How A Logo Designer Should Review his Evolution at The End of The Year

Yearly, Bill Gates writes a letter for everyone on this planet that is interested in how the humanity evolved in the precedent year. In 2013 he stated that measuring progress is in fact the base of progress itself and any individual must treat this subject with maximum attention. The conclusion is obvious and at the same time very important: none can have an objective opinion without feedback!

This principle is valid for any individual and for logo design community it seems even more important! Therefore, every designer should try implementing their methods of measuring progress as soon as possible. Determining the progresses made across time is as registering the temperatures: you may say that is cold or warm outside, but without a thermometer is impossible to correctly determine the temperature.

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The end or the beginning of the year is the best moment of having a complete overview over the yearly evolution and we strongly recommend doing it. Clearly, everyone has his own review methods and a general solution won’t be ever determined. Still, yearly personal reviews of the designers have many common features and it may be sketched a draft that works for the most of us. We consider very important this personal evaluation and we want to share with our readers the fundaments of this activity. Once again, we emphasize that it might not be efficient for everyone, but it’s capital at least to try realizing an overview judgment over the past year activity.

#1. Evaluate the degree of reaching the objectives and the checkpoints established last year

The most important part of this evolution review is the evaluation of how the previous objectives were reached. This won’t take much time if it was correctly determined the last year objectives. It’s simple, last year you wrote on a paper the objectives and at the beginning of the current year is determined the degree of accomplishing. The most complex objectives may have set up checkpoints for a better efficiency.

#2. Make an analysis of the past accomplished projects

In order to have a quality personal evaluation is very important to study how the design skills evolved in the last year. One of the best methods is to study the previous projects. Of course, it implies to have stored them, but I think that the huge majority of the designers have done it!

At this moment, you must be extremely critical and inspect any pixel; write down the positive/negative aspects and finally, take a commitment to yourself to correct the mistakes in the next upcoming projects.

#3. Study the financial evolution

95% of the designers have a strong passion for design, but we must accept that money is important and all of us must pay bills. A responsible designer will periodically check the income structure and value and at the end/beginning of the year he will extract the best conclusions to get more money. Many people consider that is enough to work hard to get more money, which is true, but sometimes is required to work smart. Definitely, checking your financial evolution is mandatory!

#4. Determine the new objectives and checkpoints

Once the previous activities were finished, the designer has a better idea about his evolution and it’s in a good position to determine the new objectives for the current year. These must be superior to the precedent ones- in fact, it’s the essence of progress, but they must be reasonable. i.e., if you propose yourself to become the best Adobe Photoshop user, then it’s a high chance to miss this objective. It’s important to have a very balanced report between expectations and possibilities. Having low expectations means a slow progress while too high ones will transform the year into a total disappointment.

#5. Set up new financial challenges

The same as the career objectives, setting new financial expectations is capital. Having a better income isn’t a precise progress indicator, but clearly, a good designer is paid better. More money means fewer worries regarding the bills to be paid and the designer may fully focus on his work.

#6. Make a complete analysis of the web design state

The web evolves and the main “guilty ones” are the designers. Willing or not, the web evolution growth rate is higher and higher and it’s enough for some months not to consult a blog or other information sources in order to turn into an outdated designer. Under these circumstances it’s mandatory to make a proper analysis of the web state and determine which elements will have a strong influence on short and medium time perspective.

#7. Establish a clear strategy of self-preparation

Nowadays, self-preparation is perhaps more important than the completed studies. The theoretical knowledge learned in school is instantly outdated because web evolves. The best remedy against this “illness” is to be merely prepared to learn. A strong analyse of the web design state is the best fundament for an efficient strategy of self-preparation. Shortly, if you want to survive, then learn everything that is new!

#8. Think big and be positive

Personally, I consider the beginning of the year as a new restart- study the past, extract conclusions and forget everything bad to may enjoy the present and prepare for the future. To have a good „restart” is recommended to think optimistically and not to be afraid of asking for more from you.

Many people will disregard this advice, but it is a great mistake. A good mood of a designer is a better tool than the most efficient software. In conclusion, think big and don’t let other exterior factors to demotivate yourself.

I hope that this article will help any designer to make better decisions regarding his career and to objectively judge the own evolution. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how someone is appreciating his work, the most important is to learn from the mistakes and try all the best in the all upcoming projects!

– Written by Daniel –

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