Top 15 COVID-19 Digital Marketing Trends to Thrive in These Turbulent Times

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There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed several aspects of your business’s function. Many companies are struggling to stay solvent and survive during the crisis. A lot of them had to declare bankruptcy and shut their doors forever.

While the pandemic presents many challenges, it has also provided a few opportunities. It has exposed the weak spots of several businesses, especially the lack of an online presence. Since most people have shifted to the digital market, companies that had an online presence survived and thrived. So it is evident that an efficient website and digital marketing are the keys to thrive during these turbulent times.

These are a few ways you can seek help from a digital marketing agency to help you prepare and transform your business model.

#1. Switch to Ecommerce

If your business did not have an online presence before the crisis started, now is the time to boost your eCommerce platform. People have shifted to online purchases for all types of goods, including non-essential commodities. Whether you had to close your brick and mortar shop or not, you have to shift to an eCommerce platform to meet the demands.

#2. Lower Your CPC

Most companies, especially small businesses are trying to limit their expenses and avoid advertising. But that can prove detrimental to the brand value. Competitors that are still using digital marketing to their advantage can steal your customers. You can take advantage of the less expensive digital advertising prices to lower your cost per click and cost per lead and stay ahead of your competitors.

#3. Gather and Use Data

Your digital marketing agency can help you in identifying trends and foresee customer behavior through the data obtained. These can be used to guide your marketing and business strategies. You can also use your CRM data and email lists to obtain customer information that can get used for marketing. You can utilize these data by identifying valuable customers and sending them lucrative offers. There are several analytic software available online to gather your website data, such as CTR, average time per session, bounce rate, so on and so forth.

#4. Run PPC Ads

You can use Google and social media to run PPC ads and reach out to your target market. People being stuck at home has increased the global presence on the internet exponentially. Therefore your marketing agency can place PPC ads in strategic places to increase your brand presence. Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google can increase your direct sales as well as website traffic. You can also use PPC ads for digital marketing campaigns and special offers.

#5. Search Engine Optimization

Your marketing agency can guide you to use SEO techniques and improve your ranking on search engines. That can improve your website traffic, which can directly affect your sales, business presence, and brand value. The agency can also help you to publish rich snippets. Featured snippets can come in handy to steal traffic from the number one position on the SERP by outranking them.

#6. Social Media Marketing

Use social media to stay connected with your customers. As we said earlier, people have increased their time on social media, so use your pages to communicate with your customers. It will also help you to focus your marketing towards them.

#7. Use Videos and Video Conferencing

Statistically, people who are stuck indoors are more attracted to video advertising. So use a short video production instead of infographics for your digital marketing. If you provide services that can be accessed remotely, use video conferencing to reach out to customers who cannot come to you. You can also post pre-recorded video tutorials about using your product on your website and social media pages.

#8. Promote According to the Demand

Your digital marketing agency can obtain online data for you related to the demand for your products. For example, household goods, books, and entertainment products have more demand than fashion and lifestyle products. You can use products that have more demand at present to promote your brand. These promotions will make sure that your customers land on your website, and browse through your other products too. These products will also increase your average order value (AOV).

#9. Promote Gift Cards and Vouchers

With most businesses concentrating on digital marketing, you can use mailers for promotions. Customers should be able to redeem these gift cards and vouchers on your website. It will enhance your direct sales and your website traffic while increasing your brand value. You can work with your digital marketing agency to design an effective mailer. Gift cards and vouchers are versatile for every industry. They will also allow you to stay ahead of your customers.

#10. Diversify Your Online Business

Transforming your brick and mortar store into an eCommerce platform might not be enough. Try to also come up with ideas of products and services that can get sold online. Many businesses that added to their products and services reaped the benefits of the lockdown. For example, in India, food delivery giants started delivering groceries, beers, and other alcoholic beverages to thrive.

#11. Create Virtual Showrooms

You can incorporate augmented reality into your web design and create virtual showrooms to help your customers visualize your product. If you are selling lifestyle products like glasses or jewelry, people could use your website to try them virtually. The software uses a customer’s photographs from several angles to create a 3D image so that they can visualize if the product would suit them.

#12. Automate as Much as Possible

Marketing agencies can help businesses cut their costs by automating several aspects that can get accomplished without human intervention. You can use chatbots for general customer service and reduce the number of representatives. You can also use auto-responses for your social media pages and handles.

#13. Go Pro-Bono

The economic crisis during the pandemic has affected a lot of people. You can take part in a charity through your website, or start one yourself. These activities can create a lot of goodwill that can add to your assets.

#14. Build a Customer Database

If you had not done this before, ask your marketing agency to help you start building a customer database. You can use the database for offers and promotions.

#15. Use Free Tools

Several marketing agencies are providing their customers with free tools that can be used to advertise and manage a business online.

Final Words

The COVID-19 pandemic can be useful for the digital foundations of your business that can be beneficial for years to come. So seek help from your digital marketing agency and use this time wisely to strengthen your online presence. It is the global future of all businesses.

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