Having Mobility Solutions For Your Business: The Next Wave

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In today’s tech-driven world, it’s just impossible for business entrepreneurs to think of their survival without implementing mobility solutions. The number of mobile devices operating globally is forecasted to reach 17.72 billion by 2024.

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It shows an increase of 3.7 billion devices compared to measured in 2020. The drastic growth of smartphones worldwide clearly shows how important it is to have mobility solutions for your large or small business.

Moreover, customer’s inclination towards mobility solutions is also increasing; from ordering food to streaming to paying bills to playing games, reliance on smartphones increases with each passing day. With a rising number of smart devices being used, everyone’s life is getting better and better.

However, the mobility solution is also helping entrepreneurs to enhance their employee’s productivity by 34%. It’s just equal to working 240 hours extra annually. Mobility solution has made everything relatively easier for almost all of us. Businesses are witnessing significant growth and other benefits due to it. Most companies have already invested $61 billion in mobile app development services and are ready to spend more in the future.

What is a Mobility Solution?

Mobility solution is an advanced mobile technology that enables your employees and customers to access details anytime and any place. The process takes place digitally and also without impacting your actual outcome. There are few occurrences of mobility solution, these includes:

  • Prefer to invest in a feature-rich app that makes the ordering and shopping process easier and faster;
  • Helps to switch from traditional invoice methods;
  • Helps you with lead generation.

Today, most businesses are ready to invest in mobility solutions helping them to stay connected with the business world. However, that helps them to be more productive, convenient, and cost-effective. Therefore, more businesses are going mobile these days as it ensures to benefit customers and their business as well.

It offers them attractive returns and keeps business ahead in today’s saturated market. Let’s explore some examples that help you when the era of mobile began. Check out every detail to make an excellent decision for your business in a short time.

 icon-angle-right Uber

All of us are cognizant of the taxi-hailing app Uber, right! It has given rise to the on-demand economy. The ride-hailing giant is making millions through its mobility platform. Does it own its private vehicles? No right! But still, Uber business models make it easier for riders to book a ride at their fingertip. The mobility solution connects riders with drivers in real-time. It has gained massive success in the transportation sector also without owning a single car by itself.

 icon-angle-right Facebook

There are more than 290 million Facebook users in India. There are many other markets with 100+ million Facebook users each: The United States, Brazil, and Indonesia with 190, 130, and 140 million Facebook users, respectively. It is one of the most popular social platforms worldwide.

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Past were the days when the platform was used by very few but look where the platform stands today. From developing personal connections to interacting with customers to running an advertisement campaign, Facebook is playing a significant role. It dominates the social game, and entrepreneurs are unleashing its power to promote their branded products and services without geolocation barriers easily.

 icon-angle-right Zomato

Do you find that a food delivery giant owns any restaurant? No right! Still, it enables users to order their favorite meal from a nearby restaurant. And it’s all about the mobility solution. Zomato is a well-known used app that connects food lovers with their favorite restaurants. It makes it easier for them to enjoy their favorite meal right at their doorsteps. It’s beneficial for restaurants as it helps them receive more orders and earn more in less time.

 icon-angle-right Netflix

It’s an American over-the-top content mobility platform and production company. Founded in 1997, the company’s primary business is to offer a subscription-based streaming service offering. The platform offers online streaming from a library of television series and films, including those produced in-house.

As of 2021, Netflix has around 208 million subscribers, including 74 million in the U.S. and Canada. Looking at the success of a streaming giant, many are investing in an app like Netflix, helping them cater to millions of viewers’ needs.

 icon-angle-right eCommerce Apps (Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Mystore)

Undoubtedly the e-commerce sector is booming with each passing day. What is the eCommerce app helping you with? It makes it easier for you to shop Taparia 1812 Ring Spanner Set, Dongcheng 350 W Trimmer 6.35 Mm, clothing, etc. Most of them don’t own a single store, enabling users to shop globally and get products delivered to homes in no time.

 icon-angle-right Spotify

The music streaming platform enables digital copyright-restricted podcasts and music, including around 70 million songs from media companies and record labels. Easy-to-use an app like Spotify makes it easier for users to search for music based on the album, genre, artist, etc. it helps to edit, create, and share playlists and enjoy many other features at the time.

