28 Best Branding and Business Tips Articles of September 2011

This is our monthly series were we share useful brand and business tips articles all from the previous month. We hope this series can help you to strengthen your brand identity and growing your business.

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Rebranding Your Logo – Why and What Works

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by Elizabeth Gast
Rebranding can involve several things. It can be anything from updating your company look, to changing the name, to changing the services or products provided. It’s trying something new to capture better or more attention for your company. In this article, we’re going to take a look at rebranding from a design aspect.

Surviving logo design in the real world: Designing for Applying

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by Felix Mak
Most of the time as a designer, you will walk around with your logo radar on and find some intriguing logos — some very nice and some not so nice. On a rare occasion, you will see a really beautiful logo that is just not quite right. Could it be incorrectly applied or was it missing an intrinsic methodology during the design phase that limits the application potential?

Surviving Logo Design in the Real World: Symbols and Wordmarks

branding articles
by Felix Mak
As designers, we should all know the difference between a wordmark logo and a symbol based logo. When designing logos, designers will likely aspire to design symbol based logos — due to that low grade design noise out there… wordmarks seem like the easier thing to do. There are…

How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client

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by Adriana
So why is branding important? Did it ever happen to you to buy something based on your perceived value of that product rather than its actual value? It’s all about the right branding and how to create the perceived value we want for a product.

7 Great Tips to Create an Original Logo

branding articles
by Daniel Pintilie
In my perpetual trying to be a better creator, I read a lot from the greatest designers and I shared here the essential tips to improve your original potential.

Design Process for a Great Logo Design

branding articles
by Bruno Moura
Top graphic designers create their logo by following a design process. That is their secret in being successful in this industry. Now that their secret is unveiled, this could be your time to be one of those top logo designers. Wanna know their secret? Read this and you’ll find out.

Tips To Help You Present a Logo Design More Effectively

branding articles
by Demortalz
After spending all those days and hours making the logo you now have to present it to your client and make him a loyal customer. You have to make sure that your design is accepted by the client without disappointments. In order to guide you we will give you some tips on how to perfect the professional inside of you, so that you can present your logo design in an effective way.

The stories behind car brand names

branding articles
by David Airey
Etymology is the study of the history of words. There’s a collection of company name etymologies on Wikipedia. Here are a few choice picks from the automotive industry.

Why Your Brand Is Everything

branding articles
by Matthew Kepnes
Let’s begin with some word association: Disney World, Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, BP, Goldman Sachs.
What did you think about when I mentioned these brands? What words came to mind? Thoughts? Feelings? Images?

5 Areas of Your New Design Business You Need to Optimize

branding articles
by Joel Falconer
It’s time to start looking at optimizing your business processes and better yet, where possible, automating them. Here are five important areas for you to look at overhauling.

How designers should use Google+ to build their business

branding articles
by Nicole Foster
Google looked at how people socialize in the real world and they applied it to Google+. For instance, instead of everybody being able to see what you’re saying, you can group people into Circles and choose who sees what. With that approach, designers can use Google+ in interesting ways. We can connect, be inspired, and share with people. If you are a designer and have Google+, try using it in these three ways.

5 Small Business Tips for an Uncertain Economic Climate

branding articles
by Jeff Stibel
Small businesses, already squeezed for operating capital by vendors and lenders, will need to adopt methods to bring stability to an otherwise unstable and uncertain landscape.
Here are five such tips for doing so.

Impress your design clients and quickly build your business

branding articles
by Nicole Foster
Unfortunately, many people don’t see freelancers as serious professionals. While many freelancers love their pajamas, we are still professionals and deserve to be treated with respect. Gain the respect you deserve and impress your clients with these four ways.

12 Helpful Business Strategies to Flourish in Tough Times!

branding articles
by Invoicera
Hard economic times such as recession and depression always have an extreme consequence on the outlook and priorities of any business. Running a business successfully can be a challenge and even more difficult when economic times are hard.
Here are 12 ways you can position your business to face any type of diversity that comes its way.

