The Secret Why People Follow Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is increasingly favored by everyone, especially Facebook and Twitter. Almost every activity, what they feel or what they want will they publish on social media, not least there is a reason why they chose a brand in social media to follow. As a brand in social media actors we should understand some of the underlying reasons why the fans want to follow a brand. As said by Mr. Tony Fannin: “The common accepted mantra of the social media and digital platforms is “open”. Your ecosystem should be open and free to all. This is an effective strategy when your goal is to get mass numbers of users”. (Source!)

You as an actors have to open up a brand for every type of costumer who follow your brand, with a variety of underlying reasons for people to follow a brand you have to understand what they want and what they are looking for. The following are the underlying reasons costumers follow a brand on social media:

#1. Looking for special offer

Please check the infographic: Top Reasons Why People Follow Brands on Facebook. by Get Satisfaction and Column Five Media

They said: “36.9% of Facebook users and 43.5% of Twitter users said they connect with brands using social media to stay in the loop on special offers”.
It is the first reason why people wants to follow brands in social media, also inside the infographic given the data that almost 50% of social media users want to stay connected with the brand as well as special offer provided by the brand. It could also mean coupon, discount or promo price for a brand new product. As shown below, papa jhons pizza offering price of pizza and special offers directly commented by his fans by saying that he immediately place an order for the pizza. It proved how effective social media to introduce the latest news delivered to your product.

Social Media Secret

Lesson for marketing: As an actor in social media marketing you should occasionally give special offer for your customers to keep your fans still follow your brand on social media. It is undeniable that the marketing strategy of special offer is the most effective strategy that can not be rejected by costumers.

#2. Need to get support about product

There are several products that require use instructions or tips on how to use a product. As the example image below, post by app store about the new game and get responses from fans who have long been expecting a new edition of the game. With a brand they follow the fans expect an explanation of the product information they need.

Social Media Secret

Lesson for marketing: Give your fans description information of the product launches in social media, even more so if your products are electronic products, games, or applications.

#3. One way to show loyalty

There are several products that he was already many years, call it coca cola was established in 1944, Louis Vuitton established since 1854 or Rolex there since 1919, would have customers who love their brand for generations.

Then in early 2000 we still do not know today as social media, the emergence of social media spoiling us make it easier to get information from the product, event until the technological development of a brand makes costumers who have used a particular brand for a long time of course will follow their favorite brand. As we can see on Facebook owned by Rolex, posting the newest product at there are fans who love the design watch with commenting there will still like Rolex as the first and last love.

Social Media Secret

Lesson for marketing: Give a reward for your old fans, of course this will make them feel close and valued by you.

#4. For entertainment and education

Each costumer must not only follow a brand on social media without any reason, that we often encounter is that they follow a brand with a reason to get a new science or a new entertainment that they can enjoy while opening their own social media accounts.

Just as the example image below belongs to cotton on kids that give tips on how to make a toy rabbit out of fabric, so help your fans, especially the young mothers who want to create a new toy for his son. Obviously this is very useful for fans that follow cotton on kids. Meanwhile, let’s look for entertainment Facebook fans page belongs to harry potter movie that put pictures James potter, harry potter movie fans certainly love to get entertainment and information that day James potter birthday, looks how so much comment that discussed the picture isn’t?

Social Media Secret

Social Media Secret

Lesson for marketing: Besides product promo your fans also need a new science and entertainment around your product, give an interesting post about this so your fans will not feel bored.

#5. Want to show to their friend that they like you

At this time nearly all the tendency of people each doing a certain activity will do publish news in social media, and there are some among the fans who are indirectly like a brand to demonstrate to his theme that he likes your product, let us look at the example image below. Pepsi owned Twitter account has Tweets from fans that link the name of his friend by the name of Pepsi-owned Twitter, where he explained that he was at home with half Pepsi, indirectly, he pointed out to his friend that his favorite was Pepsi.

Social Media Secret

Lesson for marketing: Make the comment section or the freedom to make your fans tweet in your own social accounts; it will indirectly help you to promote your brand through word of mouth.

#6. Have strong motives

Some people who follow a brand on social media with the specific reason. We can be certain that they all intend to do something with the knowledge they’re accumulating. The knowledge obtained from the fans of the brand can also learn the marketing strategy of the brand or they can also use your brand wall to promote a product. As the example image below, post Samsung’s latest product in use by one of her fans to promote its products.

Social Media Secret

Lesson for marketing: Use this fact as a filter for what you share. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself. ake your updates and content as effective as possible. Measure what works, and create guidelines or a framework for your social media team that outlines what type of content gets the most return.


Each costumer behavior has a certain base their actions in dealing with a brand that they find interesting, fun or useful to their lives. By studying costumer behavior is expected you as actors will perform brand can implement proven strategies that can attract the attention and their hearts.

How about you, do you have another secrets? Please share with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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