5 Steps To Make Your Brand more Visible on Facebook

When first create a brand in Facebook what do you think? Will your brand last forever or just temporary on Facebook? An artist even though engaged in the real work of art usually show to his audience like a painting, sculpture, music, etc., as well as a marketer in social media, although in the branding product on Facebook do not do the same with the branding in the store should marketers make every effort to show that the brand is marketed in Facebook she is a real brand is not a fictitious brand.

Like what was said by Mr. Tony Fannin as CEO / Partner, BE Branded: “Creating a brand – This involves Consistency over time. Brands are built with a consistent message is communicated through multiple That Airways, consistently, over time. Great brands are not an “overnight” sensation”. [Source].

Facebook Brand Strategy

Based on the above here are some tips you can use to make your brand visible in Facebook.

Step #1: Stay Focus with Your Page Design

What do you want to convey in the Facebook page that you have? Determine a theme design for the brand will be marketed in Facebook is the first step to create a brand that was visible in Facebook.

Just look at the example image below, let us learn what Crocs do to show that its brand visible in Facebook.

Branding on Facebook

In this case the Crocs take the slogan walk in comfort wear in style with a anniversary theme to 10 years, Crocs focused on the theme birthday by asking the opinions of consumers who already use the Crocs in the last 10 years it can take a look at the example of the second image below, following some of the profits Crocs with a focus on the theme chosen this time:

  • Besides celebrating the anniversary of the Crocs take advantage of this moment to do the repairs by asking the opinions of consumers about the product Crocs.
  • If the chosen theme obvious then Crocs can easily do the promotion of products that are tailored to the theme by issuing a special edition.
  • If consumers see the Facebook page’s Crocs can enthusiastically participate in celebrating the anniversary of the Crocs, and this will automatically create consumer loyalty to appreciate the Crocs products.

Step #2: Pay Attention to Your Timeline

Timeline on Facebook as well as pages in the book, if we are not diligent to fill or update the timeline we would like a blank book that does not contain.

The second step in make brand look visible in Facebook is by paying attention to our timeline, we should continuously update the news on Facebook.

Let us see an example of Samsung’s Facebook page, note when updating samsung latest news in a period less than one day, by sharing stories of interest on the Facebook page samsung make his fans not to feel bored and always want to know more about the latest news from Samsung’s, the profit will get when we pay attention to the timeline Facebook news updates so we will always be up to date.

Branding on Facebook

Branding on Facebook

Step #3: Educate Your Customers

Everyone wants to have extensive knowledge, including your customers. Updating of the products or promotions that we have sometimes boring for our customers, Customers also need other than product knowledge and promotion of our brand. Now look at the example image below, Facebook page belongs hugggies share tips on caring for babies, for mothers who use Huggies is certainly useful tips for their baby. Interesting right, not only we can attract our customers with product promotions and discounts but we are also able to attract the attention of consumers by sharing knowledge useful to them.

Educate costumers to become more better, is an important step to make our brand visible in Facebook, because we directly can communicate with our customers through science.

Branding on Facebook

Branding on Facebook

Step #4: Know Your Audience

Who are your customers? Are young people? Entrepreneur? Or artist? Should specify this in advance before doing the update on Facebook, which will adjust the products we offer, do not get wrong when have to know who the our consumer as this will result in brand will be unattractive.

Look at what Nokia do in promoting products Lumia on Facebook, where Nokia Lumia determines that the owner is the cities, they can instantly identify and classify during which consumers will find it useful to use Nokia Lumia kind, of course, before know it Nokia has been doing research before hand to see the advantages of Nokia Lumia owned by the type of consumer who would love to wear it.

So do your research and determine who your customers and adjust your campaign on Facebook.

Branding on Facebook

Step #5: Inspire Your Customers

The fifth step is a step falsifies the steps to make your brand visible in Facebook. Look at what is done by Sony to attract the attention of the costumers, in this case Sony invited their costumers to join The Sony Camera Club’s August photo challenge.

The question is, why Sony shoot the photographer? This is because Sony is in promoting Sony Xperia camera phone with a sharp quality and is not inferior to the digital camera.

Branding on Facebook

Branding on Facebook

As you can see in the second picture, Sony share the pictures that taken from Sony Xperia phone then ask the reader about their wish. What about you when saw it? Are you interested to find out more power from the camera Sony Xperia? That is the purpose of Sony, to inspire consumers to work with the camera phone products from Sony. Sony indirectly has made its brand to be visible in Facebook.


Social media like Facebook also requires a hard work to maintain the brand to remain visible. 5 steps above may help you to define a strategy to maintain your brand to be more popular among consumers Facebook. Offer attractive products alone is not enough to attract the attention of consumers, because consumers need more than that. An item that is not packaged properly so the product will be a product that does not draw well, like Facebook page, use the timeline, themes, and language selection plays an important role to convey our message to be received well by consumers.

How about you? Are you ready to become visible, or you have to be visible in Facebook? Please share your opinion with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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