Understanding the Dos and Don’ts of Professional Logo Design

branding articles
by Keith J. Hamilton
When you create a logo design, there is a high call for professional work. In order to produce a winning design, you need to have a clear understanding of the dos and don’ts of professional logo designing, just so you can avoid mistakes that may prevent you from creating a successful logo.

4 Tips for Creating a Viral Branded Microsite

branding articles
by Lauren Drell
When trying to figure out if a microsite is a good investment of time and resources, consider your goals, think of an idea that makes sense for your brand and keep it simple.

4 Reasons Every Online Brand Should Explore Gamification Strategies

branding articles
by Elizabeth Shaw
Adding a few visual game elements to a brand’s site in order to “gamify” a marketing strategy and increase engagement just isn’t enough. To be done right, gamification must take a behavior-focused approach.
So what’s making gamification so popular today? Consider these four factors.

6 Ways Brands Can Earn More Exposure on Tumblr

branding articles
by Shane Snow
With 29 million blogs (more than WordPress at last count), and at least as many millions of posts every day, Tumblr is a force of nature in the Internet ecosystem that cannot be ignored. That massive audience means opportunities for businesses to find fans and build brands.
Here are six tips for kickstarting a Tumblr strategy that will grow your presence on the platform.

7 Lessons From Successful Companies on LinkedIn

branding articles
by Dave Kerpen
Below, find seven companies large and small that have found success on LinkedIn. We’ve included some takeaways on what they do right and how you can emulate their success.

HOW TO: Use Your Social Media Skills to Earn Extra Money

branding articles
by Alexis Grant
If you’re awesome with online tools, this is a huge opportunity. Whether you already have a job and want to earn some cash on the side, or need a stop-gap income while you look for the right position, this demand for social media help can work in your favor — if you’re bold enough to step up to the plate.
Here are a few tips for how to start making money using your social media skills.

9 Facebook Marketing Success Stories You Should Model

branding articles
by Phil Mershon
This article highlights nine companies (big and small) that have transformed their Facebook presence by implementing innovative Facebook marketing practices.

How to Promote Your Business With a Facebook Page

branding articles
by Christian Vasile
Facebook has more than 500 million active users and is definitely the best social network ever. Facebook can actually be useful for promoting a business, company or a specific service.

20 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

branding articles
by Justin Wise
Are you looking for creative ways to spread the word about your Facebook page? To help you out, I’ve put together a list of 20 different ways to promote your Facebook page.

How to promote yourself as a freelance web designer

branding articles
by Nathan Powell
So far so good, you open up your genius apps and bang, it hits you. Where are my clients? What’s needed here are a few ideas on how to promote yourself as a freelance web designer. You need work, and quick!

How To Run Blogs that I.N.S.P.I.R.E

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by Michael
Unless your blog only serves as a personal diary, you should aim to inspire others with your writings. You’ll be surprised how your words can lift others up, or given them a great inspiration or help in certain area they need. However, I’ve identified 7 essential approaches to make your blog inspiring enough to sustain a fair amount of readership, under what I termed as I.N.S.P.I.R.E

7 Key Secrets of a Successful Website

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by Jefferson Hawkins
Many successful companies, it seems, can create anything – except an effective website. The same managers, who demand high performance, efficient design, practicality, and minimal waste, don’t seem to demand the same things from their website. Here are a few tips:

21 Big Marketing Ideas for Small Marketing Budgets

branding articles
by Neil Patel
Below, I’ll share 21 big marketing ideas that don’t cost too much money, but also I’ll also give you examples of companies who have succeeded using each tactic.

7 Sneaky Ways to Turn Your Startup Into a Real Business

branding articles
by Neil Patel
Whether you are venture funded or you’ve bootstrapped your company, you have to figure out how to turn your startup into a real business. Although it my seem inconceivable, it’s not impossible.
Here are 7 tactics that will help turn your startup into a real company.

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