Giveaway: 1000 Custom Flyers for Free from!

Hi, today we have another cool giveaway from If you in the need for some flyers, for your career or just for fun… is offering you the opportunity to win 1000 custom flyers!

Anyway, we also have another running giveaway, here: Free 300 Custom Stickers from

About 1800Postcards

Free Stickers Giveaway is the retail branch of Circle Press, a high-end commercial printing firm with a roster of Fortune 100 clients that includes Dior, Tiffany, Disney, American Express and most of the world’s leading brands. These companies demand nothing but the best in quality. To be specific, a quality standard called “G7,” which is only granted to printing firms that meet a very strict set of best practices and production quality. These clients sit with pre-press, have color proofs printed for spot color matching, they come in when the job is printed to make color adjustments and watch it run on the press to see the final results, the whole nine yards. They also pay tens of thousands of dollars for this type of service level.

1800Postcards produces your print work in the same facilities, with the same press-men and production staff, and adheres to the same quality standards as high-end commercial jobs. The only difference is that your job is “gang printed” or run together with other 1800Postcard clients, which is the secret of every online printing company and why they can be so cheap in pricing. However, just brought it up to an almost unreasonable level of quality 🙂

But what if you don’t need flyers? Well they’re capable of more than just flyer printing. They offer brochures, business cards, postcards, posters, banners, custom stickers and pretty much any custom work your creative mind can imagine.

Bottom line, the print results are unbelievable… no one in the online printing space comes even close to this quality and attention to detail. You can see it yourself by requesting free samples at

The Prize

Two lucky readers will get 1000 custom flyers from (each)
Here the Flyer Specifications:

  • Size: 8.5×11” or 8.5×5.5”
  • Quantity: 1000
  • Paper Type: 80lb Glossy Text
  • Colors: 4 Color Front, Black Back
  • Turnaround: 3 business days

Free Custom Flyers

Free Custom Flyers

How to Win

Its’ easy to have a chance win this giveaway contest:

We will be selecting TWO lucky winners and each will receive 1000 custom flyers. This giveaway contest will run for two weeks. The winners will be chosen on March 15 and announced on March 16.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. michaela says

    Im going to use these to help my friend promote his book and launch party

  2. Tearon says

    I’m wish to be able to use mine to push my unique brand of entertainment and promote my book. All in hopes of helping everyone be able to tap into expressing their true selves.

  3. Jeffrey Gomez says

    I’m an intern at a start-up sports site and I’m trying to do this awesome marketing strategy with some of the local HS athletes. Boss has devoted many resources outside of my plans, so I’m left to be creative with our financial resources if I want to execute my strategy my way. So, this would be a great start to get some HS players’ attention with postcards for an even I’m trying to do.

  4. Marion says

    First off, thank you for holding these giveaways! They’re amazing opportunities for anyone to start their ventures, personal or business.

    I am launching a clothing line in the next several weeks and these posters would be fantastic for the jump-start of the company. I am a full-time university student with a part-time job and have been delaying my launch in order to ensure the ability to print my t-shirts and off-set products with high quality results. There are definitely easier, quicker, and cheaper routes to take but I do not believe in sacrificing quality with something I am putting my heart into. Winning this contest would supply my independent business a heightened level of professionalism and a great way to promote its existence, locally and beyond.

    Good luck to everyone!

  5. Raluca says

    We’re glad that you’re enjoying this giveaway. Our clients needs come first!

    Good luck everyone!!!

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