famous in most items around the world.

Refillable products allow all types of packaging to be more useful over time. Beyond that, you are also giving your customers to repurchase.

Using a more sustainable type of packaging could match the demand of your customers for an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is because people need to conserve the environment, and the only way to do so is to have a greener living.

#4. Combining Form and Function

For the past few years, many people connect the term “design” to the product’s form and look. But during the 21st century, it has been switched to function, which gives the product an additional value.

The term “design” covers the product’s performance and ease of use. This is the most important thing in the cosmetic industry. But there are other systems that work beyond packaging since they can alter the product formula. For instance, one can change a product’s look and form.

This is notable in foam, spray, and other similar items. With spray, it works by dispersing the particles or droplets. But with foam, produces bubbles made of gas that is trapped in liquid, which ten forms or fizzes bubbles.

In the case of an aerosol, it works not only as packaging since it protects, contains, and delivers an element that can alter a product’s texture.

Another form of clever packaging is the airless system. This package gives additional protection to the formulation. It can send and provide safety to the products from pollution, microbial attacks, oxidation, and other forms of contaminations.

#5. QR Code-based Product Packaging

Since customers in beauty are becoming increasingly concerned about what they buy, you need to provide complete product information to them. And to do that, you will add details to product packaging.

But traditional product packaging has its chief shortcoming—limited printing space. It keeps you from providing complete information. But QR Codes have got you covered. They can help you provide as much information as you want without worrying about the limited packaging space.

Just create a product QR code and add the required details to it. It could be anything such as images, text, website links, and even social media sharing buttons. Many brands are doing this already to ensure product transparency and build customer loyalty.

#6. Storied Plastic Packaging

For the past years, durable plastic and refillable glass packaging are on-trend. The popularity of tablets and concentrates in packaging household products are undeniable. Also, many retailers use tablets, concentrates, and another reusable packaging that contains water.

If you will use plastic materials for your packaging, make sure that it will last inside your home instead of nature.

This practice will become more popular in the next years, especially in the beauty and health packaging industry. Considering how customers engaged in online shopping and stocking, this trend among customers’ lives will increase more. This means that the consumer will base their buying decision on the packaging sustainability and the product content.

#7. Digital Label Embellishments

Digital Label Embellishments will also make a boom in beauty packaging in 2021. The primary goal of this trend is to provide your product a touch of fanciness. If you want to make your product packaging look fancy, you need to incorporate debossing, embossing, and foiling.

Considering that you can use digital advancements to apply these embellishments, even the starting and small beauty companies can use them. Whether you sell an expensive or cheap product, your target customers will still feel a sense of luxury by adding these fancy embellishments.

Before sending and displaying your beauty products on the market shelves, preview product packaging. By doing so, you can ensure the quality of your product and its packaging before your customers see it. This will also help you achieve success in your product launching and eliminate possible errors. Thus, this saves you money and time.

#8. Minimalist Design

Minimalism will never go out of trend, especially in product packaging. This trend has a timeless principle to convey a message using simple and basic structures. Popular companies, such as The Ordinary, Milk, and Glossier are following a minimalist design in their product packaging.

This is a good trend everyone should consider when building their package design. It helps the brand send its message to its customers effortlessly.


Many beauty equipment these days, such as beauty sponges, give more importance to customer customization and personalization. Many cosmetic manufacturers are also integrating these innovations into their packaging to satisfy customers.

The world of cosmetic products is always in search of innovative and unique beauty items. New materials used for packaging and the latest packaging trends offer the cosmetics market an idea on how they should pack their products.

Cosmetic packaging trends are slightly different depending on the country. For instance, Germans are following a natural and pragmatic beauty practice; Italians love sustainable and eco-friendly beauty items; the Japanese are fond of products that combine tradition, efficiency, and technology; and the Americans are dreaming of having a perfect, clear, and fairer skin, as portrayed by many American actors and actresses.

Considering all the packaging trends and advances mentioned above, there is no doubt why the beauty industry is continuously innovating. The packaging and the product itself are not only meant to satisfy the consumers but also provide them with pleasure.

With packaging design, remember efficiency. You can achieve efficiency and quality by using innovative and top-notch materials.

Improving and preserving the history of the beauty industry is a significant challenge for many entrepreneurs. So, if you plan to build your own beauty line, consider all the packaging trends listed above. By doing so, you can assure success in the venture you enter.

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