Why Is Mobile Presence So Significant To Small Businesses?

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With a quick rise in the usage of mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites, application development catering to small businesses has increased.

The eMarketer research of 2019 suggests that the average person spends 90 percent of mobile time in apps vs. the mobile web.

Today if someone is looking forward to more information regarding the brand’s services or a company, they are doing that by researching online. Whenever it comes to having an idea regarding the products and services, they will go through the sites to get the idea regarding your presence and trustworthiness.

And in this regard, having your online presence is very important because it will give a competitive edge to your company. The potential customers will not need to put a lot of effort into finding you. So the simple Google search will be giving them the information that they need.

Most of the device users are always relying on the brand that has its app. So it is becoming mandatory for building the business app or mobile website for a business for the development and get the increased return on investment. So in this article, you will know why a mobile presence is always important for small businesses.

#1. Increased visibility

Average mobile users spend most of the time on the smartphone every day, so they go through a handful of the major applications. Around 40 percent of smartphone users browse for apps in app stores which reveal how important an app proves to be for a business.

Increase visibility
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When you have the business’s online presence, it becomes easier for mobile users to keep track of the kind of products or services you are offering. Besides, when you have the app, it gives a steady way to the users to scroll through the business listing, thus increasing the business visibility that will be helping your business to grow in the later run.

That being said, it can increase brand awareness to the exposure, influence, and engagement while the lead generation is possible with the conversion to the repeated buyers. You can also consider adding promotional offers to the app to increase customer engagement.

#2. Development of the personalized marketing channel

Consumers are always expecting a personalized experience from the brands. When you have a mobile presence, you can get adequate personalized communications with the customers. One of the top benefits of having a mobile website is that it will be helping the businesses get the opportunity of engaging the customers in real-time while also developing strong relationships.

With the app or the mobile-specific website, you can incorporate the push notifications, thus reminding the customers regarding the services and products you will provide them at the optimal time. It becomes easy for personalization and creating the app and website for a better experience for the consumers and ensuring formulating better goals for the business.

#3. Boosting the sales

Smartphone owners have always admitted about how the online presence using their phone gives them a better experience on behalf of the brand. In this regard, it’s worth noting that engaging fast and more customers who are relying on the online platform will be a perfect idea for your brand to shine.

Certain surveys have suggested that Global consumer spending on the App Store in 2020 has been $72.3 billion. So you should always give them a good shopping online experience using their mobile phone. When you build the custom website and incorporate the custom-built up, it becomes easier for them to purchase from your site that can also ensure increasing the sales significantly.

#4. Improved SEO performance

Understanding SEO
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Mobile-friendly search engines ensure the website will be ranking higher than the others. If you even have a separate mobile website, it becomes easier for the consumers to go through the site.

Besides, a website also includes some major search engines like Google and Yahoo. It’s worth noting that 2021 research from Zero Limit Web suggests the first five organic results account for 67.60 percent of clicks in Google. The separate mobile website for the business will be the perfect place for giving them access to your business through the local and the mobile site directories.

#5. Integration with offline media

The utilization of quick response codes is becoming significant for small businesses to close the gap between online and offline media. Besides, these mobile platforms will always be working further with businesses to make it easier to give access to consumers both online and offline.

The quick response codes will be appearing on the print material when it is scanned with the help of the phone’s camera. That said, the customers will be going through the webpage of that business that is using the phone’s browser. The integration overall becomes good enough for fostering communication with the audience, thus increasing the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

#6. Opening the new advertising opportunities

This is one of the best parts of the online mobile presence of small bus businesses’ advertising opportunities. Like Google AdWords and the PPC networks, it allows you to show up in the mobile search results.

However, it’s worth noting that the ads will be effective when they lead the audience to mobile-optimized web pages. The landing pages should also be built so that they are completely functional on mobile devices by providing them with precise and relevant information.

The internet is allowing businesses to build effective platforms for showcasing what they offer. Whether it’s the testimonials from the clients of the portfolio on the website or the album page with the photos of the newest product, it is becoming easier to get access to everything with the assistance of the mobile app.

With the incorporation of simple clicks, the customers can get an idea regarding what they want to see. Besides, they will be getting knowledge regarding your business even outside the business hours. Such an online presence is very important for building the extension about your brand that never sleeps.

#7. Direct marketing channel

The old marketing channels are becoming gradually obsolete, so you will always be requiring the direct mail marketing channel that can eradicate the involvement of the salesman in dealing with the print procedures. The latest survey suggests that around 70 percent of B2B buyers increased mobile usage, and 60 percent expected to increase shortly.

Now the mobile app and mobile website can be enough for doing everything for the business. Be it the accounts booking form, information use, or anything else, the mobile app will feature them all in one single place to make sure the customers set predetermined information.

#8. Better customer service

Reach for the Stars With Stellar Customer Service Tips
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Customer services today play a significant role in the business, and small businesses need a mobile presence. That said, gone are those days when the salesman used to resolve all the customer issues. Now the mobile apps are working in the form of game changers for offering the next level of customer service.

#9. Encouragement of customer loyalty and customer retention

The easy access to a service or the products turns out to be the greatest convenience for increasing customer loyalty. It can ensure making the genuine connection between the customers and the building of brand loyalty.

That said, the mobile apps and the mobile website will always play a significant way in rewarding the customers with the help of loyalty programs. It is also proving to be the promotional strategies by the businesses who are offering the cashback and the coupons to the customers who are using a mobile app for a longer period.

#10. Portability and connectivity

The jaw-dropping fact is Ericsson Mobility Report smartphone analytics predicts a 25 percent increase in mobile traffic by 2025. The mobile website allows their customers to access the site anytime and from anywhere with the phone when you are having a constant connection with the target audience.

Social media is now working as the best place to build new relationships with people, which is true for both individuals and businesses. Social media is giving the brand the needed voice for making the company more human and relatable. The potential customers can build the interaction with the help of their brand connectivity.

It becomes easier for them to remain in touch with you and formulate the overall innovative ideas with the latest news and promotions no matter where they are geographically located.

#11. Digital content

Digital content is becoming essential for businesses because it will be building a strong influence on the way consumers are making purchase decisions. Modern consumers always rely on the positive content that they see about your brand on the Internet, and with that metric, they will be judging you.

Key Takeaways

Having a precise and separate mobile site or an application is indeed an interesting concept. For consideration of the implementation, it’s always good to involve modern-day tools that will be designing the perfect mobile website and the app for communicating effectively with the consumers.

You have learned how small businesses can benefit from mobile apps. The mobile app or the mobile website isn’t the only metric for setting the business standards. But it is indeed the future.

When you have a mobile app for the mobile website, you will get a strong presence in the industry. For creating an amazing and effective mobile presence, it is always recommended to consider taking professional assistance alongside using the services of mobile app development companies.

Social media’s shareability will allow the customers to easily spread the word about your business with their friends and families. So if you want to overcome the potential barriers in reaching out to prospective buyers, it’s worth incorporating the mobile presence that will be speaking a million words for your brand.

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