Top Design Approaches You Need to Avoid Now

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Collaboration is something common nowadays and we are often influenced by the style and taste of other people when creating our own things. Sometimes, this is great, because we can take a good example, but too much influence can ruin your work. This is specifically true for designers who are influenced easily and use cliché techniques that disturb the user. Here are 5 of the most common design clichés that you should avoid when you can.

#1: Using Stock Footages; Free or Paid

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Many developers implement stock images and other stock footage in their design. When used properly, this can be a good touch to the overall design, but if you are looking for professional design, then avoid using stock footage. You should also stay far from cliché images like symbolizing ‘ideas’ with light bulbs, or ‘discussion’ with a speech bubble. The first idea you think of isn’t always the right one, because millions of other people have thought of the same thing. If you want a good result, then you should stay away from the first ideas and try something else.

#2: Using Poor Font for Content

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The font is one of the most important parts of any design. If you are choosing a font for text, logo or headings, then spend some time reviewing different options in order to make the right choice. It is recommended to test fonts on different resolutions and ask your friends about their opinion. A bad font can discourage your visitors from visiting you again. Your font must be simple and clear so reader will have no issue in reading your post. You can use stylish fonts for logos, headings to highlight specific texts but for overall content at your site you must choose simple font like ariel or times etc.

#3: Using Zig Zag Borders not Plain

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Borders are a great finishing touch for any web design, but some borders are over used and you should stay away from them. A good example is the ‘zig zag’ border which can be seen in every other site. The ‘zig zag’ border usually indicates that designer was too lazy to come up with a more original idea tried to finish his job as quickly as possible. So if you have been thinking about using eye-catching zig zag templates then leave thinking anymore and go for the plain and simple one.

#4: Using Ribbons and Badges

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If there is a promotion somewhere, then ribbons and badges are almost certainly there as well. Many designers have started using such images for just about anything, so if you are looking for originality and uniqueness, then you should stay away from badges and ribbons. Think of something different and stand out from the rest. Using these elements will not give a professional look to your website which is online face of your business.

#5: Using Textured Background

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Personally, I can’t think of a reason why textured backgrounds have become so popular among web designers. Almost every website’s background is made with some kind of a texture. The most logical answer seems to be the white backgrounds which were used in the Web 2.0 look. Anyway, stay away from textured backgrounds for a more unique and professional look.

From the above discussion we can conclude that simple but quality web design is in vogue nowadays. Using ribbons, textured backgrounds, badges, zig zag or vectors can only decorate it but will not give it a professional look at all. So if you want to get succeed in your web design venture today you must go for simple but quality design technique with no such elements at all. It will give your design, perfection, elegance and style and make it professional in every aspect to drive potential customers more successfully.

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