Infographic: How to Use Google+ for Business


Many people hate Google+, even only used it to search friends they already do not like, moreover for business. They express a variety of reasons why they hate Google+, like one of this article: explain you why he hates Google+.

Besides all the criticism, did you know that Google+ is great social media as a business? Social Media Today will explain to you in more detail the use of Google+ benefits as a business. But if those article not make you sure, I hope this infographic that originally published by will make it.

In this infographic, explain that there are 5 reasons why you should consider the benefits when starting use Google+. One Important reason: Google+ is the 2nd largest social platform with over 540 million members, of which 359 million are active users. What amazing Google+ right? 🙂

The basic why Google+ can get a lot of active users is because Google+ have an identity that is circle, 1+, hangout, authorship, insight that is not other social media have, and as a complement Google+ have hashtag and content.

The most interesting – this infographic will give you tips on how to Google+ can help your business. So keep reading and go on, try it out. Report back in the comments with any progress when you use Google+ for business.

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Google+ for Business Tips

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