10 Digital Advertisement Strategies That Absolutely Work

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Digital advertising is an important element of running a business today. If you already are not doing it, you are probably depriving your business of its due success and profits. In the year 2020, all the world went digital, majorly because of the pandemic that caused shutdowns and social distancing protocols. Since all the businesses, customers and clients went digital, it’s only obvious that the advertisement you’re doing for your business should also go digital.

All that matters today is that your business has an online presence. You can be B2B or B2C business, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you are implementing the right kind of digital advertisement strategies.

There are several elements of the advertising strategy that you need to consider when creating a digital advertisement campaign. If you donot consider the right element, your ad will probably just not get you the results that you wanted. Therefore to help you understand the perfect advertisement campaign the following are a few strategies you need to consider for the best results.

Top 10 Advertisement Strategies

The following are strategies that you need to work on for your digital marketing campaign:

#1. Visual and Creative Elements

Your business has a few business elements that are associated with your brand image. This includes your logo, color themes, mascots, fonts, and themes, etc. The more you creatively use theme elements in your advertising campaign, is it will give you an edge. However, the key here is to use it creatively.

The key is not just to grab the attention of your customers but for them to memorize your brand. Take for example the cokes logo and color scheming. The recognition is so intense among the customers, they don’t even need to use their brand’s name and customers can recognize it with just the color scheming and logo.

Similar is the case with McDonald’s ‘ M’ and the yellow color associated with it. Today we all can recognize that ‘M’ from afar and know that it’s McDonald’s. This is all considered as creative use of branding elements in their company’s campaign.

So here is a tip for you, use some consistent color themes and images that can be recognized as your brand’s element. This package of the brand and visual elements must be used in all your social media campaigns and otherwise. The goal is for people to remember your brand elements and recognize your brand from afar.

#2. Allocate specific budget to specific campaigns

It is very important, that as a business you allocate your funds to campaigns wisely. There are a few campaigns that would work well for your brands, assign a good amount of funds to that campaign. While few strategies might be trendy but not work well for your business. So do not waste your money on them, just because it’s a trend.

It is always best that you do your research on ads before deciding on what to invest them in. Find out what value each channel offers. Search for the most searched keywords on google and start an ad campaign when it’s the most in-demand. It is also best to target your ad towards people such as people, who search for keywords associated with your brand.

Facebook ad campaigns help you identify the target market that is specifically searching for your products online. This is why a lot of people run their campaigns on Facebook, and hands down it work well for most of the business to invest wisely in campaigns.

#3. Research, and Keep Researching

Research is a great way to run foolproof advertising campaigns. If you have done your due diligence on the market trends, competitors, target markets, products, etc, you will be able to devise successful ad campaigns.

Always invest in a lot of money to gather data and research before making any plans. A lot of businesses today invest in paid ad campaigns conducted by Facebook, Google, or Instagram. In these campaigns, these social media sites have their data and analytics, based on which they target the ads.

In one way, it benefits us all, because we don’t have to go through the hassle of doing the research ourselves. The best we can do with social media campaigns is to launch them at the right time, with the right target audience.

It is also best to research gathering actual data based on what consumers spend on most? Who are your returning customers, where are most of your clients based? All these questions will help you with launching the best ad campaigns.

#4. Target Audience

It is a very important element to concentrate on. Know who your audience is. What are their demographics, buying habits, likes and dislikes, etc? The more you research your target audience, that’s how beneficial results your ad campaigns will give you.

In launching digital advertisement campaigns you must know what social media sites your audience is using, what their habits are, what pages they like etc. Based on this information, you should launch the campaign on the social media site where your target audience is.

Today, a lot of generation Z is active Instagram users, whereas millennial are still a bit on Facebook. So if you are launching a product that targets gen z, it is best to launch the campaign on Instagram. This will yield better results for you.

#5. Rely on Social Media metrics and Analytics

Digital advertisement means that you rely on social media analytics reports provided by such platforms. There are a lot of diverse people online that are grouped on social media platforms, your job is to find them through the social media metric provided by these sites.

Its also important to keep your advertisement campaigns flexible, and can modify them as needed for the benefits of your business. It is also important to keep in mind that even though people like are sharing your company’s update, it does not necessarily mean that they will buy your products. These metrics will help filter such people out.

#6. Use all Marketing Channels

Today, it is important that you use a combination of all marketing channels to launch your advertising campaigns. The best platforms that you can use today in the year 2020 are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

Several social media sites cater to niches as well, so if you are well aware of your targeted niche is on a particular platform, take your campaign there as well. We recommend you to use a Facebook ad that is integrated with other marketing channels such as emails as well. That’s where multichannel marketing strategies come into play to create a coherent advertising campaign.

#7. Geo-Fencing

This is a digital advertising campaign that targets the audience based on physical location. In this sort of campaign, products are advertised on college campuses, conference centers, etc.

#8. Invest in Web design, SEO, PPC, SEM, and social media marketing campaign

Since businesses and customers all around the world using online platforms to buy and sell it is important for you to invest in good digital marketing strategies such as cool web design layout, Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

All these digital marketing campaigns are popular trends of the year 2020 and are most likely to continue themselves in the year 2021.

#9. Email Marketing and Content marketing

Content marketing campaigns are on a rise this year and will continue so in the year 2021. Therefore it is wise for you to invest in good photo and video content to advertise your products on social media channels.

Email marketing is an age-old technique but is still very effective in advertising your company’s products. These techniques will help your customers feel connected to you and therefore is a very effective strategy to bring profits to your company.

#10. Amazon advertising and Influencer advertising

Amazon advertising works well when you want to use the Amazon platform to sell your products, rather than setting up your online platform. It is easier to sell and advertise your products on Amazon, as it is a very well used platform where everyone gets on for the intent of shopping.

Another, foolproof strategy we recommend you to adopt in the year 2020 is influencer marketing. Get a celebrity or an influencer who has a large following, preferably organic to market your product. A lot of businesses opted for influencer marketing in the year 2020 because of the pandemic and it proved to be an effective way to advertise the product.


Today, where everything is operated digitally over mobile phones and tablets, it is important that you invest in the above-mentioned advertisement strategies.

Follow the bullets one by one and you will be able to devise a foolproof advertising campaign that will do wonders for your business and take it toward success.

About the Author!

Sheikh Adil is a keynote speaker on social media strategy, LinkedIn marketing & social media marketing trainer, MediaHicon digital marketing author, and SEO consultant for global organizations.

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