7 Easy Tips to Make a Great Facebook #Hashtag for Your Marketing Efforts

Facebook recently introduced a new feature that is #hashtag for the platform, and did you know so many benefits that you will get when using the #hashtag, as said by infographic result based on SociallyStacked.com. If you using the #hashtag Facebook, you will get access more than 1.1 billion monthly active users roomates Facebook is it means 15.5% of the world population and more than 5 fold from twitter user. Promising benefits for marketer in promoting product right?

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When using the #hashtag for marketing required some special steps to make your #hashtag to be phenomenal, before I explain tips in making a great #hashtag, for the first you should know the basic information about the #hashtag to help you get to know any further. And here are 6 basic information about #hashtag (source: SocialBakers.com):

  • With #hashtag can get redirected to its feed
    By using the #hashtag feature, allows the fans that saw it can be connected directly to the topic that being discussed.
  • #hashtag can be search by use search bar
    #hashtag is not only seen in the post on Facebook homepage but can be search by using search bar, its same as when you looking for a friend in search bar.
  • Compose post can directly from #hashtag feed
    When compose post, #hashtag that automaticaly can be clicking on the reader.
  • Every #hashtag own unique URL
    Each #hashtag has a unique URL so it will not be confused with another #hashtag.
  • #hashtag can integrated with other service
    #hashtag feature allows for link it with other service; you can even utilize the #hashtag that can be connected directly with instagram.
  • #hashtag are affected by privacy settings
    For the #hashtag users do not have to worry about privacy settings, because if the creator #hashtag do privacy setting that can only be seen by friends or friends of friends, the #hashtag that he created will follow the rules of privacy settings were made.

Based on the basic information of the #hashtag above now you can begin to develop a business strategy to take advantage of #hashtag features. In this article you will learn 7 simple tips to make a great #hashtag in Facebook. Here they are :

#1. Keep simple

All you have to be realize about naming #hashtag is the name has only one word and in capital letters does not affect #hashtag, after realize that two things should be when make names for the #hashtag can be adjusted to the rules set by Facebook.

Being simple is the main one in named the #hashtag, give simple words that when the fans can read it instantly understand what the topic is about.

Such as Intel’s #hashtag example in the picture below, Intel named his #hashtag with #lookinside which is an amalgamation of two words that come from Intel slogan, this #hashtag is quite simple and easy to understand and it would make the fans interested to click on the #hashtag.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: Choose words for named #hashtag with fairly simple and easily remembered by fans.

#2. Make #hashtag that engage

Social media is all about engaging, with facebook #hashtag introduce you a new way to do just. By adding a #hashtag in your post will make your post have the potential of more visibility. Create a #hashtag that can engage with people and other companies. This can further extend the reach of your business. Like what made ​​by Converse, as producer sneakers by posting an image that shows the new wall installation at converse rubber tracks, invites customers to not be boring to use shoe type sneakers. With an invitation like this certainly fans can reminisce with his old sneakers.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: Engage fans is the most important in facebook, so use #hashtag to make engage with people and other companies.

#3. Unique is a must

Uniqueness in the provision #hashtag is certainly is a must, this is because with a unique name to distinguish your #hashtag, because with uniqueness will make it easier for fans to remember your #hashtag.

Let’s take a look #hashtag belongs to levis fan page which is promoting the #hashtag #makeourmark, this #hashtag regularly promoted by levis, he made ​​the cover photo with the slogan “leaving for the future #makeourmark”, it invites the fans to participate to join traveling from atlantic to the Pacific.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: Use words that are quite unique and different from the others so fans can provocated to klik your #hashtag.

#4. Use relevant #hashtag

Often times the top brand in promoting they #hashtag by combining with post on facebook. Because the most powerful way to promote #hashtag by posting it in facebook homepage. Therefore you should make a selection with the relevant #hashtag name with words in post so will looks continuity in the post with the #hashtag.

And now I took example from Facebook page belongs to Samsung in the image below, Samsung utilize the #hashtag feature to promote galaxy note, using the same name #hashtag # GALAXYNote Samsung doing promotional stuff that shows a picture galaxy note and word-the ongoing promo with #hashtag he created.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: between the post and the #hashtag name should have continuity so not to be confused in reading.

#5. Don’t make annoying #hashtag

Basically #hashtag is a medium to encourage people to engage in conversation with a certain topic So do not make it become nuisance that can make the fans do not like it. #hashtag should posting not at any time, give a time schedulle so that the fans do not become saturated to see your post.

#hashtag promotion not only can you do in post news but you can put it in the cover photo your Facebook fan page, so you do not need a campaign was fairly constant in with put it on the front cover the fans are able to understand what you want to convey in a #hashtag.

Lesson learned: by put #hashtag campaign on the front cover of your Facebook page can help you to promote the #hashtag without seeming monotonous and drab.

#6. Named #hashtag same with promo event

Often marketers promoting products that comply with certain events, such as New Year, Christmas or a recent event is Halloween. Facebook #hashtag can also be used to promote the theme of the event. As has been done by the target with the theme of Halloween #hashtag targets also named same with theme of the event is # Halloween.

Facebook Hashtag Tips

Lesson learned: named #hashtag same with label promo event will certainly make it easier for fans to find your #hashtag.

#7. Observe your #hashtag

Once you determine the proper #hashtag name for your brand, Think about your #hashtag in your branded email marketing, print and digital ads and also put it in your official website. Getting your #hashtag in promoting more individuals likely will be to use them.

After all that you did, observe the conversation surrounding your #hashtag and track your #hashtag from multiple platforms.


Facebook #hashtag allows the marketer to better known by many fans, so use it on every occasion when you promote something. Make great #hashtag cannot be done arbitrarily because the naming #hashtag which not appropriate, will make the confusion fans that you want to convey. That’s why in this article I reveal 7 tips to make a great #hashtag that can help you make the right #hashtag campaign.

What do you think? Do you use #hashtag to promote in facebook? Let us know in the comments below!

– Written by Ratih –

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