How To Create Awesome Mobile Landing Pages

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A mobile landing page can be known as a web page that is built and designed for mobile browsers. The page that will open once a user clicks on an ad, search suggestions via a smartphone, and they will be directed to a landing page. This page should communicate one common goal, one important and functional call to action, unique design as well as simple navigation.

This article will educate the readers on how to create awesome mobile landing pages real quick. But first, let’s understand why it is necessary to create an awesome mobile landing page.

Why is it important to create a mobile landing page?

In today’s times, creating and developing a mobile landing page is no longer an option. It has become a necessity. There was a recent report conducted by Statista, which suggested there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe. And, the aforementioned number will just continue to increase. On the other hand, the number of desktop users is more likely to decrease in the coming 5 years.

You must search and educate yourself about a brand via your smartphone, right? No one normally goes home, or to their office to just search for one brand. In simpler words, the number of desktop users has faced a timely downfall. One of the reasons being, smartphones are more handy and we carry them with us almost everywhere.

We all have had bad experiences browsing from the web through our smartphones. One of the reasons being it is very difficult to read and even navigate. The attention span of the user is no more than 8 seconds on average.

And, when the landing page on our mobile devices takes forever to load, it might irritate the user. The result of which is, it may cause an increase in the overall bounce rate.

One of the primary motives of acquiring and luring customers on our website is to make them stay longer. And, when they fail to stay, it may make the entire purpose of having a business website irrelevant.

Often there is too much text to read, and it may make the user reading the webpage less likely to comprehend what’s important. And, it has been observed that around 50% of landing pages are not even optimized for the mobile category.

89% of the consumers will say that they brought or even invested in a brand after a successful mobile experience. And, there are 59% of customers who will likely not advise their peers to invest in your website if your mobile landing page took forever to load. (Read more on Mobile Commerce Statistics by Sleeknote

In case you are targeting not just local but global traffic, then you should consider developing a mobile landing page. It is because a mobile landing page can draw 71% of global traffic.

To prevent your customers from having such an experience, it is important to design and develop a landing page. A page that is easy and quick to load, has a simple design, fast load time and is even easy to navigate.

This leaves us with an important question, and that is how to create an awesome mobile landing page for mobile phones.

How to create an awesome mobile landing page: A quick guide

According to a survey, it takes about 50 milliseconds for the users to determine and decide whether they like a website or even not.

It is one of the reasons why the site should be optimized to keep the users glued to the mobile landing page. Therefore, in the below-mentioned section, we will walk you through important steps to note & take care of.

How To create awesome mobile landing page
Illustration by Ha Truong via Dribbble

#1. Be concise in your written copy

You may have heard that brevity might be the soul of the wit, but it is also the very soul of a perfect mobile landing page. One of the first things a user sees on a website is the visual and literary content. Users can only engage with your copy if they find it relevant.

But this does not mean you have to put everything you are trying to say on one page. Distil the information and serve only what is resourceful. Make it easy for lazy users to skim. How to achieve this task?

  • Use appropriate bullet points to tell the user what this subheading is all about
  • Use short sentences, because a long sentence can be tiring enough to read and complicated to understand

#2. Keep your design engaging and interactive

Use awesome graphics or a short explainer video to give your users a little heads up about what the content is all about.

Users hate to find out by themselves where is what. For an instance, you go to a brick and mortar store in your neighbourhood. And, you see chaos, it is difficult to find where the counter of bread is, you will ask. But asking questions in the online realm isn’t helpful. A user may choose or prefer to walk out instead.

In such cases, it is important to keep your design fully functional as well as intuitive. Follow a proper or concise format of things, that may help to educate the user about what is kept and where.

You can also use the very helpful single column layout and strive to create and maintain a 1:1 attention ratio. What does this 1:1 attention ratio mean? Attention ratio is referred to the number of links incorporated on a landing page, to the number of conversion goals.

Since every landing page is designed to serve one purpose or goal, you should only keep one goal. It means that you should have just one call to action on it.

#3. Make use of sticky bars

A landing page is all about the use of getting leads and being able to convert the potential visitors. But a mobile device is flooded with a plethora of distractions. Drawing and keeping their attention glued to a page can be hard. It is why experts recommend using sticky bars which can allow you to keep the call of action on the top and easily seen.

How to build a customized sticky bar?

  1. Click “Create new” from the option available to the all page screen
  2. Now choose the sticky bar under a pick a relevant content type
  3. Select the right template that may seem fit to your sticky bar
  4. Now name your page and click start with this template.

In simpler terms, a sticky bar is a horizontal bar that will stick to the top or even the bottom of the page of your mobile landing page. It comes with a highly customizable option. Moreover, it helps to make your message easily and prominently displayed yet non-intrusively.

#4. Consider adding a button that reads click to call

Often a conversion goal can be query related, or that may involve a property or course booking. When this happens, you may want to inform and guide your user about the right course they can avail.

The course or even real estate can be an important investment that will cost them their money as well as time. In such circumstances, guiding them so that they make an informed decision is very important.

A mobile landing page will have less space. So, it is advisable to make the most out of the given room. In such circumstances, keep an option that allows them to make a call handy and evidently visible. These buttons can ensure that the objective or the sole purpose is not wasted and spent rightly.

#5. Make sure that everything loads faster and quick

Quick load times is one of the important criteria that can give your website an upper hand. When a website fails to load instantly, it may lead to an irritated customer/user.

Don’t use the prevalent technologies like flash, or the other plugins just because they are in. Make use of a tool that complements your purpose and objective.

#6. Mobile landing page optimization

Make sure that your customer knows where to click and where to get relevant information. Resist the urge to fill the white page with every possible information and content. It will only make the image-heavy text more and the overall landing page difficult to load.

#7. Research your competitors

Like any realm of interest, checking out what your competitor is doing and knowing can only be beneficial. What if they have hands on the latest technology or tool? What if you both have the same designs and still he draws a bigger crowd? Give attention to every detail and word and make it count.


If desktop landing pages are resumes or CVs then the mobile landing page can be your quick elevator pitch. And, if you want to be heard or seen, make sure that you make every second count.

Your mobile landing page should be persuasive enough and not harsh in the face of the customers. The aforementioned tips and advice can help you to create an awesome mobile landing page.

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