Leveraging Your Social Media Marketing (SMM) with 10 Easy Ways

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Companies are creating profiles to follow the trend of social online media. The sole objective is engaging the customers and creating awareness about the brand. Social media marketing is a phenomenal marketing channel for businesses. It also helps to learn more about the consumer’s satisfaction with the brand’s products and services. Social media profiles are integrated into Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies to work effectively to achieve the SMM goals.

Social Media Marketing Tips

While setting up and managing these social media profiles not much attention is paid to the means by which the SMM efforts can be leveraged. The alternatives are unending, but the following tips might help in getting started.

  1. Consistency in branding helps in instant consumer acknowledgement and builds awareness among those new to your brand.
  2. Advertise the social media profiles in all promotional materials viz., business cards, calendars, digital signage, billboards, newspaper, magazine and advertisements.
  3. Get a proficient website designer and invest in getting your website, brand design and esthetic integrated into your social media profiles (e.g. a custom landing page on your Facebook page).
  4. Adding social sharing icons to your website with a variety of choices to choose from helps your product and brand reach an even wider audience tactfully.
  5. Cross platform tools such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck helps in managing and publishing updates across all other online profiles at once. Using automated updates could cause you to lose the customer interest. We recommend using the platforms sparingly. If you wish to nurture and promote reciprocal communication with your social media audience, use personalized updates. That helps in building brand goodwill.
  6. Cater to the commonly asked questions on your social media sites in your website in a FAQ Tab to resolve the common queries. Display your social media news feeds and updates in your website to promote your brand and make all information available at one place.
  7. Build relations with already established SMM groups and take active part in the conversations among others in the industry.
  8. Build goodwill among visitors and your brand frequenters by following simple measures like resolving queries in a timely manner with customized updates. “Word of mouth” is not just an offline affair but also has potential impact among the internet users.
  9. Multimedia websites like YouTube and Flickr can provide excellent marketing opportunities to reach out to a broader audience however are somewhat complicated for many businesses to perform regularly.
  10. “Just showing up is half the battle.” Too many people set up multiple accounts of their business across the social networks and let them languish. Consumers give up after a while when no new content is seen over a period. A “dead” page is even worse than no paging et al. Dedicate time to commit before you set up a business-oriented profile.

In the beginning, focus on doing well with one or two social media channels primarily, then host more profiles once you get the first one up.

About the Author!

Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on autos that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on mobile phones.

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  1. Navigator Multimedia says

    Great set of tips here. I believe in the power of consistency across all channels, and in starting with keen focus on one or two platforms, before signing up for every possible social media entryway and feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep.
    Thanks again,
    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

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