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Good news! Today, have partnered with us to give a cool giveaway. In this giveaway, 1800Postcards is offering you the opportunity to win 1000 custom business cards! Read more for details and how you can get a chance win this giveaway contest.

More About 1800Postcards

Free Business Cards Giveaway

So why trust with your design work? is the retail branch of Circle Press, a high-end commercial printing firm with a roster of Fortune 100 clients that includes Dior, Tiffany, Disney, American Express, Broadway Shows and most of the world’s leading brands. These companies demand nothing but the best in quality. To be specific, a quality standard called “G7”, which is only granted to printing firms that meet a very strict set of best practices and production quality. These clients sit with pre-press, have color proofs printed for spot color matching, they come in when the job is printed to make color adjustments and watch it run on the press to see the final results, the whole nine yards. They also pay tens of thousands of dollars for this type of service level.

1800Postcards produces your print work in the same facilities, with the same press-men and production staff, and adheres to the same quality standards as high-end commercial jobs. The only difference is that your job is “gang printed” or run together with other 1800Postcard clients, which is the secret of every online printing company and why they can be so cheap in pricing. However, just brought it up to an almost unreasonable level of quality 🙂

But what if you don’t need business cards? Well they’re capable of more than just business card printing. They offer brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, banners, stickers and pretty much any custom work your creative mind can imagine.

Bottom line, the print results are unbelievable… no one in the online printing space comes even close to this quality and attention to detail. You can see it yourself by requesting free samples @

The Prize

1000 free Business cards are ready for you, 3 lucky iBrandStudio readers.

Free Business Cards Giveaway

Free Business Cards Giveaway

How to Win

Winning the 1000 Free Custom Business Cards is easy. Just click on the “Participate” widget below and leaving a brief comment on this post tell why you should win.
Here the steps:

The contest will run for a week, and the 3 winners will be announce on Saturday May 12, 2012. Only US residents are eligible.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Jose Antonio Garrido says

    In my opinion, business cards are the best way of sharing your work with people, it’s a way of keeping a closer relationship with your clients and colleagues.

    Love that moment when you give your card to someone and they start looking at it and reading all the info with a smile in their faces… simply amazing.

  2. Morgan Rene' says

    Hi. My names Morgan Rene’ and I’m a senior at the Academy of Arts Science and Technology in Myrtle Beach South Cacalaky. At AAST we have majors (mine being art) and in that major we have a senior exhibition of mastery. It has to be on a specific concept that you have done personal research, an actual research paper reflecting your topic, and a collection of works showing what you have accomplished.
    My mastery is on Low Brow Commercial Art which is basically myself taking ordinary objects and turning them into an object of my own design like refurbished boards, sun glasses, shoes, hats, bookbags, almost anything. throughout my two years of working on this the only way I wouldn’t drain my parents of money and trips to AC Moore was to make profit. I have created my own business and am striving to make it larger then life. Karma&Kaos is the name u should really remember when choosing me for this contest 😉

  3. Brent R says

    My old business cards have all been given out over one year, which is amazing considering how long I thought they would last.

    I only bought 50 too, imagine how long it would take to give out 1k cards?

    Only this giveaway can tell me the answer (Cmon iBrandStudio 😉 )

    Anyways, iBrandstudio is awesome and I have been loving it so far. I hope you can do a bit more logo design articles too as that is the hardest part about working on a new brand, the logo means a lot!

    Thanks guys,

    -Brent R.

  4. Jen K says

    This would be a big help. I will be attending a number of events this summer & I am in need of more business cards so that I may promote myself.

    This would help save me money on printing of new cards so that I may use the money for transportation to more awesome art/design events this summer!

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