8 Best Strategies to Create Instagram Posts that Engage Your Followers

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The images that are placed on Instagram play a very important role. To make an account look good, the posts should be created with utmost creativity and should give a good message along with it. New and fresh content images should be uploaded within a regular period.

The quality of your instagram content is the answer. It also ensure your followers engage with your posts and at the end help you to grow your business too.

No repetitions should be made on the account. The images should always be attractive and drag more and more followers to the account. An increasing list of followers indicates that the posts on the account tend to make the people relate with them and are like.

And this article will cover top 8 strategies should be considered when creating an instagram post:

#1. Correct size

The size of the image should be chosen wisely as it impacts the performance of the account. A particular size of 1200*1200 should be selected for the Instagram account and every post should be of the same size so that all the posts can give a uniform look when they are placed together.

Every social media platform consists of different image sizes. Therefore, the right size for an Instagram account should be chosen.

#2. High-quality stock images

you should always try to put up the high-quality stock images as it gives a very good impact on the Instagram account. Most of the images go quite well when they are of high quality.

You can get the best totally free stock images with high-quality free stock photos by Freerange Stock. It offers a wide range of pictures that can cater to your needs.

#3. Good quality visuals

Visuals should be the focus key area of an image. They should be of high quality. If the visuals are not of good quality, then the images will not give a good impact.

It can convey a great message too. It can make up a brand’s image and give a good identity.

#4. Mix it up with different formats

It’s important not to neglect the variety of content formats available to you as an Instagram user. Try out the carousel post to share up to ten images in one go, creating a photo-album feel.

A 60 second video can also be a great way of showing your products in use for example, or simply a short tutorial or demonstration.

Be careful not to come over too pushy with your product posts, though. You’ll want to vary your content themes to keep things balanced and encourage engagement from your followers!

Finally, you can make a step forward and go on creating GIFs.

#5. Colour combinations

A good colour combination should make up the image. It should be bright and appealing to look at. Images with dull colours seem to be a lot boring.

Every image should place importance on the colours that are used in the background of the images. Images with dark colours indicate dark themes and light-coloured images indicate soothing themes.

#6. Contrast

Contrast can tell a lot about the emotions and the mood you are in the present. The images that are of low contrast give a dreamy feeling and works mostly for the vintage look.

Whereas, the images that are of high contrast give a fresh and high energy vibe, they indicate a feeling of strength and edginess.

#7. Lens Flare

Flare is mainly responsible for emphasizing the warmth and brightness of a scene. It can be a good point to consider while choosing the image for Instagram as it can cause image fogging.

#8. Repost Instagram content from brands within your niche

Don’t have time to create your own Instagram content? Well, the good news is, you don’t need to!

It might be the case that other Instagram accounts are already doing a great job of producing content that your audience is interested in.

There’s nothing wrong with reposting Instagram content from brands similar to yours, or from any account that is relevant to your audience and your Instagram strategy, as long as you ask permission and give proper credit.


There are so many factors to look upon for creating a perfect post for Instagram. To make them look attractive, good pixels and high-quality images should be made up which should also give a good massage with it.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to source content for your Instagram account, and you’re feeling ready to plan and curate your feed!

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