Wonderful Twitter Backgrounds – Weekly Inspiration #6

Weekly inspiration is a weekly post series that will come around every Thursday. Every week we’ll be posting a thematic beautiful, brilliant and creative brand identity design to help you get the inspiration. And for this week you’ll find some of creative and wonderful twitter background for your inspiration.

Four goals to be achieved when making a twitter background :

  1. Displays well on the widest range of monitors
  2. Visually conveys what you’re about
  3. Contains extra information about you or your company
  4. Loads quickly

by Terri Stone

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wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background


wonderful twitter background

Free Twitter Background Template

Our high quality twitter background psd template with style bokeh effect and gray color. Enjoy!
free twitter background

We hope you like this selection of wonderful twitter background design as much as we do, feel free to comment and let us know what you think.
Thanks 🙂

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  1. Susie Blackmon says

    Really appreciate your site, and subsequent inspiration. Thank you. @SusieBlackmon

  2. Admin1 says

    Hi Susie, thanks for the comment…motivate us to give our best.


  3. Tim Pelling says

    These are great. Goal 1 is very important and some of these suffer a little on smaller screen resolutions. I’m on 1208×800 and some of the details on these examples are lost off the bottom of the screen. Remember that Twitter backgrounds don’t scroll with the pages to it’s best to stick to 1024×768.

  4. Admin1 says

    @Tim Pelling: Thanks for your input, great…
    We apologize, we haven’t tried it in 1208×800 monitors.
    Chris Spooner on his post recommends designing for monitors with resolutions of 1280×1024 and higher.

  5. […] 15 Creative and Wonderful Twitter Backgrounds […]

  6. Cédric says


    I choose for my background larger screens (1680×1050 or more), because of thema of my blog : photography (I’m a wildlife photographer) ; most part of serious photographers use large screens to work…

    It was the occasion to speak about my book (in french, sorry !) about wildlife and nature photography in the background : I used it in january as a teaser…

    If you want to see my background : http://twitter.com/aubenature

  7. Admin1 says

    @Cedric: Just see your twitter background, in my screen (1280×800) your sidebar information covered by tweet list..

    But, still nice background design.
    Thanks for your comment 🙂

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