How to Branding using Facebook Timeline – 5 Simple Tips

Are you just do branding on facebook?
The first step it should be able to capture your fans and potential customer, utilizing facilities provided by facebook you the opportunity to steal your customer attention, in this year 2012 facebook gave it a new look, which is the name of the facebook timeline. Facebook timeline has the appreance that could allow you to perform media branding with a much facilities.

As in the previous article I have discussed in the “Beginners Guide: 5 Facebook Tips for Product Branding“. Now I will discuss the branding tips by using facebook timeline, here are 5 tips that you can implement on your facebook page.

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline
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Tips #1: Highlight Post = Eye Catching Profile

Highlight post is same with status update that you have selected in your timeline, talking up the space of both columns. Highlight post will help you to describe what would you promote to your customers and of course this feature is eye catching.

Possible to begin highlight post that you can do is by giving some rules, like only testimonial posts, product images or video posts. It’s up to you, the initial rules for the highlight of this post will help you be more consistent in the publication status.

Take advantage of the highlight post to explain the new service or program for your customers and make some drawings for a certain period to attract the attention of your customers.

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Tips #2: Optimize Milestones Features

Milestones is almost same with highlight post, the difference is that the highlight post may look like status in the share in timeline, but the milestones is more work to tell a story of writing and drawing. Milestone can appear in your timeline based on the data that you designate.

In doing Milestones strategies, you need to consider the addition of images and links in your milestones. This can be useful to draw attention to your fans. Benefit from these milestones in the timeline is to encourage your customers to know more about you and forge stronger ties with fans and potential customers.

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Tips #3: Create More Attractive Welcome Tab

Timeline of the latest applications lies in the tap based brand: the welcome tab, this tab can be utilized as a welcome note to your fans. In this welcome tab you can put all sorts of new products to better attract the customers.

Welcome tab is refinement of facebook welcome tab before using the timeline, we can see the following examples below the old facebook welcome tab and the new facebook timeline. As a consumer and bussines which welcome tab you more prefer? 🙂

The old welcome tab facebook
Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

The new welcome tab facebook timeline
Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Tips #4: Use Rich Visual Design in Your Facebook Profile

Such as reading books, we sometimes prefer to read books and ilustrated in color, not just writing on display there. As well as in doing branding on facebook you should also pay attention to use rich visual design.
Rich visual in your facebook profile will make the best content and the best timeline is intended to put the interesting posts and profile picture.

Here are some examples of online shop that improve the appreaces of a rich visual timeline on facebook.

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Brand Strategy Facebook Timeline

Tips #5: Focus in Your Effort

If you’ve done with the 4 tips above, you have to do now is focus with your effort. If you specify facebook to become a place you doing branding then you should doing professional with your facebook page like do respond to any questions or comments from your fans. Post the new and exciting content and make it a habit of socializing with costomers, create a consistent posting so that your customers are not confused in the message you want to say.


Facebook timeline is already providing us the facilities as a refinement of the old facebook. Making the more interesting display in doing branding is a must because we exist to serve our customers, think like a customer then you will know what they need in view of a brand advertising.

How about you? Have you tried this timeline facilities for branding? Please share your comments in the box below.

– Written by Ratih –

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