How Paid Traffic Can Reinforce Your Organic Search Presence

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As a website owner, traffic is likely on your mind quite often. It’s safe to say that most website owners check to see what kind of traffic they have received after posting new content. After all, it’s obvious that a website will do better by increasing their traffic.

The success of any business relies on steady traffic. This serves to increase your visibility and will thereby boost your sales. But if you aren’t getting a good deal of traffic, it’s hard to know where your business stands among consumers.

Little to no traffic makes it nearly impossible to scale your brand accordingly. So, what can you do to increase traffic to your website? You need to improve your organic search. It is the key to your success. Let’s focus on this to find out how you can start seeing better organic search results.

How Paid Traffic Helps Organic Search

Organic search is when your website pops up in the search results after someone has typed a query in their search engine. If that user clicks on your website, you are receiving organic traffic.

Think about how often you rely on your search engine. Google alone sees 63,000 unique search requests every second. With that number in mind, you can imagine how important organic traffic is to businesses and brands.

But with that comes a power-struggle over the top rankings. The majority of search engine users never venture past the first page of search results. And every company knows it. That’s why those top positions are so highly-coveted.

And if a website is able to rise to the top listings, they are pretty much guaranteed to see more traffic. Which is why website owners make use of paid traffic to help increase their ranking position.

Higher rankings almost always mean big business, so it should come as no surprise that more brands are relying on paid traffic to help them surpass the competition. This, in turn, gets more people talking about that business or website, creating a cyclical effect for gaining organic traffic.

Social media buzz is a BIG deal. The more people talking about a company, the more organic traffic that company’s website will see. And the more organic traffic they see, the better chance they have of making sales.

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The Examples

Let’s take a look at a few websites that have mastered this effect to their benefit. By providing links to products, consumers will provide organic traffic and sales to those products. It is a great way of creating a natural flow of traffic for both the website providing the link, and the website to which the link belongs.

#1. Review Site

A review site that recently gained a lot of organic traffic after buying CPC ads is All the Stuff. The paid traffic created social buzz and even a few links, which ultimately increased the organic traffic for the website as well.

Their concept is a simple one that nets big results. They have a team of people reviewing various products. After each review, an affiliate link to that product is provided to the consumer. From there, the consumer can click on the link to research and/or purchase the product in question.

With more people being directed to these various brands, the website owner related to the brand stands a better chance of seeing their ranking improve as well. Of course, since All the Stuff is an affiliate website, they too stand to see a kickback for each product sold.

With more consumers using their services, All the Stuff is in a position to see their website rank higher among organic search results. There is definitely an operation at play here.

It’s kind of a ‘You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of system. But it’s one that works in everyone’s favors, the consumer’s included.

Since the consumer is getting real-world advice on the products they are interested in buying, they can avoid paying for something that they will ultimately be disappointed in. It’s a great way to find out if something is a hit or a miss.

And obviously, the products they review stand to benefit as well. Since consumers are being directed to various products, brands that want to get a better ranking among organic search results are likely to see an improvement based on better traffic.

#2. Niche Site

Another website that follows a similar same concept is Vinyl Vintage. The difference here is that Vintage Vinyl focuses on a niche market: records. Obviously, their target ads focus on the same industry.

Consumers who are interested in this market can get reviews on various products within the vinyl record industry. This allows them to bypass products that don’t fit their needs. Vinyl Vintage is an audiophile’s dream come true, making the website a boon for brands in the audio industry.

With Vintage Vinyl’s valuable insight on all things audio-related, consumers and like-minded companies are happy to do business with them.

#3. Personal Site

And then there’s Angela over at Sunglass Picks. This website operates based on the support of its readers. Angela has compiled a wealth of information on sunglasses, making it a necessity for anyone interested in buying a new pair of shades.

She provides links for all of the products she reviews, making it easy for consumers to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. This helps each brand reviewed by creating invaluable social buzz, increasing their chances of seeing a better ranking.

As you can see, each of these three websites help to improve a brand’s success among organic search results. By having paid affiliates review various products, each company is working to get more eyes on their goods.

The links provided on each website help to boost website traffic, thereby improving their organic search presence.

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