6 Great Tips to Create Better and Original Logos

It’s said that by getting more experienced, a designer will be able to create better products. This statement is partially true; in fact, becoming more experienced represents a mandatory condition to deliver better products and services, but unfortunately this is not sufficient. A considerable contribution that has to be taken into consideration is the potential of the designer: some learn faster while others are less efficient. Altogether, there is another factor into the equation of creating better and original logos that is many times ignored.

Briefly, three factors decisively contribute to the success of a designer: the experience, his/her potential & skills and the environment. Yeah, no matter the experience or the skills of the designer, there are some conditions, ideas or attitudes that will determine the respective designer to create better outcomes. Obviously, a logo designer is a designer, so all the above ideas are valid for any logo creator.

Create Better Logo Tips

The experience is something subjective, how to sharpen the skills is intensively treated in our previous posts, but we haven’t talked that much about how to develop the boosting environment in order to create better logos. We identified 6 tips that without any doubt will help any logo designer offer better products and services.

Tips #1: Work smart, not hard

If a logo designer effectively works two hours per day to create a new logo it is way better than staying in front of the PC and chatting with friends for four hours. Any designer must be honest with him/her and evaluate his/her endeavors according to the projects resolved and not to the hours “worked”. Work smart, not hard, must be a slogan for each of us regardless of the profession; however for a designer this is even more actual.

A logo designer that really wants to offer better and original logos must comprehend that quality is achieved only due to the constant and intensive endeavors. Unfortunately, there is no alternative!

Tips #2: Be unconventional

An original logo can be created only by a creative and unconventional mind. It means that every logo designer must be a free spirit, always ready to take new challenges. Being unconventional isn’t equivalent to wearing strange clothes or behaving rudely. An unconventional logo designer has no restrictions regarding the imagination and tries by all means to bring something new and highly qualitative to the market.

Tips #3: Break the rules like an artist

Pablo Picasso said: ”Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” and this statement is very true in logo design. It’s impossible to be a good designer without having a solid grasp of design rules and principles. Learning and understanding these isn’t an easy task and breaking them is even more difficult.

Many amateur logo designers want to take the community by storm and create works that don’t respect any rule of design in order to be considered creative. An extremely small percentage of them really bring a fresh air, the rest being catalogued as immature designers. In fact, the idea is simple: you can’t break a rule unless you knew about it!

Tips #4: Better quality means less quantity

We mentioned many times in our previous posts that creativity isn’t evolving into a linear progression and it’s very unpredictable. Sometimes, a logo designer may be very creative while for a long period of time to lack any original idea.

No matter how creative a logo designer may be, designing a good logo supposes personal efforts and much time. It is impossible to achieve a quality final result in no time. The conclusion is sad, but true; a logo designer should choose from two solutions:

  • Create more logos, but these might not be very qualitative and original;
  • Create few logos, but these are original and creative.

Disclaimer: unfortunately, there is a third option, but I would have preferred not to mention it: create few logos that aren’t original and creative!

Tips #5: Create a stimulating working environment

The working environment has a considerable influence over the efficacy of an individual. It’s scientifically proved that a pleasant working environment positively affects the effective power of a designer. A good measure to stimulate the imagination and implicitly create better and original logos is to constantly improve or change the working environment. I purposely avoided the term “office” because most people prefer working only in an office, but this is not necessarily the best solution. The brain loves diversity therefore we must act accordingly. A café restaurant, a lounge in the park and isolated in the nature are some unconventional working environments that should be frequented by a logo designer that wants to create better logos. You should keep in mind that an original logo “prefers to be born” into an original place.

The office must also be periodically improved: in some cases it’s enough to change the desktop background, the cup of coffee or the mouse pad to boost the creativity.

Tips #6: Work and behave as a great designer

Many sport champions state that the attitude was very important in their careers. Having a positive mood regardless of the situation was a key factor in their success. In spite of that, many people prefer to neglect the idea of a positive attitude. The same as in various sports, a good logo designer must be optimistic and have a positive attitude. It’s said that positive humans attract positive situations. Therefore why don’t you try to be more optimistic?

On the other hand, how could someone be a creative designer unless he/she didn’t behave as a great designer? The final conclusion is so simple and efficient: work, smile and treat yourself as a great designer! It’s not complicated at all, is it?

I hope that you received my positive message. It will be great to share with us your thoughts about how to create better and original logos. We are waiting for your contributions so leave a message via comment form or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!

– Written by Daniel –

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