Quarantine Is Not a Problem: Business Ideas That Works in a Pandemic

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The COVID-19 crisis has shaken up global economies. In response to the pandemic, businesses and governments have taken drastic measures to save human lives. From lockdown to social distancing, these regulations have changed consumer purchasing habits, the economy, and our daily lives. Even in the midst of all this, it’s still possible to start a business right now with potential long-term growth.

11 Business Ideas that Works During Pandemic

Do you want to know how to get business ideas? We’ll take a look at business ideas that can change the world and are worth investing in during these trying times. Let’s get started!

#1. Delivery

Searching for business ideas without money? Try delivery on your bicycle, motorcycle, or car. No longer regarded as an added convenience, the demand for delivery has exploded. Companies, such as Instacart, are doing extremely well mainly because people are staying at home to help flatten the infection curve.

Besides, it’s hard for the vulnerable population to go out to get medicine and food, particularly in areas experiencing a peak or spike in infections. Presently, home delivery has become the norm. One small business idea could be to start a delivery service for essentials (groceries) to meet this need.

#2. Remote Fitness Business Ideas

The closure of gyms and social distancing orders have increased the demand for remote fitness. It is a vast category covering apps for personal training plans, online workouts, and at-home exercise equipment. A lot of health-related news revolves around gaining weight in lockdown and coronavirus deaths related to obesity.

This has spurred an increase in the online search for ‘weight loss.’ Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while sedentary has proven to be a huge challenge for many. Moreover, believers of fitness who follow it religiously are not exactly having the best time of their lives.

With people being stuck at home, you can invest in an app where trainers with different sets of skills can train clients and set goals to attain. You can incorporate various workout patterns to avoid boredom and encourage people to work out during this stressful period.

If you’re a fitness trainer, this is your chance to seize the moment and put your best foot forward. You can help people stay fit and healthy and generate an income in the process through fun and engaging pre-recorded workout videos or live streaming workout sessions.

#3. Consultancy

Are you a skilled consultant stuck at home? Consultancy is an example of business ideas to work from home. You can reap the rewards of sharing your knowledge with others. This may include:

Consultancy Business Idea
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Hosting Webinars

With more people on lockdown or isolation at home, webinars are a welcome distraction. Depending on the services or goods you provide, you can use this platform to share information and capture your audience’s attention.

Business Consultancy

There’s much potential to come up with a tailored program to help business owners deal with the ongoing crisis and educate them on the industry trends.

#4. Repair Services

Even with the lockdown in place, people still need their appliances, PCs, and mobile devices in good working condition. This is one of the perfect business ideas low cost for business ideas entrepreneurs. It would make sense to put your skills to use and open a repair shop. In case of a breakdown or malfunction, someone has to take care of all these devices.

Besides, with most people staying at home, we depend primarily on these appliances to make life easier and do business online, not to mention keeping in touch with our family and friends. And even when money is scarce, people will still find a way to have these items repaired.

#5. Online Clothing

Are you looking for business ideas with low investment? Presentable tops for video conferencing and comfortable wear are all the rage right now. If you’ve always dreamt of opening your own boutique, why not seize this opportunity? Moreover, an online store is way more cost-effective and easier than opening a brick and mortar location. Also, you’ll reach a wider audience, making more sales.

Don’t know which clothes to sell? Sweatshirts and hoodies, for example. In these quarantine times, life at home is the new normal, and comfort is everything. That’s where hoodies and sweatshirts come in. Most people will confess that the ones they own are old with lots of holes, which definitely calls for an upgrade. To stand out from the competition, remember to have a selling point, such as promoting them with a message about looking presentable and staying comfortable even during the self-isolation period.

#6. Education

Education literally ground to a halt to curb community transmission. This, in itself, presents opportunities for startups as they look for ways to revive the education sector and take it back to what it was, if not better.

If you’re a tutor, this is your chance to team up with other tutors or even go solo. You can begin by creating great pre-recorded videos that would be invaluable for homeschooling. There’s a huge percentage of students who are currently having a difficult time with virtual classes. It’s possible to turn this need into a lucrative online business where you offer one-on-one tutoring.

Additionally, students with special needs might not be able to benefit much from their school’s standard online curriculum. Starting an online tutoring business can go a long way in reducing the disparities between the student’s needs and the learning system while equipping them with tools for success.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity to create a collaborative platform, perhaps an app that can allow teachers to join hands. Here, an optimized app would work best as opposed to universal apps such as Zoom.

#7. Cleaning Services

While some may opt to do home cleaning themselves, other cleaning services are still crucial. Even during these challenging economic times, a commercial building has to ensure clean conditions to maintain a hygienic and safe environment. The novel coronavirus has only led to an increase in cleaning services in places with human traffic.

Cleaning Service Business Idea

From airlines to restaurants and office buildings, businesses need now more than ever to show customers they are minimizing the risk of infection and keeping guests and staff as safe as possible. This has already seen a massive surge in spending on cleaning services and equipment. Many people who want to ensure their businesses are clean to prevent the infection risk would rather have someone else deal with it.

#8. Social Media Marketing Agency

Quite a number of businesses have been forced to shut down to help prevent the virus from the spread, while the ones still open have put marketing in the back burner. Yet even in lockdown, many more are looking for alternate solutions. There’s a greater emphasis on online marketing. This is where social media marketing is a lifesaver — it can aid companies to C.

Millions of customers have naturally turned to online purchasing. With so many people quarantined, the use of social media is soaring. If you’re an expert in social media marketing, now is a good time to position yourself appropriately and capitalize on such business ideas and strategies. You can help brands navigate the new marketing landscape COVID has created.

#9. Security Services

Any crisis, including this pandemic, often make individuals feel increasingly desperate and may cause a spike in criminal activity. As such, companies have been pushed to revamp their security to protect their investments, driving the demand for security equipment and guards. With a bit of capital, you can sell security systems.

On the other hand, with the influx of teleworkers, digital security is another area that has expanded. People working from home for the first time might not know how to keep hackers from accessing information. If you’re an expert in digital security searching for business ideas during coronavirus, you can transfer your skills into an online consulting firm. Thus, you will help companies and individuals depending on telecommuting workers.

#10. Website Creation

The Internet has enabled us to become better equipped to sustain ourselves during a crisis than our predecessors. Digitization has offered an avenue that seamlessly substitutes the real-world activities with a virtual world. Since businesses will need a way to reach consumers online, designing websites is a good business idea.

#11. Gaming

Online games are providing the masses with a welcome escape in quarantine. In fact, most people are turning to safe, in-door entertainment. If you’re an avid gamer with a knack for creativity, why not invest in gaming. One major challenge during the pandemic is staying away from family and friends.

Also, there are not many recreational options at home. Multiplayer mobile games distract players from negative thoughts and help them connect with those they care about online. You can develop a new mobile app game or work on an online version of classic titles such as Monopoly or chess. This is one of the many great business ideas for students.

The Bottom Line

Paying attention to customer needs and analyzing market trends is crucial in regards to business ideas to start, especially during these tough economic times. After all, it’s estimated that 14 percent of startups don’t succeed because they do not meet customer needs. Even with quarantine, not all is lost.

The alternatives mentioned above offer consumers practical solutions, ensuring they’ll still be feasible business ideas after lockdown. When all is said and done, the most successful entrepreneurs are nimble and are able to adapt to changes in consumer behavior and the economy.

We’d appreciate your thoughts on these business ideas. Please share them with us in the comment section.

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