10 Tips To Improve your eBay Store Design

Amidst 19 million eBay sellers, how will you make a mark on eBay? How will you make your online presence and get the recognition needed for eCommerce success?

The answer is simple: by uniquely designing and creating an eBay storefront.

A well-designed store on the marketplace helps you set up your online presence as a dependable brand, stand apart from the competitors, and attract potential customers, further creating an exceptional business image that does wonders.

For sellers vying for success on eBay, putting a lot of effort into designing their eBay store is imperative. Here’s why that’s so and how you can design an eBay storefront to attract good ROI.

In the article:

  • Why Is An eBay Store So Critical For Sellers?
  • Benefits Of Setting Up An eBay Store
  • The Process Of Setting Up An eBay Store
  • The Best Tips To Design An eBay Store That Stands Out
  • eBay Storefront Designing Dos & Don’ts
  • eBay Store Design Is An Investment
  • Final Thoughts

Why Is An eBay Store So Critical For Sellers?

Designing an eBay store becomes a necessity with time.

With the brand growth and expansion, especially when listing over 200-250 items, setting up an eBay store with a unique design and UI becomes necessary.

The reason is that it gives you a centralized space in the marketplace- where shoppers can find all the products you have to offer. Moreover, it provides sellers with numerous benefits.

  • Increase Product Exposure
  • Win Repeat Customers
  • Save Money
  • Less Competition
  • Increased Credibility
  • Personalized URL

Benefits Of Setting Up An eBay Store

Designing and setting up an eBay store helps you scale up your business manifolds.

  • With eBay store subscriptions, you can access the latest tools and features that ensure efficient business management.
  • An eBay Store allows you to sell all your products from a centralized location on the marketplace by assembling all your listings.
  • A store subscription gives numerous additional benefits; for example, sellers get free or discounted monthly listings.

The Process Of Setting Up An eBay Store

If you already have a running eBay business, choose a subscription that suits your business requirements. However, if you are planning to start your eCommerce journey on eBay, sign up for a seller account first.

1. Sign up for an eBay seller account

Firstly, get an eBay seller account. You’ll get two account options when you sign up: business and personal. To select the best-suited option for your business, consider going through the comparative guide and gaining insights into it.

2. Select the best subscription for your eBay Store

Once you have an eBay account, the next is to select a subscription needed for the selling process. eBay offers numerous subscription options, which you can choose based on your business requirements.

Here’s a quick process:

  1. Select Your eBay Store Name – You can select your user name or any unique name for this purpose. The best recommendation is select a name that looks professional and best describes your store. For example, a car hub is better than car1027.
  2. Customize Your eBay Store Design – Make your store design stand out by adding unique design elements like your logo, billboard, and featured products.
  3. Set Up Store Categories – Categorization will make it easier for customers to navigate your store. Also, reducing the risk of clicking away because of not finding the product they want.
  4. Make It live – Do not focus on perfection. Set up your eBay store in draft mode and preview before making it live to ensure it’s functioning right. You can update your store later once it’s live.

The Best Tips To Design An eBay Store That Stands Out

Tips Design Stand Out eBay Store
Illustration by Josh Giblette via Dribbble

#1. Header Image

The header image gets displayed on top of your eBay store. It is placed to give the brand a professional look and attract potential customers.

Thus, to make your eBay store look exceptional, add an enthralling header image with a tuneful brand tagline that perfectly describes your brand.

Based on eBay standards, the recommended banner image size is 1200×270 pixels. Ensure sticking to the standards; else, it may cause trouble displaying your banner image.

#2. Store Story

Make a separate space to tell shoppers a story that describes your eBay store.

The eBay store story and meta title should be engaging and must connect with the shoppers. For this, showcase your business’s unique points and what shoppers can expect from your listings. In this section, you can use keywords to get more clicks and boost eBay SERP.

#3. Brand Logo

Your brand logo reflects your company’s values, mission, vision, and identity. Based on standards, the recommended size for the eBay store brand logo is 310×90 pixels; ensure sticking to it for better presentation.

If you are not a pro, hire a designer to help create a unique brand logo for your store that makes you stand out from the rest.

