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Rebranding Disaster Lessons from Top Brands

Rebranding Disaster Lessons
Posted February 20th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Do you ever rebranding your brand? Or you want to do the rebranding? Make decision rebranding is need considerations and calculations that quite mature. Because this is quite complicated job when a company decides to undertake a rebranding.

Basically rebranding brings more energy and fresh look for business. Especially if times and technology requires you to make a change, of course, by doing rebranding is a good thing to go for. Although doing rebranding is hard work but there are some advantages that you can get by doing rebranding. Here are 5 benefits if you do the rebranding: Continue Reading »

The Statute of A Logo Designer: Service Provider or Designer

marketing concept with pen paper and cup of coffee
Posted February 18th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

An extremely important saying teaches us that it’s far better to prevent than to treat. I think that this idea is valuable in any domains. Being careful and prepared for the worst doesn’t mean that you are pessimistic. It’s a proof of wisdom and long term vision. Definitely, you will ask how a logo designer could prevent…but in fact what to prevent?

The web evolves, it’s no doubt! More than ever, the Internet turns into something usual, having good Internet connection is no more a luxury for some years. The tendency is to have everywhere Internet that may be accessed via handheld devices. Under these circumstances, it’s clear that logo design can’t stay apart; it is influenced by the Internet dynamics. Continue Reading »

Infographic: How a Small Business Build Their Brand Online

Posted February 17th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Online business at this time is a must for any brand that wants to further develop its business. One of the benefits of building an online business is to make your customers will keep coming despite your brand no discounts or promotions.

Sometimes small businesses will get difficulty when have to start online business. Because like it or not, as a small business certainly feels inferior if they have to compete with the big brands that have big budgets and loyalty consumer. But, did you know that there is always an opportunity. Everything can happen in this world though for small businesses who wish to enter the big brands market. Continue Reading »

Infographic: How To Overcome Your Social Media Fears as A Business Owner

Social Media Infographic
Posted February 9th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Do you often hear that social media is not suitable for small business? And so many articles discuss that the most of the failed business in social media are small business, as mentioned in Forbes: Why Small Businesses Are Losing On Social Media.

This is because social media requires continue maintain and more frequent conversations between their business and its customers, or potential customers and building a level of trust and loyalty. However, not a few of small business before starting business in social media get their own fears, and that is a pity if they do not realize that these fears may undermine their marketing strategy. Continue Reading »

6 Factors to Consider when Making Ads for Food and Baverage Brands

Food Ads Tips
Posted February 7th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Did you know the majority of food advertising has a target market of children, due to American children could spend 44.5 hours a week to see the TV and are exposed to up 30.155 TV ads a year. (Source: Targeting Children with Treats Infographic)

Food beverage business certainly needs more trust from consumers, because they not just want to consume products that they will eat, they need to be convinced and a proof a products they consume are safe for the body, especially the food for they children, of course, parents will not be arbitrary to give food to their children. Continue Reading »

Case Study: The Multiple Roles of A Logo

Logo Design Tips
Posted February 4th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Any web designer knows that every important thing should be added on the homepage of a website and it should be bold and big. Altogether, not everything that is small is implicitly negligible. Well, a considerable part of the designers and the majority of the clients consider that what is bold and big is important while the rest is ignorable.

I consider that the vocation of the designers is to convince people that every small detail is important. Here, we advised the readers many times that small details make the big difference. Once again, we warn you that on long term perspective, the small details are capital for the “health” of a project. Continue Reading »

How A Logo Designer Should Review his Evolution at The End of The Year

Yearly Evaluation Logo Designer
Posted January 28th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Yearly, Bill Gates writes a letter for everyone on this planet that is interested in how the humanity evolved in the precedent year. In 2013 he stated that measuring progress is in fact the base of progress itself and any individual must treat this subject with maximum attention. The conclusion is obvious and at the same time very important: none can have an objective opinion without feedback!

This principle is valid for any individual and for logo design community it seems even more important! Therefore, every designer should try implementing their methods of measuring progress as soon as possible. Determining the progresses made across time is as registering the temperatures: you may say that is cold or warm outside, but without a thermometer is impossible to correctly determine the temperature. Continue Reading »

5 Strategies To Do Viral Marketing from Top Brands

marketing concept with pen paper and cup of coffee
Posted January 21st, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Have you ever come across advertisement initially unremarkable suddenly become very famous? This is what we call the viral marketing strategy. Being the most sharable ads are the dream of all brands which their campaigns can makes almost everyone who saw it become infected. And the one way to do that is by using viral marketing, but how to do viral marketing? How a brand doing viral marketing to their campaign?

In this article, I decided to share with you the 5 strategies when doing viral marketing campaigns based on case study from top brands, here they are: Continue Reading »

How Big Brands do Viral Marketing on Facebook

Posted January 18th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

Today many business people are talking about viral marketing, because this marketing strategy is a type of booster popularity that spread rapidly with a short time. Social media is one medium that provides an opportunity for marketer to more develop they viral marketing. Continue Reading »

How Should A Logo Designer Handle the Lack of Creativity?

Designer Tips Lack Creativity
Posted January 14th, 2014 in Articles by Eko S

More and more entrepreneurs and business owners became aware that taking care about their brands is vital. Nowadays, the potential customers have so many opportunities that is impossible for them to objectively judge the solutions. This is an extremely positive fact for most of us, but it’s a real hell for entrepreneurs and business owners. The harsh competition means that only the best survive.

Into this complicated equation, branding plays a major role. No matter the quality of a product, without a solid strategy of branding it’s impossible to become known by people. Anyway, this is good news for logo designers: people will need more and more logos and strong visual identities. Continue Reading »

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