7 Resume Designs that Get and Keep Your Recruiter’s Attention

7 Resume Design Tips with Examples

In today’s world where everyone seems to know the basics of using Photoshop and understand the importance of good design when landing a dream job, it only gets harder and harder to stand out from a pile of well-designed and curated resumes.

Your sterling educational background, comprehensive skills, and relevant work experiences will only go so far nowadays. These things do not matter anymore if your resume fails to get, and eventually keep, your recruiter’s attention.

Remember, these guys are probably bombarded by hundreds of applications weekly. Some of them have come up with their own process in filtering out those who are to be considered from those who are not just by looking at the design.

This is true most especially if you work in the creative industry. Do not get your hopes up if your resume screams of irritating contrasting colors and uses Comic Sans as the main typeface.

Today we prepared a list of resume design inspirations that get, and more importantly, keep your recruiter’s attention. You may use them as your next inspiration when updating your resume and tweak them to your liking and needs.

Tips #1: Grab your recruiter’s attention by going minimal

Resume Design by Tomas Laurinavicius

Design by Tomas Laurinavicius.

The strength of this type of resume lies on its cleanliness and the no-nonsense feel it gives. A quick glance on the resume, you would think the applicant seriously means business.

The most important information can be conveniently found in the header—the name, what he does, and his contact information. While just underneath it, a short ‘About Me’ section is also provided. You can maximize the use of this holy space by highlighting what makes you unique from the other 400 applicants vying for the job.

Tips #2: Grab your recruiter’s attention by showing them who you are

Resume Design by Astut

Resume Design by Astut

Design by Astut.

For designers who value aesthetic more than anything else, this resume design is perfect as it allows your recruiters to see what your personal brand is all about.

The sidebar on the left side is utilized flawlessly by including a creative headshot and a short biography underneath it. The whole design employs a typeface that is both easy to understand and visually pleasing.

This resume has also used progress bars to highlight different skill sets without distracting your recruiter’s attention to notice your work experiences found just above them.

Tips #3: Grab your recruiter’s attention by showing them you’re a risk taker

Resume Design by BlackDotResumes

Design by BlackDotResumes.

Monochrome is the new black. This modern-looking resume will surely capture anyone’s attention as it cleverly uses different shades of gray without hurting your eye. From afar, you would know that this person is serious about the job to come up with this kind of design.

Although some people might frown upon and describe it as bland or lacking emphasis, I call it modern and sophisticated. The overall use of contrast here takes ingenuity and discipline, although not original, but it is more than enough reason for a recruiter to read everything that’s written—from your gigs to earn money from home to Master’s degree. Keep them locked in with a resume that gives you a natural flow.

Tips #4: Grab your recruiter’s attention by showing them you really know your stuff

Resume Design by Kelly Haller

Design by Kelly Haller.

The design was simple. There was nothing new; if anything else, the font style used for her name was even questionable. But, by looking on the page, you can’t help but shift your gaze toward the bottom-center of the page. It’s a Popsicle! And below it, a tagline that says “Great ideas are meant to be shared.”

Is it cleverYes. Is it enough for your recruiter to continue reading the other things you wroteDefinitely.

This resume relied heavily on the novelty and punchline more than the design. This works great if you are someone whose reputation has already been established. But for those who are just starting out, you have to understand that this can be a high-risk, high-reward situation. Although most recruiters would definitely appreciate this fun design, most are still after the credentials.

Tips #5: Grab your recruiter’s attention by showing them that shorter is not always better

Resume Design by OddBitsStudio

Design by OddBitsStudio.

While the current trend in resume design leans more on the idea that shorter is better. It makes sense, though, since you can elaborate on these ideas once you are already being interviewed. But what if you weren’t given that chance

Long resumes need to be designed and written carefully so as not to give your recruiters the feeling they are being forced to read your whole life story. If you wish to emphasize your work experience and expertise, you may discuss what you did in your previous company but be sure to keep the tone friendly. Put a short joke somewhere to give them a break.

Tips #6: Grab your recruiter’s by opening up to them, literally

Resume Design by Amber Van Mieghem

Design by Amber Van Mieghem.

If you are in the creative industry, coming up with an original resume design can be tough and time-consuming, especially now that most ideas have already been done.

Talk about opening up to your employers, quite literally. Think of yourself as a recruiter and you were handed this type of resume. I imagine you’d have as much fun as I would have folding it out slowly to reveal some pieces of information about the applicant.

Tips #7: Grab your recruiter’s attention by showing you’re more than qualified

Resume Design by Tamas Leb

Design by Tamas Leb.

The point of a resume is mainly to show your recruiters that you are a good fit for the job. If you have previously worked for big, prestigious companies, resorting to their logos is better than just saying it in letters. Look how Tamas used the logos of Visa, Google, and Facebook to emphasize his qualifications. His resume is heavy with professional accomplishments, so to even it out, he didn’t forget to include his hobbies and interest. This would also then show that he is a well-rounded person who has a life outside of work. I imagine this person gets tons of Facebook requests every single day.

Your Turn

These are just some of the best attention-grabbing resume designs that you can use as inspirations when updating your own. Which ones do you like the mostLet us know in the comments section!

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