6 Creative Ways To Say Thanks to Your Twitter Follower from Top Brands

Sometimes business activities like doing the production, promotion and sales makes you forget to say thank you to follower who has faithfully followed the progress of your updates on social media.

As well as Twitter where followers give you some sort of value for the popularity of your brand, this can be seen clearly when more people follow, your Twitter account will become a top brand. The followers who make you become popular certainly require more attention from you right? Even the top brand that goes into the top 100 brands with the most followers still had time to say thank you to the followers. That’s why I took the idea of this article that I took from the top brand with branding lesson – the creative ways to say thank you on Twitter.

#1: Follow back the user

Never can stop to talk about marketing strategies by Coca-Cola, almost in every social media Coca-Cola has always become a top 100 most influential brand. Me self really admire what Coca-Cola do in his marketing campaign to win the satisfaction of consumers. As he did this time to say thank you to their follower, by tweet directly with an expression of happiness after follow back the consumer. This is a form of gratitude that will be very meaningful to the follower.

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

Lesson: Respect followers who follow you to follow back by an happily expression with directly message to the follower, it will make them feel more appreciated.

#2: Re tweet the user tweet

There are times where consumers want to engage in activities that you update on Twitter. Like the example image below, is a Twitter account belongs to KFC, Honda and Samsung who get comment directly about the product on Twitter. Any kinds comments such as compliments or suggestions to brands certainly deserves to be appreciated. A form of gratitude to the owner of brands for their follower is by Re-tweet comments from the consumers, this Re-tweet will appear on the homepage owned by KFC, Samsung and Honda so follower can see it easily that his or her post is get attention.

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

Lesson: simple action to thank consumers are by Re-tweet any kinds of tweet who talking about compliment or positive suggestion. This RT will make your follower feel that his or her opinion is appreciated by your brand.

#3: Two way talk with user

Social media is not just a medium to share the products, a variety of excitement or only share information. As performed by Subway in his Twitter account below, where there are consumers who complained of wood chips in his food, subway Twitter account in here is like embodiment of customer service that provides a solution with two-way communication as seen in the example image below. Two-way communication allows you to express real concern and gratitude to follower for the complained.

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

Lesson: With two-way communication can help avoid misunderstandings between the owners and consumer brands.

#4: Make personal tweet for the user

As usual I often see a lot of posts on Twitter are offering a new product, an invitation to attend an event and promo discounts end- year, but I have rarely seen a brand that performs exclusively for personal tweet follower as a thank you for presenting a work-related with its products.

Now try to see the example image below where KFC has been using Twitter to do a personal tweet to thank the followers who had offered the song that became the true Kentucky original. Surely this makes KFC get sympathy of all follower, let’s take a look as well as a thank you from that follower and so many followers who re-tweet and also favorites it.

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

Lesson: Give special time to tweet personally to your followers to make them feel important.

#5: Link to their blog post

At this moment Instagram Twitter account has entered into the top 10 must followed. What you can learn from that done by instagram is he did tweet with link to a personal blog owned his followers. Of course for followers who his link shared by instagram will fell helpful his photos that have been update on his blog can be seen by many people. This is different kind a form of gratitude say thank you to his follower by share link his follower blog with their personal photos as you can see in the example image below.

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

Lesson: Visit and share links your followers to make them fell closer to you.

#6: Comment on the user tweet

Have you ever encountered followers to tweet directly to your brand? Please do not ignore this, because the follower tweets can be utilized as a medium to say thank you directly to them. As did the pizza hut in the example image below who thanked the comment about its products with a sufficient answer humorous and friendly

How To say Thanks Twitter Follower

Lesson: Use a personal touch with a friendly style and recite it directly to your customers.


Consumers are our most important asset in doing business; included top brands that already have a lot of followers still fell the importance of the follower by maintained a good relationship with them. Of the six simple lessons above, I expected you can get bussiness lesson to begin say thank to your customers in busy schedules.

What do you think? Is that lessons from a top brand above is pretty simple and easy to do? Please share your comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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