How To Convert LinkedIn Profile to Neat Looking Resume provides a useful tool to convert LinkedIn profile to neat looking resume. It has 10+ free templates & comes with free mobile version of resume. A QR code that directs to mobile version of your resume is automatically attached to your resume.

Responsive CV makes you different, unique and a stand out from the crowd without asking much of your time. A LinkedIn profile & a couple of clicks is all that is needed for you to build a neat looking impressive resume.

Steps to Convert LinkedIn profile to Resume

Step 1 : Install chrome extension ResponsiveCV from chrome web store.

Chrome Extension - ResponsiveCV

After installing chrome extension ResponsiveCV from chrome web store proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Just click on “Export My LinkedIn profile” from chrome extension menu.

Chrome Extension Work - ResponsiveCV

Within seconds your LinkedIn profile is converted to professional looking resume. Now you can choose from 20+ resume templates available. You can choose fonts of you own, download as PDF/Word. The great part here is that you get mobile version of resume and a QR code attached to the resume template that directs to mobile version of resume.

If you don’t have a chrome browser you can Export your LinkedIn profile as PDF & upload it in the this link.

Note: This conversion of your LinkedIn profile to resume is much simpler and accurate if you use ResponsiveCV chrome extension.

Righteous Free Resume Template - ResponsiveCV

Why Attach QR Code with Mobile Resume ?

A QR code is direct link between paper media and online media. With traditional printed resume, your ability to portray yourself gets limited to whats written on paper.

Now your resume created with Responsive CV  have no such limits. It will have a mobile version such as shown in image below.

Mobile Resume Preview - ResponsiveCV

This has whole lot of information about you with live links to projects and positions held so far. It even has a dedicated “Call Me” & “Email Me” which connects to you directly when pressed on mobile devices.

This tremendously increases the chance of you getting a response from the recruiter.

This is the era of mobile phones. It has become so cheap & affordable to have a mobile phone, so it had become a basic necessity for everyone.

So whether the phone is running android, ios, blackberry or Symbian, all phones are equipped with reading QR codes nowadays & it works on all devices.

Now, if you include a QR code on your printed resume that opens your digital mobile version of your resume which is capable of having live links to your project.

Imagine the impression you create to the recruiter.
I had taken a dozen of interviews so far, i will try to research about a candidate for 10 minutes before i have a face to face discussion.

Most of the candidates doesn’t even have a proper LinkedIn profile, no links to the projects he had worked on so far. I think the candidate simply don’t care.

Now you are going an extra mile to give the recruiter the information he needs about you.

It will leave a very good information about you to the recruiter.

The person who take the technical interview cares about your ability, he will give the final word about you to the HR.

If he thinks that you took time to build such resume, it simply means

  • you are capable
  • you take this job application seriously
  • you have creativity
  • you make it easy for him to contact you.
  • you leave extra information about you & your projects.
  • you are open about your previous experiences

Honestly if someone did like this, even if the profile doesn’t suite the requirement that i am interviewing, i’ll have a discussion with him to know about his ability so that i can match any other requirement in the team.

Now, do you think it will take lot of time, effort and money to build such resume?

The answer is no.

With Responsive CV you can build such resumes in seconds, if you have a LinkedIn profile. At-least, It provides a good starting point for you start your resume instead of starting from zero.

Also you have lot of templates to choose from, have multiple version of your resumes for specific job post just by cloning it. You can have a unique https shortlink such as

to share your resume in email. Your resume will be saved securely online where you go and print or download whenever you want throughout the year.

You can optionally add a picture to your resume if you wish to display your confidentiality.

On top of this you are making a unique resume that is guaranteed to make an awesome first impression to the recruiter.

Don’t just let the paper resumes limit what you are capable of….

Include a digital online resume with mobile version and express yourself.

Build a resume that inspires to take action.

Start at

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