What to Consider When Getting a Theme

Have a website as a personal website or corporate website is become more popular today, besides for brand identity purpose, with a website our products will spread widely throughout the world with cheap and fast. And today wordpress gains more and more popularity within blogger, with the variety of themes available. But the problem is how do we choose the right wordpress theme for our website? There are tens, probably thousands of wordpress themes out there and you can get some of them free of charge but you will find it hard to find professional looking themes, that’s why there are tons of premium wordpress themes that you would have to pay for.

Now which is the best premium wordpress themes that can serve our purpose online? Here are 6 factors that you should consider when choosing a theme for your website or blog.

User friendly

Make sure your theme has easy navigation. If your visitors can easily browse through your blog, that will help in increasing the page views of your blog. Increased page views means increased revenue.

Site Purpose

Decide on a purpose for your site. A corporate, personal, ecommerce, portfolio or magazine style. For each purpose that have different layout style that specific for your website purpose.


Make sure once you choose a theme, you’ll able to customize ite. There are themes out there that come in a variety of colors, style sheets and many other features. You will also have to make sure that the theme you choose supports different widgets that you might apply to your WordPress theme. This will definitely increase the diversity in your layout and features that you could use in your website like polls, contact forms or ratings for instance. The admin panel should also be pretty simple but have plenty of options at the same time, if you are not much of a programmer.


Consider for future changes, select themes that are popular because they’re more likely to have had any kinks worked out of them, and/or have community support, to reduce any headaches later on, when you inevitably want to fix something. Or choose a theme that not so pupular but created by a reputable designer.

SEO friendly

Be sure to first find a theme that is SEO friendly and if it doesn’t, you can always use the special SEO plugins that can make your website SEO friendly. You have to be able to change the page titles of your website, meta data or other key SEO elements and these are truly important for further website promotion.

Read Reviews

One of the most important steps you can take when you’re choosing a theme is to take the time to read the reviews other bloggers write about them. If you’re considering a theme listed in a directory site, check to see if reviews are included with the listing. Take some time to do a Google search on the theme name and designer’s name to find out what other bloggers have to say about it.

Do you have another suggestions, don’t hesitate to share your thought and experience in the comment below. Thanks 🙂

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  1. r4 says

    Usually i think more: USE and SEO Friendly

  2. r4 says

    Usually i think more: User and SEO Friendly

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