Case Study: How Rugs Sites Can Fascinate More Customers with Their Effective Layout

Website is a platform where all the customers land for dealing with online business matters. If you want to make your website a fascinating one, give its design a significant importance. Create a website design that can produce a magnetic effect on the viewers and can urge them to stay longer on your site.

A pleasing layout is peculiar for the new online businessmen who are searching for a cost effective design that can serve the purpose of engaging high traffic toward their site. Yes, your website design can captivate a large fraction of online customers if you do some necessary changes in its design features.

As far as the rugs websites are concerned, the design becomes more significant to influence your potential customers. Studying the design features of your competitors’ websites you might have come to the clue that website design is a central option to please online customers and to enhance your business worth.

Arrangement of a surprising design is not a complicated task. Do some research to find the interests of your customers? You can visit other sites being a client himself and see what features you imagine a website must exhibit, due to which you can make your mind to do business with it. Try to add the same characteristics in your website design.

Moreover, being aware of the latest trends in the website layout is very much necessary to improve traffic to your site.

7 Rug Website Fundamentals to Help Enhance more Visitors

Through this article we are going to unlock seven fundamental ways that can dramatically enhance visitors to your site if you opt for the suggestions in the real sense.

#1. Avoid Dull Colors in Design Scheme

Millions of websites are running their online business up to the mark owing to their quality designs. As we are talking about the rugs sites, the need of a wonderful layout becomes obligatory when display is all your success.

How can the customers know that they are staying on the site that keeps the world’s wonderful area rugs in its store if they are not impressed by the layout? That’s why all website owners put their great effort in creating a design that speaks all about a website.

Colors are the smiles of nature and rugs sites are manufacturing area rugs in all available colors, showing piles of them in warehouses. When their products are built utilizing all the bright and beautiful colors, why not their website design should depict amazing blends of color schemes.

Colors have some unique power to hold customers on your site. Always avoid dull colors in your website design and never forget to leave a sufficient white space in the design.

What a mesmerizing site it would be when the design is displaying an awesome combination of colors with a graceful white space spread in it! We can say with surety that no on earth knows the better use of colors than the rugs site owners who daily play with colors in producing their high quality and colorful area rugs.

Bringing a world class website design in outstanding colors is not an issue in the hands of rugs site owners!

#2. Images & Videos are Crucial

Images & Videos are Crucial

We can never deny the significance of the availability of high quality content on a website. In online platforms we admit that content is king but provision of images and videos is crucial. Almost all websites today are carrying images and these are images that bind your dream customers with your platform and before leaving they make their mind to go ahead with you or not.

We all are attracted by photos and images naturally. It is obligatory for the rugs sites to show images of the best varieties in their stock. When the customers come to buy elegant area rugs for their home, they can’t decide one without looking at their photos. If your site is simply speaking that you own the best variety of Persian rugs without a display of their images, your website design is still incomplete.

All professional websites hire experienced photographers and video editors who keep on adding the latest images of the area rugs as soon as they are brought out of the looms as a finished product. The idea of adding photos helps customers to make decisions about the style, appearance and size of rugs. So to say a photo speaks more than words.

There are a number of sites that prepare a short video to let their customers know who they are and what efforts they make to provide them the area rugs of artistic expression. The videos describe how they reduce their prices to make more purchases possible.

It’s a human psyche that customers take only a minute to bind their association with a platform where they listen directly to the owner saying that all their customers are highly valuable for them and they are always welcome on their site.

Learn the human psyche and upload short videos to win your customer’s heart!

#3. Engaging Content

Not a single website is existing today without showing valuable content on all its pages. Though photos and videos on the site give customers a satisfactory view of the products they are looking for, it is the content that describes the product’s features in detail.

In addition to providing images and photos of all types of area rugs well placed in rooms, the rugs site owners do more effort to provide high quality content to their valuable customers. The content is in a way their real guide that leads them to go for certain sales or money saving deals on buying specific types of rugs.

It is the content that saves their time and levels their opinion. Always try to provide short and brief content free of grammatical errors and carrying the legal information. Always provide product descriptions in bulleted form so customers can readily go through and shoot an order!

#4. Simplify the Shopping Strategies

Among other unique properties of your website design, one is to make the buying process as simple as possible. If a customer feels uneasy to fulfill multiple steps for buying a single product, he will prefer to go to the next site instead.

Always keep abreast of your customers’ interests and act likewise. Your customer is your business. Imagine how you feel other platforms should treat you like a customer in such a nice manner, make it sure to provide the same at your site.

Your design should reflect the simplicity and ease of the buying process so a customer could never think of leaving your site. If you aspire to take your rugs business to the higher level, now is the time. Simplicity (of design and policies) is time saving and more engaging!

#5. Show Costs of Products

Show Costs of Products

We buy many things of daily use from the online and offline marketplaces. In the present age, online shopping is fashion. We don’t go far and remain at the rigs sites only. Imagine there are piles of area rugs visible in clear, handsome images and seen well fitted in the rooms.

How can a customer decide to buy a classic Persian rug from your site if you haven’t mentioned their prices? The price tags also help us decide to buy a particular product.

The visible prices directly make us recall our own budget and if our budget and the price don’t match we don’t waste our time and continue surfing until we arrive at one suitable piece of art that exactly matches our expectations and specifications.

This is the surprising effect of mentioning costs of all products with them. RugKnots is a site that fascinates its worldwide customers with the display of costs of every product thus leading the visitors to become the buyers with this exceptional quality of website design.

#6. Online Presence

The high achievers in business do know the likes and dislikes of their audience. No one among customers likes to wait for long for a response.

If luckily the visitors landed at your site and decided to buy a product, before hitting an order, they would like to get in contact with the seller to ask for a few more things just for their satisfaction. Though you have provided replies to all the FAQs in your content and videos, even then think not to move away a second before your working hours.

Sometimes, customers go through the available content, watch videos and have considerable confidence in your company, in spite of all that they want to ask something or the same thing, just for reconfirmation and in order to connect with you. All you need to do is to make sure your full time online presence and respond positively!

#7. Customers Search Feedback. Do You Possess?

Customers feel a little hesitant to place their order especially to a website with which they are carrying out their business for the first time.

That’s why through this article, it is brought to your kind notice that around 90% of the customers search for reviews on the site before buying anything and 72% of online people put great value to the reviews left by the early buyers. Having studied several reviews your online customers feel confident to go ahead with you long term.


Hope you have learnt much to catch more and more customers through effective website design. This is not all but fewer tips to lead you on the way to successful rugs business.

If you intend to visit a rugs site that takes pleasure in possessing all the above mentioned design qualities, that site is no other than RugKnots. Let’s connect with it in an everlasting bond!

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