Giveaway: 300 Creative Business Cards from MOO

Hi, today we’re pleased to have the guys at MOO provide us with 3 X 100 business cards for three of iBrandStudio lucky readers! If you have not come across MOO before, they love to print – they offer business card printing, Stickers, Postcards, MiniCards, StickerBooks, Greeting cards, and much more!

UPDATE: We just got the winner for this giveaway contest, please see below this article.

More About MOO

Creative Business Cards MOO Giveaway
MOO was born from a love of beautiful, high-quality print and design. They make creating and printing unique business cards and MiniCards so easy!

You’re welcome to upload your own images or artwork to create truly unique, creative cards, or you can select from a range of designer business card templates and personalise them with your own details.

Competition Prizes

Creative Business Cards MOO Giveaway
3 x 100 business cards for three readers.

How To Enter

To be in with a chance to win one of the 3 sets of MOO Business Cards, all you have to do is post a comment below and tell us, what’s the worst thing you could say on a business card? We’re looking for creative, funny and unique answers, only the best will win! If you make us laugh, you’re in with a shot of walking away with some free business cards, it’s as simple as that.

Winners will be selected from the comments below! Please enter a valid email address so we are able to contact you.

The Winners

Congratulations to:

You have been selected as the winners of this contest, and you’ll get 100 business cards from MOO for each winners, their staff will contact you with the information how to get the prize.

We also wish a big thank you, to everyone who participated. Stay tune with our cool giveaway next!

  1. Vinny says

    Jack Kevorkian, MD
    The last business card you will Need.

  2. Selina Wing says

    As Deaf designer, I can make a unique business card to show the sign language + colorful design! I want to inspire deafs to said WOWW if my business card have sign language icons, better!

  3. Josh Bartolomucci says

    Sorry! We couldn’t afford a website, so here’s our card instead. Enjoy!

  4. Antonia says

    My card, yes it’s a real Moo

  5. Adam says

    Honesty is overrated.
    We tell you what you want hear at the best price we see fit.

  6. obviouslyadam says

    F*** YOU. PAY ME.

  7. Jen K says

    Do I look like I care?

  8. Alfred Santa Molison says

    Business cards makes my wallet fatty, always force me to buy another one for money to keep.

  9. Stacey says

    I moustache you a question…..but Ill shave it for later

  10. Ana Miranda says

    We’ll make you look bad. Guaranteed!

  11. b0b says

    I don’t make them wet, I make them oceanic O.o

  12. kaiafas thanasis says

    Don’t call just book!

  13. Dave says

    “Can’t touch this”

  14. Dave says

    It’s hammer time!

  15. gooch says

    What’s the difference between a circus & a chorus line?
    A circus has a cunning array of stunts….

  16. Francois says

    If you kill this lovely card… Screw you!

  17. rony says

    There were 2 graphic designers in Australia and one of them was a bit of a pranker, he changed his colleges title on his business cards from ‘graphic designer’ to ‘horse whisperer’ and he had been giving them out to people oblivious of the change for about 2 months!

  18. Nicole says

    “Long story short, I’m always right!”

  19. Ian P. Shannon says

    I’m sorry we don’t take cash.
    You should of read the fine print.

    —-(Turns card over)—–

    Alright on you knees!!

  20. […] Win 300 Creative Business Cards from MOO Tweet […]

  21. Dan Hinde says

    ‘Free Business Cards at’

  22. JB says


  23. Jennifer says

    I’m going home with you tonight!

  24. nffcnnr says

    “Find me on MySpace!”

  25. Alex says

    ‘As featured on Crime watch’

  26. Dviate says

    If you hire me, you won’t appear on Here, take this card…

  27. Gustavo says

    We buy babies! Call us.

  28. Amanda says

    Love, love love moo cards.

  29. Brandon says

    for web development company

    “That item is currently out of stock but will be back in next month. Can I get your name/number and call you when it comes in?”

  30. Lucas Rolff says

    “We are Eco Friendly”

    Why then having this business card? – Gief link to website instead 😉

  31. Alfred Santa Molison says

    “Don’t recycle this card please”

  32. Zack Esgar says

    Color Blind Designs. You can Trust Us.

  33. Farid Bawa says

    Each card cost me a dollar! Dare you loose it!!

  34. Andrew says

    “Why work, let’s better play FarmVille”

  35. Andrew G says

    It will take me a month to actually finish work for you.

  36. Rainer Bendig says

    “I’ll bet you on any zynga game”

  37. Don Burks says

    Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe
    Attorneys at Law

    Representing great corporations like:
    Enron, Worldcom, Madoff Investments

  38. Jenn DePersis says

    don’t call me, I’ll call you.

  39. Eric Alessandrini says

    For a good time, here’s my whore of an ex’s phone number, email, and address.

  40. Vickie D says

    This is NOT a cocaine scrapper.

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