5 Tips to Optimize Facebook #Hashtag from Top Brands

Currently hashtag on Facebook has reached its success, and of course as marketer not least they take advantage of this new facility. Hashtag for the marketer may have different function it depends on what goals they want to reach, and did you know that “Within 1 month of the hashtag launch, 3 in 4 of media-buying firm OMD’s clients (which include PepsiCo, GE, and Levi’s) had already used facebook hashtags and 61% of top UK brands had done the same” As you can see in the infographic below (created by Prestige Marketing):

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Infographic result above is amazing right? As a marketer of course have to aware the importance of utilizing the hashtag for its brand, but why have to use Facebook hashtag to improve marketing effort? Here are 7 reasons why you as a marketer have to use Facebook hashtag.

  1. More searchable
    By use facebook hashtag you can post multiple platform with the same post, so it will make hashtag in facebook are more searchable.
  2. Easy way to share information
    Facebook hashtag help you to amplify your brand, because by using the Facebook hashtag you will easily to share information about your product idea.
  3. Find each other
    You and consumers can meet each other with the hashtag keywords, and of course you can help people interested in niche topics.
  4. Track campaign
    By using the hashtag can allow you to identify a customer who is actively interested in your brand.
  5. Seek out related hashtag
    This will bring up a Similar Facebook hashtag to Appear in a search result, so you can know what a hashtag is related with the hashtag you created.
  6. Promote product or special event
    You can named your hashtag to promote a product or special event that your held to the popularity of your brand.
  7. Capture new fans
    With hashtag you can gain opportunity to reach like-minded individuals within key audiences and get the engage on your facebook page also.

Facebook hashtag has so many advantages that can help marketers for market their products, even the top brand relies on a hashtag to make a post on Facebook become more attractive. Hashtag used by top brand with different function but have the same purpose that is for increase the traffic on the Facebook page. And now in this article you will learn the use of the hashtag with several different functions based on branding lesson from top brands:

Tips #1. Make #hashtag as dicussion place

Hashtags on Facebook has the same function with hashtag on twitter, as a gathering place for people who are gathered in the same topic, this is the primary purpose of the hashtag on Facebook. So it is not surprising that Starbucks also use his hashtag as a discussion place for coffee lovers. The hashtag # nowbrewing bring together experts in a discussion of coffee lovers so the fans can gain knowledge about coffee. Surely this hashtag greatly help the fans, and the topics chosen by Starbucks is a topic which is not far from the products he offered, indirectly of course, Starbucks has promoted the products on offer.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: use the hashtag became as a discussions place for your fans with present the experts, and choose topics that suit with your product.

Tips #2. Use #hashtag for promotion new product

Obviously the main purpose marketer to utilize every facility offered by Facebook is to promote its products. This is also done by the top brands like Pizza hut in using hashtag to promote its latest product named pizza 3 cheese stuffed, by named the hashtag same with the name of the product. As you can see in the picture below pizza hut put his hashtag #3cheesestuffed on the cover of the front page with a selection of colors eye catching to attract attention, and look at the second picture about the reaction of the fans who responded #3cheesestuffed, there are fans who share his personal photo pizza 3 cheese stuffed.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: named your hashtag with the name of your new product to make it easier for fans to recognize your new product.

#3. Named your #hashtag same with the brand slogan

Of course, every brand has the slogan for a product identity, almost all the top brands are always consistent with its slogan, in fact almost every top brand product promotion is always enclose his slogan. This is also done by Mc. Donald’s by giving his hashtag same with his slogan. Now let’s take a look at the sample image below, which shows a picture of mc Donald’s products apple pie with hashtag #imlovinit which I’m lovin it is the slogan Mc Donald’s, and see a lot of positive feedback from fans by using the hashtag #imlovinit.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: Named your hastag with your brand slogan so your fans will more remember your identity.

#4. Use #hashtag to promote the special events

Nowadays we often encounter a special event promotion organized of a brand that was announced on Facebook, because often the marketer will make special products for special events, such as Christmas events, Halloween, or the New Year. Prior to the promotion hashtag for the special event is only post on the wall. Surely if there is a new post after the promotion the old posts will be forgotten. With the hashtag helps the marketer to make the special event promotion become everlasting.

Let’s take a look the example picture below belong to the target that offers special promotion to welcome the Halloween event by naming their hashtag with the same name: #Halloween

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: Utilize Facebook hashtag to promote your products with special theme events, and give your hashtag with the name of the event special.

#5. Use #hashtag for donation

Today more and more top brands that pay attention to the surrounding environment, starting with the use of green marketing campaign or raise funds to help those in need. This is also done by Wal-Mart with his hashtag # livebetter, that raise funds to fight hunger around the world, with an open invitation to anyone who is interested in donating funds, Wal-Mart hashtag is a forum for prospective donors to communicate with each other so that they become confident donate funds for activities that are absolutely necessary to help others. As you can see in the example image below how Wal-Mart invites the fans and their response to the activities organized by Wal-Mart is getting positive response from the fans.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: hashtags on Facebook can be a forum to raise funds to help others and be able to share information about the activities.


Hashtags is a facility provided by Facebook as refinement needs of the fans, especially for marketers of course, with the presence of this hashtag can be very helpful to carry out marketing activities. Facebook hashtag could have a variety of functions, as I present in this article a wide range of functions hashtag is used by the top brand, hopefully with a lesson from a top brand branding could help you make Facebook hashtag more than usual and could help you to develop your business in Facebook.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on facebook hashtag prospecting? Please leave your comments below.

– Written by Ratih –

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