Productivity Challenges That Graphic Designers Have to Overcome

If you are thinking about becoming a graphic designer, or are already one, expect to face different challenges along the way. The path is not something you can call treacherous, but everyone is bound to run into a problem or two eventually.

Productivity happens to be one of the biggest issues. Things might be great at first, but after a while, there will be some bumps. Knowing about potential challenges will help you prepare for the future. Here are some that you are most likely to encounter.

Challenge #1 – Dealing With Digital Clutter

Digital clutter is not a problem at first because you need to reach a point where you have worked quite a bit. However, once you start dealing with multiple projects simultaneously, it will become an issue if you are not properly managing your files.

Digital clutter can also lead to underperformance of your computer or software you are using. You will need to delete cache, backups, and other temporary junk on a regular basis. Doing so will also make your work environment more friendly because doing stuff when it is messy does not help with efficiency.

Failing to Organize Workflow

Challenge #2 – Failing to Organize Workflow

Workflow is a very important aspect that some graphic designers underestimate. One could argue that you need the experience to find out what works best for you, but some things are universal and should apply to most people.

For example, getting rid of distractions. If you want to focus on a project, do not let yourself be bombarded with notifications from a smartphone or computer. Also, if you work from home, make sure that you set ground rules with others. Having a dedicated workspace also helps immensely.

Challenge #3 – Under-Communicating

Getting into work and forgetting about everything else is not necessarily a bad thing, but you do not want to neglect other people. Graphic design is not the most popular profession in terms of how much you need to interact with people. However, humans are social creatures, and some communication is still necessary, so get that whenever you can.

Challenge #4 – Failing to Keep up With Trends

Trends come and go, but failing to keep up with what is happening in the industry can cost you potential clients. Be up to date with all the recent news by following media outlets or joining relevant communities that are one of the first to receive the most recent developments in the industry.

Challenge #5 – Facing Burnout

Burnout is related to a lot of factors and differs from person to person. However, when it comes to those bumps that were already mentioned, facing burnout is certainly one of the worst things that could happen.

You need to pay closer attention to how your body and mentality are doing. If you have to work overtime with hardly any time to rest between assignments, it will not be too long before you decide that being a graphic designer is not for you and quit.

Experiencing Creativity Blocks

Challenge #6 – Experiencing Creativity Blocks

Creativity blocks happen not just for graphic designers. Writers are another demographic that has to deal with the issue.

It can become extra frustrating when a client rejects multiple suggestions and is still not satisfied with the results. And after trying everything out, you are left with nothing.

Take some time off and look for sources of inspiration. Look at other creators. Or perhaps doing something completely unrelated to design can turn out to be the best course of action. See what works for you, and once you have dealt with it, you will have an easier time when something similar happens in the future.

Challenge #7 – Failing to Use Helpful Tools

Graphic designers have a plethora of different tools at their disposal. It would be a waste not to make use of them, especially if they can help with efficiency. Design software itself is the first thing that comes to mind. Even if you have personal preferences, exploring alternatives could lead to discovering something really good.

Also, you have stuff like applications that track time. This kind of stuff can also come in handy because it is easy to miss lunch or fail to realize how long you have been working on a project.

Challenge #8 – Working With Multiple Clients

Learning to multitask is probably something you will have to master eventually. However, do not get in the habit of sticking to multiple clients and projects when you can barely handle them. Estimate how much you can really deal with and stick to that.

Challenge #9 – Failing to Create a Solid Portfolio

Have a portfolio that you can use to back up your previous experiences and showcase what you are capable of as a graphic designer. If you do not have a portfolio, most people will discard and not even think about hiring you.

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