5 Creative Ways to Say Thanks to Your Twitter Follower from Top Brands – Part II

Sometimes say thank you is not an easy thing to do, especially for brands that already have a follower on Twitter sometimes difficult to say thanks with creative ways that could attract the attention of the follower.

Sometimes say thank you is what you do with the right message by quite simple way and it will be worthwhile for someone. With all facilities that Twitter have it will makes that way become more easy to do.

Previously I have written the 6 creative ways from top brands how they say thanks on Twitter and today I will present another five creative ways of the well-known brands that have done thank you to their Twitter follower. And here their ways that you can learn:

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#1: Give a chance follower to share personal photo

A kinds of ways that you can use when say thank you does not always have to be said directly to your customers. In this case I cite Twitter belongs to BMW, Nokia and Volkswagen who using the same way to say thank you to the follower by giving them the opportunity to share their personal photos while using the brand’s products.
This method is quite attractive for followers to more share they personal photo with they favourite product.

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Lesson: By invites the follower to share their personal photos, it will make your follower enthusiastic to participate fill your Twitter page with their photos.

#2: Say thank you directly when follower give you donation

Sometimes the follower will not only help you to achieve success become the top brand, but also they sometimes help you to achieve a certain goal that you are held. Like the example below belongs to Mc Donald’s and Volkswagen that held fundraising for donations. The follower on Twitter have helped the brands to raise funds, after the desired funds collected then directly Volkswagen and Mc Donald’s posting it via Twitter to say thank you for the concern of the follower.

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Lesson: Thank you tweet directly to the personal follower when has helped you to do something.

#3: Follower grateful when do order

Creative way to say thank you here’s a when follower place an order a product. This can be utilized to say thank you on Twitter. As you can see in the example image below belongs to domino’s pizza that has gave special thank to his follower directly with links follower name with accompanied by a picture happy workers who have made the pizza order.

Twitter Tips

Lesson: Appreciate your customers to say thank you to them on Twitter who has made ordering your product.

#4: Comment when visit followers blog

Twitter follower who follows you sometimes has official blog, there are times when you should visit your follower blog and tweet by linking your follower blog. This can be seen as an example of Panasonic corps Twitter below, who had comments the follower blog after visiting blogs that are talking about Panasonic product. In the tweet Panasonic expressed joy about the contents of the blog belong to YouTube discussing the “lighting plans”.

Twitter Tips

Lesson: Visit the blog follower who were discussing about your product, make a comment by link the blog in your official Twitter.

#5: Celebrate the achievement of the highest number of followers

It is undeniable the fame of a brand on Twitter measured with an exact figure, this is a number of followers who follow the brand. More higher the follower of a brand, thean more popular the brand anyway. The highest achievement of a course will be an important role of the loyal fans. Surely it is not wrong, if you should celebrate it, as you can see below belongs to KFC which celebrates the 250k number of followers on Twitter by giving a prize for the winner with the following quiz.

A gift presented by KFC is presented to gratitude for the achievement of the highest follower numbers belonging KFC.

Twitter Tips

Lesson: Celebrate the success of achieving the highest number of followers to your Twitter by giving gifts directly to the follower.


At the moment thank follower on Twitter sometimes not only spoken directly, but there are also other ways that act to express gratitude for your follower. Of the five methods above is another way in the form of action to say thank you to the followers who have helped the brands to reach a particular goal. I Expected examples above of well-known companies will help you to express your gratitude to your follower who has made you become as a popular brands on Twitter.

What do you think? Whether there are other ways that you can do to say thank you? Please share with us in the comment below.

– Written by Ratih –

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