The Influential Role of VPN in a Post-Pandemic Digital Marketplace

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The pandemic changed many things across the world. It largely affected how businesses carried out their day-to-day operations. Before the pandemic hit globally, the existence of VPNs was doubted by many experts and is now considered among critical cybersecurity strategies.

However, this changed during the Covid-19 times when almost every remote worker was using a VPN for performing his or her job.

How has the Pandemic made the use of VPNs a necessity?

With the recent enormous rise in cyber crimes, the market pertaining to cybersecurity is anticipated to accelerate by $300 billion in the year of 2024.

VPNs became lifelines for employees and people who worked from their homes during the times of the pandemic. The coronavirus impacted the workplaces greatly as office workers had to migrate from their office environments to a work-from-environment.

It was a huge dilemma back then as organizations had no choice but to support workers to work from home.

This was a huge challenge for companies as working from home meant that workers would use their mobile devices and computers to access corporate resources.

This would pose a security threat for employers. A VPN came in handy in such a time as it uses a fat client model to create a protected tunnel from the client device to the corporate network.

The Drastic Surge in VPN Usage

The Drastic Surge in VPN Usage
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The Covid-19 impacted the digital space highly. As people started to work from home or remotely, the companies faced a new dilemma which was cyber threats.

Organizations and businesses were in dire need of solutions in terms of protection against these threats. This increased the usage of VPNs.

Among all the tools, a VPN was considered as an easy and budget-friendly security measure that any business could take, whether big or small.

Employees and employers both choose among the various best cheap dedicated IP VPNs for protecting their sensitive data.

During the pandemic times, some users turned to using a VPN service for medical breakthroughs, remedies and virus fluctuations as there were uncountable blocks and geo-restrictions for highly surveillance countries.

But the use of VPNs was greatly essential for employees who had no choice but to work from home. Where work was essential so was the online security for which a VPN was used.

The online security reinforcements during and after the pandemic hiked up the VPN requirement. The pandemic ended, but the remote work culture did not.

People became so used to the new norms that it has become the new trend nowadays. Like said earlier, covid-19 changed a lot across the globe and one of those is the working culture around the world.

Some people like this new culture of working remotely whereas others miss their office environment. Both the cultures have brought about a new working trend which is hybrid working.

Employers and employees are quite happy with this new trend and some experts say that this trend is showing efficiency in workers’ overall output. However, it has brought about great challenges in the department of safety and security.

There are a lot of phishing attempts, malware attacks and viruses which are trying to trick remote workers as well as other staff members around the world. People are robbed of their sensitive data, personal details, bank account details etc which is causing a lot of havoc.

This is when a VPN plays its role. Earlier, people assumed that a Virtual Private Network is only used for entertainment like gaming or unblocking a streaming service etc. But now it is evident that a VPN has much more uses than just letting you get entertained.

Reasons Why A VPN is Important in the Digital Marketplace

Everything is digitized which has everyone and everything under cyber threat. In the digital marketplace, you do not know which website is safe to browse and which is not.

There might be a website that you are browsing used as a front by identity thieves, malicious actors and privacy abusers.

So to avoid such threats, a convenient and easy protection shield is to use VPN service. It will keep your privacy safe and identity protected while you can surf the internet freely.

Reasons Why A VPN is Important in the Digital Marketplace
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A VPN has many more benefits which are why there is an increase in its usage. Here are some reasons why a VPN is essential in this digitized era:

1. Bypass Censorship

It is a fact that the internet has become a part of our everyday rituals. However, it is also a reality that it is not the same everywhere. The content available on the internet is different in every region.

For example, Netflix shows different content around the world. In the same way, the government restrictions are also different everywhere. In such scenarios, it might get difficult to bypass censorship.

Apart from entertainment, if there is any business-related browsing that you want to proceed with and there is a government restriction on it then it might lead you to a heavy loss.

A VPN in such a circumstance would become a problem solver and give you the freedom that you want on the internet.

2. Data and Identity Protection

In today’s time, protecting and safeguarding your identity and data should be the utmost priority. A VPN in this case helps in securing your data and identity both by data encryption.

Malicious attackers cannot see your identity because of the encryption and you are able to browse carefully on the internet.

3. Protection from Government Surveillance

This may sound a little scary but our governments are keeping track of all our activities on the internet.

This includes which websites we are visiting, what is present in our emails and what we are browsing on the internet. Our government not only tracks all our activities but it also records our activity on their databases.

They claim they are doing this for our benefit. However, many of us do not want our activities to be tracked which is why you can use a VPN and keep your online activity private.

Not only will it keep your activity private from the government but it will also help you stay away from cyber criminals.

4. Geo-Restricted Content Access

Many entertainment platforms have restricted their content in different countries. However, this doesn’t only apply to entertainment, there are many research websites, educational platforms and shopping websites that have geo-restricted content.

By using a VPN service, you can access all such content. A VPN will route the traffic through a server that is not located in your country.

With a VPN, you will not only be able to have geo-restricted content access but also keep your data private at the same time.

5. Safety and Protection on Public Networks

People who have jobs that require a lot of traveling need access to the internet 24/7. They would need to stay online for both professional as well as personal reasons.

Although, the internet is now easy to find in public places. However, there are so many security threats that are associated with them.

We often use public Wi-Fi without the awareness of such cyber threats. A VPN makes this process easy for you by giving you protection against cyber threats. Now you can use public Wi-Fi without worrying about security.


The digital marketplace is full of malware, phishing and various types of cyber attacks. The increase in online work and activities during and after the pandemic has led to a surge in cyber criminals and cyber attacks which is why protection and security measures need to be taken.

A VPN is an easy and accessible service that employers and employees can use for their own benefit.

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