What is MasterBundles: A Short Intro to Marketplace

MasterBundles is a graphic design marketplace, a creative art space, where professionals can sell their works. It’s one of the top places where you can find anything for a creative project, including various icons, illustrations, SVGs, patterns, textures, logos, and many other digital products.

The platform also has many freebies to offer! A key unique feature of this marketplace is the focus on bundles – several theme-related products in one set. Nonetheless, you can also find a wide variety of single products on MasterBundles.

All creatives, from designers and photographers to web designers or developers can come to the marketplace with a certain template for the website or a printable, place it on the website and start generating revenue from each sale.

You can easily sell your graphic design by filling out an online form, adding a high-quality image of your product, and writing a short description.

Everything you need to know about how the marketplace works

As a user, you have three available roles on MasterBundles: vendor (selling digital products), affiliate (promoting products), and buyer (purchasing products). Let’s find out more about each of those roles and their advantages:

 icon-angle-right Vendor

A vendor comes to MasterBundles, creates a profile, and proceeds to upload products using the Sell Your Deal form. It helps the vendor upload products, preview, add product descriptions, and select relevant tags, or in other words, optimize the product description for SEO.

MasterBundles Vendor Dashboard

After the form is filled out, the product goes through the platform’s moderation process. If any problems are detected, the vendor will be contacted and provided with a solution.

Moderation can take from several hours to several days. After approval, the product will be published on the marketplace.

You will get 50% from each sale, as the marketplace takes the other half of the profit. This type of commission is considered good compared to other popular creative marketplaces.

You can withdraw funds only when you reach $50 or more in your account. All the magic happens in the vendor’s cabinet. There are several ways to withdraw funds and the process can take anywhere from several hours to several days.

Key advantages of using MasterBundles as a vendor include the following:

  • Easy upload of new products. Through the Sell Your Deal form you can quickly get your products published on the website.
  • Fast moderation. and team support if something needs to be fixed.
  • Ability to set your prices. MasterBundles offers an optimal price for the product, but the last word is always up to the vendor.
  • Fast and hassle-free withdrawal of funds. There are several options for money withdrawal, choose the most convenient one for you.
  • Responsive customer support. You can reach out to the support team 24/7 with any questions you have and get a quick response.
  • Additional promotion. Get featured in the MasterBundles newsletter with over 70k+ subscribers. Your best products can be also mentioned in product listings on the blog. If you want to learn more about how to promote your products on the marketplace, you can check out MasterBundles Knowledge Base.
  • Good commissions. You receive 50% off every sale of your digital products made on the platform.

However, there are also a few aspects that may not be that great. Sometimes moderation may take a few days, commission may seem too high for new vendors that are only starting out, and there is competition in the marketplace.

There is also a vendor rating system, which encourages the sellers to strive for better products and more sales.

MasterBundles vendor rating

 icon-angle-right Affiliate

You can easily become a MasterBundles affiliate and get your individual affiliate parameter, and add it to the link on MasterBundles. Then you, as an affiliate, can share it, and get a 15% commission when someone makes a purchase on MasterBundles using your referral link.

You will have a separate affiliate account where you can easily track and manage sales from referred links. There are no limits on withdrawals, so you can quickly get paid.

Among the advantages, it’s also worth noting that even if the affiliate adds a specific parameter to the link to the freebie, but then the referred account gets a premium product, the affiliate still gets 15% from the premium sale!

This option may serve as an easy additional income for creatives, who have an audience that trusts them and listens to their recommendations.

 icon-angle-right Product buyer

MasterBundles has a huge selection of products throughout 5 main categories and 25+ subcategories. With over 20,000 bundles from 2,000 vendors, here you can find anything for your next creative project on any topic.

Most products that are offered on the platform are easily customizable, so the buyer can adjust and personalize them according to his project (color, font, visuals, etc).

Another important advantage of MasterBundles is the pricing policy. On the platform you can find a variety of bundles for a discount price, meaning you can buy a bundle with 1000+ fonts, for example, just for $5!

MasterBundles offers an easy-to-navigate site, with detailed categories, where besides paid products, users can find lots of amazing freebies.

You can also check out the blog, which is regularly updated and covers a lot of interesting topics, including posts with product listings on various topics. Here you can get some inspiration for your future projects and catch up on design trends.

MasteBundles is very universal, so you can choose one role, or all three, and be a seller, buyer, and affiliate simultaneously.

Wrapping Up

Designers who are interested in selling their products on MasterBundles like the easy entry on the platform. They also look for a trusted creative marketplace that already has built an engaged audience so that when they enter the market, their products will be visible to bigger audiences.

The vendor ratings on MasterBundles encourage growth and improvements, which leads to better products and better user experience.

Don’t miss a chance of building an additional income stream on MasterBundles! This is the right marketplace to show your works, promote your art, and build up passive income.

MasterBundles is always evolving and helping you to grow and be better as well. If you want to start making an additional $500-1000, join the platform as a seller now!

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