Does Instagram Followers Growth Work in 2020

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Social media is now an indispensable part of our lives. And like anything that affects the lives and choices of consumers, marketers are tapping into the power of social media to shape consumer choices. With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram presents a treasure trove for the modern marketer.

However, it is essential to have a healthy number of Instagram followers for brands and influencers to create an impact on the photo and video sharing app. Having an effective Instagram marketing strategy will not only help add new followers to your account but also open up momentous avenues for business growth.

Instagram followers growth in 2020: Does it work?

Having an account in good standing with interesting and helpful content is pivotal to attracting potential followers to click the follow button as soon as they visit your profile.

Here’re some practical Instagram followers growth tactics for success in 2020:

#1. Instagram bio and content

A short yet sweet and informative Instagram bio can take you a long way in making an impact on your prospective followers. High-quality photo and video content that stands out on your audience’s Instagram feed is yet another vital element to get more Instagram followers in 2020. Be sure to post pictures and videos that are visually appealing and relevant to your business or niches.

#2. Discover your target audience

Discovering a target audience that is actually interested in your content is imperative to increase engagement on your posts. This can be done by keeping an eye on the information provided by Instagram analytics and taking note of demographics like the age, gender, and location of your target audience. Closely observing the audiences of other accounts in your niche can also help you identify your audience and their behavior.

#3. Hashtags

The use of hashtags can bump up the chances of your Instagram content to secure a spot on the explore page. It is seemingly very beneficial to use popular hashtags that are already being implemented on a large scale. However, that depends entirely on the size of your account. In the case of accounts with a relatively smaller outreach, it may be better to use a branded hashtag or popular hashtags that relate to your businesses or niche. With these hashtags being used by a comparatively lesser number of accounts, the odds of your content being discovered are much higher.

#4. Account maintenance

Account maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your followers satisfied and, in turn, attracting newer audiences. Be sure to consistently post fresh content at regular intervals to keep your followers engaged. It is a good idea to interact with your followers and engage them with your posts and Instagram stories. Involve your audience by posting user-generated content. By doing so, you can nurture a healthier and more long-lasting bond with your followers.

#5. Collaborations

Reaching out to well-established accounts for shoutouts and promotions can substantially impact your outreach in a short span. You’ll be surprised to see that many Instagram influencers are willing to highlight or endorse particular Instagram accounts and content. Such collaborative efforts can help grow your followers substantially.

Why buying Instagram followers is a bad idea

Many Instagram users resort to buying followers. But is it safe to buy followers? Are the followers real people? While it is tempting and seemingly a handy and quick way of increasing your follower count, it is ultimately of no use to your Instagram account.

The entire purpose of growing your audience on Instagram is to garner a following that is actually interested in your content, or products or services. Buying followers, however, only results in a statistical increase in your audience. These new followers come from fake accounts or bots and add no value to your account whatsoever. They do not genuinely engage with your posts and make absolutely no contribution to the success and well-being of your business at the end of the day.

Many people opt to pay hefty amounts for external services that guarantee Instagram growth by the thousands overnight. Most of these services use “bots” to increase your follower count. When you use such a service, you’re basically paying for fake followers to make it appear as if you have a massive audience.

In fact, these fake accounts will even engage with your posts in futile efforts to make it look as if your Instagram is bustling with people who are interested in what you do. The comments they leave on your posts are, more often than not, emojis and meaningless texts – a clear giveaway of the fact that they have been made by fake Instagram profiles. Their comments are either out of context or incredibly inappropriate, leaving an awful impression on the average Instagram user who is viewing your content.

To top it all off, buying followers, whether they are fake or real, is strictly against the Instagram terms of service! It could result in your account getting suspended, or worse, permanently banned. With so much at stake, it best to keep your temptations aside and stay away from services that promote buying Instagram followers.

With all that being said, if you need help with growing your Instagram account, be sure to use only organic growth services. These growth services use only legitimate strategies to increase your follower count and build your reputation on Instagram. Think about supplementing your individual efforts like content creation with help from organic growth services like SimplyGram.

Not only does SimplyGram guarantee substantial growth, but it also ensures that all of your new followers are real people who are intrigued by your content and will engage with it. The success of your Instagram account is thus adequately reflected in that of your business in the real world. What more could you want?


The sheer significance of Instagram in the world of online marketing cannot be overlooked. Having a large follower count on the social networking platform is now considered one of stepping stones towards establishing a name for your business. While many techniques will effectively do the job for you, it is crucial to focus on those that promote organic growth.

Be sure to stay away from services offering thousands of followers within days, whether real or through bots. The best choice, by far, is to utilize organic growth services like SimplyGram. These services will bump up your following while making sure that your new audience is one that actually wants to be associated with your brand and engages with your content.

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