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Creating websites involves two sets of tasks – designing and coding. While the designer handles the site’s look and feel, graphics and typography the coder takes care of coding HTML, CSS and other programming languages. A website needs to both look impeccable and have full functionality. Presently, 70% of the budget is handed over the coders. Designers have long tried going solo and the way out seems to be amateur DIY website builders. But this has yielded limited success as most site builders that promise code free web development fail to deliver expected results. To quote stats, only 3% of sites are built using these site builders.

Webydo Review

It’s time to introduce you to Webydo, the professional online software that is shaking up the web design industry. As a designer, it allows you to work on multiple websites as you can design multiple websites without having to deal with a single line of code. Webydo has been developed by a team of professional designers who wanted to get rid of manual coding much like you do and came up with this awesome ecosystem of web design and development. Now when you can cut down on 70% of the expenditure in a typical project it surely serves to give the power back the professional web designers. But cost alone and being able to design without writing code is not the only exciting advantage of using Webydo.

Webydo Review

#Getting Started

When you start with Webydo you will immediately feel at ease when you start to create a website. You can right away with a blank canvas and let your designs run free, go from a basic layout and update it accordingly to match your design criteria or take inspiration from one of the dozens of readymade designs. Well encompassed in the Design Management System are ‘Photoshop’ like features and a drag-and-drop editor that lets you insert about anything in your design including images, shapes, forms, menus and buttons etc. The Site Size Menu allows you to shape and size all elements in the site helping you achieve pixel perfect accuracy.

#Design to HTML Code

The secret behind Webydo’s success is the patent pending technology that converts your design into HTML codes and a Content Management System. The codes generated are W3C compliant and hence you won’t have to worry about the performance of the site.

Webydo Review

Adding Content

The Content Management System works on the WYSIWYG principle and thus allows you to add and manage content on the site with ease. You can choose from hundreds of free fonts allowing you to achieve different combinations of typography. Your clients will be able to preview the content before it is posted on the site thus easing the process. It is as simple as working on a Word document. You can replace texts; add graphics, change images or videos. Press Publish and the content goes live.

Dual Mode CMS

The CMS offers you dual view, one for yourself and one for the clients. In the clients’ version you can lock certain design elements using the site permission feature thus preventing them from accidentally altering the site’s design. You can also brand the client login using your name and logo thus adding to your brand value and creating an impression in the mind of the clients.

Webydo Review

Optimizing and Monitoring

Webydo allows you to optimize the site for the search engine using the built-in SEO feature. Here you will be able to optimize the Meta description, Page Title and keywords that help in drawing maximum mileage out of the website. Also you will be able to integrate Google Analytics and Webmaster features that help in tracking the performance of the website. It is also easier than ever before to create a responsive website with cross-browser and platform capabilities. You will also have the ability to see and edit your website in the mobile editor.

Going Live

Another great feature of Webydo is that it has made the process of hosting a site extremely easy. You don’t need to set up the site or work with the FTP or cPanel. The site goes live with a few mouse clicks and is hosted on a cloud server. It is user a network of global servers and a Content Delivery Network to offer optimum performance. The sites are also backed up on a regular basis and protected using enterprise class protection feature.


Webydo Review

Considering the fact that Webydo can reduce your input costs considerably it has been priced competitively. You can subscribe between the ‘Free’ and ‘Premium’ plan. In the Free plan the site is hosted on Webydo’s sub-domain and you can create 15 pages with it. Here you get unlimited bandwidth and 1GB of storage space. The ‘Premium’ plan allows you to host the site on a custom domain and offers 2GB storage space and unlimited download. You can create unlimited number of pages using this plan. The Premium plan is priced $9.90/ month when billed biannually or $7.90/ month when billed annually.

Webydo was created by designers and for designers like you, which is why they are giving you the power to vote or submit new suggestions on the features that should be added next right on the Participate page. Join the pro-designers movement and experience the freedom of web design today.

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