Typography Trends in 2021 and Onwards

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Words are symbols that have evolved over time to document history, provoke emotion and could perhaps be one of modern civilizations most powerful creations! Throughout the world’s shift to digital, the importance of these symbols that we have written our language in still remain relevant, so it’s no surprise that the art of typography continues to have such a powerful impact on the world of design.

We have outlined what we predict the key typography trends of 2021 will be. As we progress through 2021, it is clear that typography trends are working on staying grounded with easy to read and digest fonts and formats that delicately but effectively make an impact. Check out our predictions below!

Design trend #1 – Svelte Serif Fonts

Svelte Serif Fonts Trends

This isn’t what you’re used to seeing in the newspaper, nor something that would be punched out of a typewriter. With smooth sleek lines, it’s clear to see why svelte serif is one of the hottest looks we have seen in design type so far this year. The airy take on the traditional serif gives its readers some space. The font isn’t busy, but opening and inviting.

Design trend #2 – Outlined Fonts

Outlined fonts trends

Outline fonts leave room for you to fill in the blanks, and rather than distorting and obscuring a message, outline fonts leave some room for imagination. The outline trend is most effective when done simply with wide blocks of solid colour or black and white.

Design trend #3 – Type Heros

Type heros trends

Throughout the history of politics, there have been huge leaps of change and these changes have typically been followed with bold fonts taking centre stage in graphic designs. The hybrid option between minimalistic and bold, these type hero fonts are a big switch up from the typical font you see used in many graphic designs. Brands that are looking to make a bold statement that will resonate should consider this font when looking at their companies branding.

Design trend #4 – Customised Typography

Listed as one of 2020’s hottest typography trends, customised typography is here to stay! Perhaps the most unique way of making your company stand out from the crowd, customized typography is perhaps the only way to ensure your chosen font is completely unique – though you may need an extra pair of hands from a highly skilled graphic designer to achieve this effectively. Choose this if you’re looking to rest with the peace of mind that you’re truly different from your competitors.

Design trend #5 – Folk/Hipster

folk hipster trends

Ever popular with companies that pride themselves on craft and handmade products. These fonts ensure the audience knows whatever the brand is producing is authentic, personal and one of a kind. These fonts provide the perfect starting point for a range of businesses from brewery, farm shops and cafe logos.

Design trend #6 – Text Image Blending

text image blending

Whilst you might think text layering is the oldest trick in the book, text-image blending is the new modern twist. Engraving lettering into images with outline text or floating an image above text is an effective way of text-image blending and encourages the readers to uncover the meaning of the text. The images and text shouldn’t be separate, but they should work together seamlessly to portray the message.

Design trend #7 – Minimalistic fonts

minimalistic fonts

‘Minimalism’ has been the buzzword for the past few years, and fonts are following suit. We don’t see this font type losing its popularity due to its clear, coincident and seamless harmony with white space that gives brands a classy, modern feel. There is a reason for its popularity, but thankfully there are hundreds of minimalistic style fonts to choose from if you’re still keen to stand out against the crowd.

Design trend #8 – Artistic font

If your font doesn’t need to portray important information and will be used solely for artistic purposes, an artistic font should act as a graphic design element on a website more than text – although depending on the purpose of your site, this could be exactly what it needs.

Design trend #9 – Combining techniques

combining techniques

Combining techniques has been listed several times as one of the hottest 2021 Typography trends. When combining techniques, use common sense! For example, if you’re placing an image over text, ensure the text is oversized, so the image can still be seen clearly. The finished result, when done correctly, can be a powerful way of portraying brand messaging.

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