Six Great Tips to Attract Followers on Twitter

Twitter is still a very dilemmatic social network even if it was launched in the mid of 2006. Many Internet users are considering that this social network is at its sunset, it has nothing new from what Facebook is merely doing. Others are very content with Twitter because it helps a lot in finding out new information and they praise the kudos of the network. Altogether, this situation is normal: none may satisfy the tastes of each people on this planet. In addition of that, many people are comparing Twitter with Facebook which is completely wrong. Facebook is a social network with a specific, but extremely large public target, when Twitter has another segment of population as main target.

Willing or not, Twitter is here, many people use this network, therefore it’s highly recommended to give a try…you never know. The essence of it is to use only 140 characters messages and share these with other people- the followers. Also, any account owner is free to follow other accounts. An account owner that provides useful information will be followed by many others while one that rarely offers an irrelevant tweet is hard to believe that will be interesting for someone. In conclusion, having many followers is a sign that you are appreciated and people will become interested in what you are saying. Some Twitter lovers go to the extremity and they resumed their activity only to have more followers. It’s very good to have a good reputation on Twitter, but having artificial, spam or false followers is one of the deadliest mistake.

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Fortunately, there are many modalities to convince people that you deserve to be followed and, in order to gain more followers, I created here a list of the best six tips.

#1. Offer to followers only important information and relevant advice

The information is travelling very fast online and Twitter is a real boost. You should know that many events were highly debated on Twitter before news television announcing these. In order to get more followers, you shouldn’t create complex schemas or read tons of books about…the solution is simple: offer only good information. Your followers will recommend you to others and so on. Getting new followers isn’t about respecting a linear algorithm; usually the number of them is growing according to the avalanche effect!

Other people ask for help using Twitter. Take this example: what would you do, in eventuality of asking for help, when someone offers you a tweet containing a good advice…wouldn’t you follow him? The conclusion is simple: help people and they will become interested in what you tweet.

#2. Study the state of followers to reach the best audience

Let’s suppose that you are tweeting only the best information but your followers aren’t able to reach these due to various reasons (too many tweets in timeline, various time zones). The good news is that anyone interested about his Twitter account may use the services of applications that present the best intervals to tweet in order to have the best audience. It’s very important to offer information when people need it and not when they are offline. Also, there are many applications that offer a complete analysis of the followers; personally I use it //no-follow link- it is just an example//, but you may use whatever you want.

#3. Let people know that you are human and you care about your Twitter presence

Twitter offers some possibilities of account customization- a part of the users agree with these while others want more. No matter the situation, if you care about the number of followers, then the account must be personalized and let people know who you are.

Firstly, anyone has a small bio and thumbnail to present himself- definitely, it must be used to say what is most important about the account owner. Secondly, it is the background- Twitter offers some wonderful templates but you are free to use your own. Thirdly, but not lastly, everyone is free to customize the header, similar to Facebook (of course, the dimensions are different).

Once you use all the above elements, other Twitter users will consider that you care about your account and it’s a high chance of providing good information. The conclusion is simple: people will follow you!

#4. Don’t be afraid of following other people

The most self-conceited people consider that following someone is as a subordination relationship. Accordingly, they follow very few people (if they do that). Totally wrong!

Following someone is a consequence of his tweets and nothing more. Of course, you may follow your preferred sportsmen or actors but it is another aspect. My personal advice is to let down any useless pride and start following the accounts that seem interesting. Across time you may unfollow these accounts that don’t offer interesting tweets.

#5. Don’t purchase other followers

Another result of an excessive pride is the purchase of followers. I am embarrassed by the idea that some people, just to have a higher number of followers, buy some fake accounts. These accounts are useless, don’t have any tweet and follow tons of other Twitter users. Well, how could someone interact with his “followers” that are nothing more than a new method of spam? The prices are very low, but you should never try these methods. Other companies praise themselves that they may double in just a week your Twitter followers. I am very in doubt about these possibilities…the single real booster is the quality of tweets!

#6. Study the evolution of your account

The latest tip is very logic but in spite of that, few people responsively do it. The study of the account is capital and I highly recommend doing it. It’s very important to know which kind of tweets attract more followers and which are the domains that seem to be interesting for people. The plain study is welcomed but without action is useless, so you should apply in practice what you learn.

In the end I hope that the above tips will help anyone having a better Twitter reputation and of course, more followers. Do you have a special power/magic trick to attract more followers? Please don’t be close-fisted and share with us these. Also, don’t forget to share the article via Twitter!

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