5 Great Tips to Instantly Better Communicate with Clients

Every designer lamented at least once about a previous client and the majority of clients complained about designers hired to create a logo. The disagreements are here since the human beings started to evolve and no matter the evolution of our society, these will continue to exist. In conclusion, we should search for solutions to solve the various disagreements, than trying to keep them down. The logo design, but also the entire design field, is very subjective and of course, implies tons of different opinions and disaccords.

Even if there are many incongruities between logo designers and clients, a single solution exists to solve these: communication. An effective dialogue client-designer may move mountains and the idea is simple: a better communication draws in fewer conflicts. Many people associate the idea that a long and detailed dialogue is the key. The reality proves that communicating too much is time consuming and both sides are negatively affected.

Anyway, good communication saves time and lessens the pressure, therefore it’s an area that must be properly treated by any logo designer. It’s not enough to design the best logos in the world, a logo designer must collaborate with the clients and have a functional relationship with them.

As you probably knew, we merely have tried to offer solutions to logo designers for various issues. We explained from point to point how to create a logo, how to sell logo templates, but we didn’t post many articles about communication. The truth is that these articles won’t prepare you to create better logos, but as it was aforementioned, communication is as important as the design skills are. Unfortunately, while the design techniques are standard, people are different and some ideas may work for 90% of the clients, but for the rest might be the perfect recipe for a disaster.

Client Communication Tips

In this complicated context, we identified five tips that seem to work for the majority of people. We really hope that these will help you improve the dialogue with the clients.

Tip #1: Honesty & frankness are capital

In the name of marketing, some logo designers prefer to exaggerate their skills. The potential clients are attracted by the respective designers and will ask for high quality standards. Definitely, between theory and practice is a huge difference and most probably, clients will be disappointed by the final outcome.

The basic pillars of conflict avoidance are honesty and frankness. Being honest about the skills, the setting of deadlines or the quotes asked will save much time and many troubles. Perhaps some potential clients will give up asking for your services because of the high prices or because they need a faster turnaround. Hence, the ones that will still hire the respective designer will have their expectations fulfilled.

Frankness is another capital trait of an efficient dialogue. In any relationship are less pleasant aspects, but these should be disputed and ulterior resolved. Hoping that the issues will self-resolve isn’t a working strategy.

Tip #2: Ambiguities are negative for both sides

Another fact that will substantially improve the relationship client-designer is the lack of ambiguities. The contract between them or the mutual agreement must be very clear and simple and every aspect must very detailed explained. There are so many problems between clients and designers due to the lack of clarity; i.e., the client expects unlimited logo revisions while the designer considers that a single revision is free while the next ones must be paid. If the contract didn’t contain a clear explanation of this situation, the misunderstandings will result in a conflict and a lot of time will be wasted.

Tip #3: Shortness saves much time

Generally, too much or too little are negative regardless the context. The same principle is valid in communication: if the client-designer dialogue is poor and sporadic, the chances of creating a good logo are low. The designer must know the client’s expectations, while the client must know why some of his/her requirements aren’t taken into consideration by the designer. Too many phone calls and emails will bother both sides.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter the hours spent to communicate or the number of phone calls/emails. All that matter is the efficient communication of both sides, any contact to bring settlements and not new issues.

Shortness is mandatory for a better communication with the clients. Usually, a ‘to the point question’ will determine a clear answer. The advantages are that a lot of time is saved and the respect between sides is cemented.

Tip #4: Vanity kills the communication

Vanity is a major sin of many communicators and the relationship client-logo designer isn’t an exception. The designers consider that everyone should know the design terminology while the clients believe that they use specific vocabulary just to annoy them. Without any doubt, a more relaxed atmosphere and a tolerant approach are way better „ingredients” for a good communication. Everyone has qualities and flaws, bad or good moments, so patiently treating any aspect is a distinctive sign of an expert logo designer. Tolerance and patience are the key factors in creating a long lasting relationship.

Tip #5: Learn from new situations

Everyone, including logo designers, knows that communication skills are trainable. The truth is that some people are born good communicators while others are less gifted. Being a better communicator can’t be learnt by reading books, even if this part has its importance. It sounds silly, but it’s true: the communication skills are sharpened when the subject communicates.

Briefly, if you want to have a better dialogue with your future clients, you must learn from past problems. Any new conflict must be considered as a new challenge and the designers must act consequently.

In the end I hope that all these ideas will help you to better communicate with the clients. It’s sad to lose good customers just because you don’t know how to properly communicate. If you have other ideas about how a logo designer may have a better communication with the clients, please use the comment form. Also, you are welcomed to share the post with your friends!

– Written by Daniel –

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