7 Creative Ways of Coca-Cola Commercial Videos

Coca-Cola is an old brand that always can make consumers interesting, in addition quality product that always maintained from time to time but also the ads displayed with genius, this is what makes Coca-Cola very attractive to consumers.

Myself admire what Coca-Cola did when do marketing strategy, because the ads idea that he adopted make truly unpredictable and pleasure for consumers. That’s why this time I lifted the title 7 Coca-Cola advertisement with creative lesson that you can learn about the secret behind the marketing strategy of Coca-Cola. Every year due to Coca-Cola always release a new motto, to make it easier understand the marketing strategy of Coca-Cola in this article I just take one example from one of motto-owned Coca-Cola issued in the year 2009, the motto is “open happiness”. Here is an explanation motto owned by Coca-Cola version of Wikipedia:
Open Happiness is a global marketing campaign for The Coca-Cola Company that was rolled out worldwide in the first half of 2009, following the company’s “Coke Side of Life” advertising campaign. It was developed by the Wieden + Kennedy creative agency. (Source: Wikipedia)

And now here they are the 7 creative ways of Coca-Cola commercial ads:

#1. Consistent with the motto

→ Sleepwalker

→ Library

→ Happines factory III

→ Happines factory II

→ Happines Factory

What always what makes me amazed to Coca-Cola is when he always consistent in theme motto when launched ad, a variety of ads with the same theme “open happiness” launched in each country, and the most interesting is Coca-Cola can make with the same theme but it created in different ad and it still interesting to watch. As an example above, I took some samples video YouTube belong to Coca-Cola ad with the same theme, namely “open happiness”.

Lesson Learned: Make same theme motto in every ad that you launch, so you will looks like consistent with the motto that you created, and your consumer will easily understand what the meaning of your motto is.

#2. Make reality show ads

→ Happines truck

→ Happines dinning table

→ Happines store

→ Happines machine london

→ Hug machine

→ Happines vending machine

Many Time I see an ad created with using a model that good looking or famous one. But kinds of ads who can really make me smile, cry and laugh is ad featuring reality shows of ordinary people who really love the product, consumer’s spontaneity is the key that makes it more attractive advertising. In example above I already show you 6 examples reality show ads belongs to Coca-Cola from various countries that can make you smile. Do you agree with me? 🙂

Lesson Learned: Show the advertising with model that spontaneously show that they like your product and your customer excitement will looks like more real. And this is fun.

#3. Do green marketing campaign with unique way

→ Recycle Machine Singapore

Green marketing now become a marketing strategy trend, a growing number of companies is already doing this green marketing, as I’ve discussed in my previous article – Top 5 Companies with Green Marketing Campaign.

Coca-Cola green marketing campaign also did this, but the way Coca-Cola did is quite unique, and of course the ads theme is not far from the motto open happiness, as I show in the example above, where Coca-Cola created recycle machine in Singapore. Allowing the passing pedestrians can do to recycle with more practical and fun, because every time they do recycle will receive prizes directly by the machine. Take a look the video to feel the excitement of pedestrians who have earned a reward.

Lesson Learned: Do green marketing campaign in your own way, make your campaign more unique, not boring, and unlike the others, so that consumers are not lazy to follow your green marketing campaign.

#4. Invite to think differently

→ Mommy backed cake

→ Security camera

→ 100 years old man

Coca-Cola has always made ​​a breakthrough that sometimes that was unthinkable by others in doing marketing campaign. Like creative ads are doing in this time, Coca-Cola invites customers to think differently than usual.

In this case I took the 3 sample ads from YouTube videos, how Coca-Cola encourage consumers to live with a better life, these ads demonstrated it in a simple way and easy to understand.

Lesson Learned: Make your ads more attractive by asking your consumer to live a better life. Kinds ads like this will inspire your viewers.

#5. Make personal in touch

→ Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project (w/ English subtitles)

Everyone basically wants to be noticed by around people. As brand who already professional of course Coca-Cola certainly already aware of this with always pay attention to the behavior of consumers, and the thing that most amazed is, Coca-Cola can do ads with personal in touch to its customers. Like 2 example ads I show above, from two different countries Coca-Cola do the same thing by giving happiness as required by customers. Surely it would make consumers happy and they will not easily forget about the services of Coca-Cola.

Lesson Learned: Make personal in touch at your consumers, and show it in your ad so your brand can be easily remembered by consumers.

#6. Ad for offensive world peace

→ Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together

In this world still found there are some countries that fight, so relations between the two countries being not to good. As what happened between India and Pakistan, have long poor diplomatic relations. Coca-Cola saw this and took the opportunity to improve relations between the two countries, in a way that is quite simple but able to generate relationships that could be better among their citizens. That simple way is as you can see in the following YouTube video above, Coca-Cola ads with a machine specially designed to create a friendship between the two countries, with this machine citizens in two countries can see each other, so they want to visit India or Pakistan.

Lesson Learned: Concern your ads about offensive the world peace, with a fairly simple way to help your customers’ lives for the better.

#7. Make promotional ads unexpected

→ The Coca-Cola Happiness Buy One Get One Free

You can do announcements for discounts a product in ads. As performed by Coca-Cola in his ads this time that use media advertising to give discounts gifts to their customers, with the slogan “Buy one get one free”. The ad campaign was highly unexpected and unbeknownst to consumers, because the prize is the shopping cart which the content is same as like what consumers buy. It’s an amazing ad campaign.

Lesson Learned: Make ads promoting your discount with the unexpected without the unbeknownst of your customers. That’s will make them suprises.


Coca-Cola is an old brand that wants to make their customers always remember his brand, as a professional, Coca-Cola has provided marketing strategies that are not only think about profitability but also familiarity with the consumer. The main aim of Coca-Cola marketing strategy is sharing happiness with consumers. Like the 7 creative and unique ways on ads above from Coca-Cola is dedicated to the happiness of its customers. This is a branding lesson that can help you get inspired to get closer to your customers in a unique and simple way, you just want to make sure the ads you use right on target for the consumers who really need your product.

What do you think? Which ads do you think the easiest to do and which one the above ads into your favorite? It’s my pleasure if you can share it in the comment box below.

– Written by Ratih –

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