12 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Is your business making the most of LinkedIn? LinkedIn serves to be one of the largest and the most active social networking platforms across the globe. It boasts the presence of over 13 million companies leverage the attention of over a billion users from all parts of the globe.

Therefore, your LinkedIn Company Page can help in representing a major opportunity to establish your business as an industry leader while attracting top talent at the same time.

Your LinkedIn Company Page can help in serving as a valuable channel for communicating and engaging with the community. Moreover, the platform keeps releasing new features for the company pages on LinkedIn. This helps to make the given feature an important tool in the brand’s social media marketing campaign.

In case you are not sure about how to make the most of the LinkedIn Company Page, then here are some LinkedIn tips to optimize your business:

Tip #1. Ensure that Profile Information is Accurate

The first key to optimizing the LinkedIn company page is by ensuring that both the page content as well as the respective LinkedIn profile is searchable for the end-users. As such, the users that are widespread across the LinkedIn platform and even outside it can come across the listing of your company. For this, you are required to make sure that your company’s information is accurate as well as up-to-date.

For the LinkedIn company page, you should aim at including vital information like the company’s contact number, website link, email address, and so more.

Also, ensure that the information provided is consistent with your other social channels.

Tip #2. Personalize the URL for LinkedIn Page

All the business-centric company pages, as well as LinkedIn profiles, are delivered LinkedIn URLs that are quite standard. However, you can still look forward to creating a personalized link. There are several advantages of doing the same.

When you do so, it can serve to be an effective way of amplifying your LinkedIn presence. However, if you intend at changing the public URL, then there are some LinkedIn policies that you need to keep in mind. For instance, you are expected to change the link only once in every 30 days. Moreover, the dropped URLs can be available after 365 days for others to claim the same.

Tip #3. Optimize the Content for Search

Optimize the content for search
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As online searchers might come across your LinkedIn profile or page while researching your business on Google, it is recommended that you should optimize the content on the platform for the overall ease of search.

For the same, you should aim at creating both the accompanying page content as well as the overview for telling the story of your brand in a compelling manner. Moreover, you should pay specific attention to the first lines of the overview of the company as this piece of content is going to be initially visible to the visitors.

To optimize the existing content even more, you can also consider including top-quality video content. With a relevant video editor for professional video editing, you can optimize the existing video for optimized results.

Tip #4. Deliver Specialties for Feeding the Algorithm of LinkedIn

The specialties section of the Company Page of LinkedIn helps in presenting the chance to communicate the core strengths of your business in a format that is easily accessible and understandable.

The specialists that you would list on the company page of LinkedIn also tend to be searchable. Therefore, you should aim at adding relevant keywords to the specialties section for helping LinkedIn to direct appropriate traffic to the subsequent page. You can also consider changing or adding specialties to the company page by choosing the “Overview” tab in its edit mode.

Tip #5. Consider Updating the Images

In case you have not updated the background image of your LinkedIn profile or page, it is high time that you should consider doing so. Your LinkedIn page or profile serves to be your individual space. Therefore, you should aim at making it your own as much as possible. Personalize the company page by including a top-quality image for the brand logo, a cover photo, or a distinctive brand banner.

You can also get creative with the image section. For instance, you can consider including a proper CTA into the respective banner image for engaging more visitors.

Tip #6. Use Showcase Pages for Appealing to Market Segments

Once you have the company page, you can also go forward with creating the Showcase pages. These pages are responsible for highlighting different areas of your company culture or brand. You can make use of the given company showcase pages for curating content on some specific topic, creating a dedicated learning center, promoting some new product, or even highlighting the accomplishments of your team.

When you create the given type of niche content, it helps in getting your brand discovered on the social networking platform easily.

Tip #7. Deliver a Compelling “About Us” Section

Deliver the compelling about us section
Illustration by Hurca!™ via Dribbble

When you include a well-optimized “About Us” section to the company page on LinkedIn, you should aim at creating a short paragraph (recommended to be around 200 characters or even less). The paragraph should be capable of telling the visitors all that they need to know about the given brand or company.

For the About Us section, you should aim at using simple and concise language well-adjusted with relevant keywords for outlining the respective business goals of your business.

The About Us Section for your LinkedIn company page should be capable of answering important questions like:

  • What is your brand?
  • Where is your brand based?
  • What are the company values?
  • What is your company offering?
  • What is the brand voice?
  • How can interested people contact your business?

Tip #8. Complete Other Important Fields

When you have a completed, well-organized Company Page for your LinkedIn profile, you are bound to receive twice the number of visitors in comparison to those having uncompleted pages. For optimizing the company profile on LinkedIn, you should make sure that the page has the following information:

  • Address – ensure that it is properly updated
  • URL – ensure that the visitors online are capable of finding the official website of your business on the company page
  • Headquarter Country – Most visitors would like to know whether or not your brand is global
  • Company Size – Allow visitors to know about the number of people you are working with –including the number of employees
  • Industry – This is another crucial piece of information that users would like to know about

When you have a completed business profile, it will help in making the page more discoverable to visitors who are searching for similar brands on the social networking platform.

Tip #9. Develop a Career Page

As per a study report, it has been observed that around 69 percent of employment aspirants tend to apply for the organization committed to making an active effort towards promoting the company culture online. In this aspect, LinkedIn Career Pages serve to be a great way for amplifying your recruitment efforts by revealing that the respective company culture is in its best form.

Situated under the tab named “Life,” the Career Page delivers access to personalized modules that can be utilized for displaying top-quality images, articles, and videos about day-to-day transactions at your organization. You should also aim at including the URL in the respective posts.

Tip #10. Ensure the Word Count in Your Headline

The page headline appears right under the name of your company. The headline of the company page serves to be the primary component when you wish to communicate your brand message to the target audience. For both companies as well as personal profile pages on LinkedIn, the headline should be capable of grabbing the attention of the readers.

The profile headlines on LinkedIn have a limit of 120 characters. Therefore, you are expected to be creative while drafting the same for your company.

Tip #11. Join Communities for Maximum Engagement

Join communities for maximum engagement
Illustration by Pheeb via Dribbble

A recent inclusion to the advanced series of features on LinkedIn for companies is the capability of following topic-centric communities on the given platform. Every business out there has the chance to join around 3 groups or communities by making use of the right hashtags.

When you select and join communities on the social networking platform, it would allow your business to view as well as comment on posts related to the given hashtag. At the same time, LinkedIn would notify when a specific topic would be trending in the given community such that you can join the conversation.

Tip #12. Keep Looking for New Features

LinkedIn always keeps adding features. For instance, the short-lived feature on the platform was tested recently. It was aimed at allowing the admin of a business page to grow the respective page audience by sending invitations to personal connections for following the company page on LinkedIn. While the feature was removed, still LinkedIn keeps finding new ways for businesses and individual profiles. Therefore, you should be on the check for the same.


The company page for your business on LinkedIn serves to be the perfect base from which you can launch the engagement campaigns on the social networking platform. With an optimized company page, you can gain maximum attention from your target audience.

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