5 Ways to Make Your Office Reflects Your Brand

If you are in the sales, marketing, or advertising, you know that the most important thing to consider is your brand. This is huge, as it can either become famous around the entire world, or it can fall apart and not become known anywhere outside of your home city. Your brand is how you are perceived by others, what they think about your product and how they view it. You want this to be as positive as possible, since this perception can lead directly to sales – or the lack of sales. If your brand is strong and good, people will hear about it and be drawn to it. If it is weak, or is inherently flawed, people will either shy away from it or never hear about it in the first place.

To this end, then, it is important that you make sure that all of the things that can impact your brand, or public perception, are positive. Your office is just one of these contributing factors, as it reflects your brand, and these reflections can do a lot to either help or hinder your company and your product.

1. Consistency

5 Ways That Your Office Reflects Your Brand

The first way that your office can reflect your brand is if it has a consistent style and feel. This can be hard sometimes, with so many different people working in the same office, but you should try to promote your company in the way that you want it to appear. You should attempt to have the same style all through the office. Letting employees have a few personal items in their spaces is not necessarily a bad thing, as it will raise morale and make the office look less sterile. However, if this gets out of control, the office will just look cluttered and chaotic. People who are visiting will then view your entire brand as cluttered and chaotic, and they will not be impressed. If there is a single style that is very well recognized and runs through the entire office, however, your brand will look also to be very well recognized, very well thought out, and this will make it seem more professional.

2. A Messy Office Damages Your Brand

Messy office
The second way that your office can reflect your brand is if it is dirty and messy; this is certainly not a positive reflection. If the office looks like it has not been cleaned, or like employees have no regard for where they put their trash, it will appear that your either are not in control of your employees or that you do not care about what your office looks like. Either way, this reflects poorly upon your brand. people want to buy from a company that cares about its image, and from a boss who is in control of what his or her company produces.

3. Does the Design Reflect Your Brand Values?

branding office
The third way that the office can reflect your brand is in how well it is designed. This does not mean style, as was mentioned above, but functionality. If the office does not have adequate lighting, for instance, it will appear that you do not care about the well-being of your employees or the look of your office. If it does not have a good amount of space to move around, it will appear that you have put no thought into the design and layout. A boss who puts no thought or effort into his or her own office, to make it functional, will be perceived as a boss who does not put thought or effort into his or her products and services.

4. How Professional Does it Feel?

branding office
The fourth way that the office serves as a reflection is in how professional it feels. This has a lot to do with how up-to-date the office is. The computers should be new, not models from five years ago. The fax machines should be new, as should the printers. New technology should be displayed, such as iPads or HD televisions. You will want to stay on the cutting edge, as this will suggest that you are in touch with both modern culture and technology, and are not a company that is trapped in the past, working with inferior equipment.

5. Creative & Inspirational, or Bland & Boring?

branding office
The final way that the office can reflect your brand is if it is set up or designed in a creative manner. You should try to do something new with the office, something that has not been done. Cubicles in rows are old and outdated. You want to pick a different design, something that looks inspired. Creativity is important in almost every field, and the office can prove to those who visit it that you are willing to think outside of the norm. It can prove that you are willing to come up with new, innovative ideas. This will show that you have a superior product and a superior brand.

About the author

This post was contributed by James Adams from CartridgeSave.co.uk, one of the top stores in the UK for Canon supplies.

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    Interesting post. I believe that an office space should be creative and reflect the company’s image.

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    I believe that an office space should be creative and reflect the company’s image,I agree.

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