Spotify is required to operate in more than 178 countries. The service is available on modern devices, including Linux computers, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets. They leverage the digital platform to correlate with users, and you can see where they stand and are successful in a particular niche.

Empowering Business with Mobility Solution: Why It’s Essential?

The impact of COVID 19 is massive and long-lasting over every business sector. Most business giants are trying to revamp their business model, helping them stay afloat in today’s highly volatile market.

Irrespective of business type and size, every business entrepreneur is going mobile today as consumer’s inclination towards smart apps is increasing rapidly. Whether they expect to transfer money, make payments, order food, find a job, order food, or other things, they need to rely on a smartphone for everything.

An average user invests around 3 hours on their mobile phone. The figure clearly shows how deeply the smartphone has become an essential part of our day-to-day life. Hence, business entrepreneurs started investing more in mobility solutions helping them to keep connected with consumers no matter where they locate.

eCommerce Growth Statistics
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Undoubtedly the e-commerce sector is growing quickly with each passing day. It is predicted to surpass $4.105 trillion by 2022. Past were days when the small and medium businesses were hesitant to adopt mobility solutions, but COVID 19 has forced entrepreneurs to opt for the same.

eCommerce Growth Statistics
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Pandemic has made entrepreneurs understand the mobility solution is only one way to keep their business alive. You might have seen that more and more food delivery, grocery delivery, and other brands intend to have their own app. For entrepreneurs going mobile has become mandatory and has changed the way they operate their business and interaction across the globe.

Benefits of Mobility Solution: Check to Make the Best Decision!

Most organizations are reaping the benefits of mobile. From small to mid-level businesses, mobility solutions offer a plethora of benefits that bring success and enable them to grow. Here we have recorded some of the advantages of mobility solutions that business entrepreneurs can leverage by investing in advanced solutions.

#1. Sales Growth

More than 20% of shoppers consider purchasing products and services online at least once a week. The primary reason behind it is, it provides the convenience of eliminating waiting in a long queue. And mobility solutions offer you a new channel that helps you boost your customer base and business sales to a great extent.

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Discounts, push notifications, promotional offers help to encourage consumers to shop products online. Today modern customers choose mobile-first when it comes to purchasing products or services. They check online reviews, special offers, make purchases, and payment through a few taps on a digital platform.

#2. Create a Useful Marketing Channel

If you have a robust mobile presence, it helps you to create awareness among your customers about the users, catalog, booking form, search, registration process, and much more. The primary benefit is your customers get access to everything at their fingertips.

#3. Foster Customer Loyalty

A good customer base is undoubtedly a backbone for all brands, including yours and mine. By enabling customers with quick access to your business products and services, you can easily enhance your brand loyalty.

However, you can even integrate loyalty programs and provide exclusive deals to keep customers coming back. Moreover, make sure to resolve your customer’s issues; this level of connection will help increase brand loyalty resulting in stimulating sales to a great extent.

Are You All Set to Thrive in “New Norm”?

In a nutshell, a mobility solution is the future of every business. With the evolving customer preference, it becomes essential for brands to keep updating the features and functionality of solutions helping them to cater to all their needs efficiently. Business owners can reap unmatched advantages by embracing mobility solutions and other tech tools. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved employees productivity;
  • Reduce operational cost;
  • It makes collaboration easy;
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

There are many more. Just find a team who can help you to develop and launch an excellent mobility solution. Make sure to focus on new models to stay relevant and boost your business productivity to a great extent. The pandemic expedited the need for mobile presence even more, and it’s the best time to launch all in one solution.

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