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Favorite links of the week is our weekly column which we share our favorite posts, articles, and resources about brand identity design with the readers that there are very useful for us, and we think there are will be useful too for the readers. This week we have tips, ways, characteristics, and useful advices as a resources that highly recommended for creating a Successful Portfolio Site.

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10 Characteristics of Excellent Portfolio Sites

Successful portfolio site

A designer’s online portfolio is a critical part of the business, and in some cases the most valuable asset of the business.
A good portfolio site is a constant lead-generation tool, but what is it specifically that makes a great portfolio site?

Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

successful portfolio site

Creating a successful portfolio is easier than you think. Focus on simplicity, ease of use, hitting your objectives, professionally managing the project, and you’ll end up with a successful portfolio. In this article we’ll review 5 pitfalls that commonly plague portfolio design. Then we’ll cover Portfolio Tips that if carefully considered and well executed will deliver quality results for your portfolio.

12 Tips for Creating a Great Portfolio Site

successful portfolio site

Below are twelve tips for creating a better portfolio site. These suggestions apply to all kinds of portfolios, no matter what your particular artistic field. Also included are examples and a gallery of excellent portfolio sites, with what they’re doing right and what could use some improvement.

Creating the “Perfect” Portfolio

successful portfolio site

In this article we’ll go over how to create the “perfect” portfolio, one that suits your individual needs as a web professional and that gets optimal results.
To start with, we have to differentiate between “perfect” and “the right way” to do something.

15 Proven Ways to Gain Exposure for Your Design Portfolio

successful portfolio site
For many designers creating an attractive portfolio site is not the problem, getting people to see it is often much more of an issue. In order for the portfolio site to truly do it’s job it must be well-designed and it must attract the right types of visitors. In this post we’ll look at 15 things that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your portfolio site by getting more exposure for it.

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  3. […] 5 Resources for Making a Successful Portfolio Site […]

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  5. […] Resources for Making a Successful Portfolio Site […]

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