#4. Search Box

eBay gives all the store owners a unique search box feature that allows shoppers to locate the products directly they wish to buy, minimizing the search duration on your eBay store.

#5. Follow Button

The ‘follow button’ is also a critical part that one must consider while designing eBay stores. The option lets your buyers stay updated with your store’s ongoing processes through notifications.

#6. Highlighted Products

The highlighted product list is what you can add to your eStore designs to put lights on specific product categories. The list will be placed above your “all product list,” where your store description and tag line end.

While designing your eBay storefront, make space to highlight specific product categories or best-sellers to drive better sales.

#7. Use HTML Coding

Not all browsers recognize JavaScript, Flash, and other programming languages. Thus, eBay asks sellers to refrain from using such languages while designing the eBay store.

The only recommendation is that you include HTML CSS-based tabs. It is a simple programming language with no loading or compatibility complications.

#8. Product Categories

When designing an eBay store, use a marketplace feature, ‘custom shop categories’, to display products according to your preference. The marketplace allows 300+ custom categories that require no standards.

To create custom product categories, login to your eBay account, go to manage my shop, then to shop categories. Click on add category and create a custom one.

#9. Unique Selling Propositions

What makes your eCommerce business stand apart is your products and impeccable service. But, what makes shoppers loyal to you and buy from you every time over others selling similar product categories?

The answer is your distinctive USPs. It can either be no extra shipping charges, customer-focused policies like 1-month return, easy return, refund, or exchange, or business policies that set your eBay store apart from others.

Ensure mentioning all your USPs in your designs so potential shoppers can quickly notice it.

#10. Exceptional Space Usage

A simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate storefront engages better, resulting in improved sales and profits. Thus, design your eBay storefront simply by making the most of the space.

For this, do not overstuff textual content into little spaces. It can annoy shoppers, resulting in the closing of your product listing.

eBay Storefront Designing Dos & Don’ts

There are some crucial points sellers must remember when designing an eBay storefront. The color compatibility, text fonts, layers, brand name & logo spacing, banners, content, and images can make or break your eBay business in the long run if not done aptly.

 icon-angle-right Dos

  • Choose compatible and attractive colors for the eBay storefront.
  • Ensure all the product images have the same background.
  • Highlight best-selling products on the top of the lists.
  • Place product listings on top of the store page. It’ll help shoppers directly see the products when visiting your store.
  • Use a professional brand Logo and tuneful tagline for an enduring impact.
  • Ensure adding content that describes what you sell throughout the eBay store. For this, you can hire professional eBay product listing services.

 icon-angle-right Don’ts

  • Do not leave blank space through the eBay storefront.
  • Avoid using black or white as a store background color. It doesn’t feel soothing to the eyes and even makes it difficult for shoppers to navigate.
  • Try to avoid using radiant colors.
  • Avoid adding elements that can affect page load speed.

eBay Store Design Is An Investment

An eBay store design is an investment for your eCommerce business. While all you have to do is to take a subscription and launch products, an unsystematic approach won’t get you the effective results you desire.

Give dedicated time and effort to designing your eBay storefront, and you’ll set up a converting foundation for your eBay business.

Final Thoughts

eBay allows you to establish yourself as a brand and gain credibility among buyers. But for this, you must select the best-suited eBay store subscription and design an exceptional storefront.

However, creating a storefront isn’t easy- it is a hurdle that can often be managed with the help of expert eBay storefront designers who got the skills to develop enthralling store designs.

Pro Tip: Regardless of your plan to outsource or design your eBay storefront yourself, make sure you know your business ‘wants’ and avoid the little mistakes mentioned in the write-up as they can draw your shoppers away.

Summary: Do you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level? Do you want to list more products, see more sales, and establish your own business on eBay? An eBay store subscription can help you with all that.

This advanced seller plan enables you to expand your eCommerce business and take it to the next level. Moreover, allow you to create your own eBay storefront- necessary for better engagement, sales, and profit.

However, designing an eBay storefront isn’t easy; there are a few points that you must keep in mind. Thus, in this write-up, we’ll share the ten proven eBay storefront designing tips that will help attract your target customers and boost your marketplace presence.

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