Why 2021 Will Be The Best Year For Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

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It is safe to say that 2020 has been absolute chaos. People from all walks of life have been affected one way or the other. Adjusting to the pandemic has not been easy for anyone. But as we move towards the end of this dreadful year, people are now looking forward to 2021.

Most industries have adjusted to the current global situation and are looking for new ways to make the best out of their available resources. The digital marketing and e-commerce industries are no different.

With the need for physical distancing still prevalent, the world has turned to digital avenues to conduct business. From distance e-learning to online workplaces, we have seen a massive digitalization in the past few months.

This digitalization has opened many doors of opportunities for digital marketing and e-commerce. As we move towards a new year, these industries continue to make the presented opportunity best. Experts of the field look forward to the coming year, given its potential for businesses and organizations.

Here are a few reasons why 2021 will be an excellent year for digital marketing and e-commerce.

Why Digital Marketing Is Blooming

Digital marketing incorporates two very significant aspects that are different from conventional marketing. First, it provides new marketing platforms online and, thus, resistant to the effects of social and physical distancing during the current pandemic.

Second, consumers leave a comprehensive trail of evidence in the form of digital data that allows each advertisement effort to be processed, monitored, and monetized across its platforms. With extensive volumes of information at your hands, you can make wise promotional strategies.

Why Digital Marketing Is Blooming

Every day, more and more people are becoming aware of how digital marketing works and its effectiveness. Impressed by its design and tactics, marketers continue to abandon traditional marketing modes and turn to digital advertising.

What gives digital marketing a better hand at business is its relevance to every sector. From online retail stores to educational institutes, everyone can make use of digital marketing. Even hard-to-market legal services that lawyers and prosecutors provide are marketable digitally now.

Link Building HQ is the perfect example of how law firms can avail of digital marketing services for their benefit. The information about legal services directly or indirectly associated with digital marketing is readily available on their website https://www.linkbuildinghq.com/law-firm-seo-guide/.

Downfall Of Traditional Marketing Methods

Digital marketing was not a new trend that the pandemic brought along with it. However, before this catastrophic event hit our world, digital marketing trends went hand in hand with traditional ATL and BTL marketing.

Companies utilized both online marketing strategies and real-life ones to gain a more significant audience base and increased revenues.

With lockdowns and quarantines in place, conventional marketing methods have been rendered almost useless. Social distancing and isolation do not leave room for salespeople to go knocking from door to door.

While it may seem like an outdated thing to do, door-to-door marketing is still known to provide significant results. But the inability to carry it out has left business owners looking for equally effective alternatives.

Now that real-time marketing is out of the question, businesses are relying heavily on digital marketing. People have been looking forward to new ways to increase traffic on their websites.

It is, therefore, sure, without a doubt, that the digital marketing world is thriving.

Revival Of Businesses

Uncertainty has been a constant throughout 2020. Businesses saw downfalls, and institutes had to shut down indefinitely.

But after spending a few weeks in lockdown, different industries have learned how to adjust themselves to the current situation. And as we move forward in time, businesses are coming back to life. And most of them are looking to make up for what they lost in the past few months.

The difference is, they’re no longer functioning in real-time but are now based online. New companies that are coming to life have also opted for the online platform.

The increased popularity of digital stores shows that digital marketing progress will continue to hit the charts as new businesses start establishing an online presence.

With companies looking for ways to market digitally and earn links, new and better opportunities for digital marketing and e-commerce agencies will continue to show up for quite some time.

Progress In E-Commerce Sector

One of the least complicated forecasts we can make for 2021 is that e-commerce will continue to expand exponentially. Online retailing has been increasing slowly, and the COVID-19 crisis has only augmented this. According to the Adobe survey, online spending in May 2020 was 77% higher than the previous year.

Although several small businesses had to shut down their physical stores temporarily, shoppers welcomed online shopping. Customers have also had multiple opportunities to buy online, at greater ease, a better variety of goods. They also found that they got better prices and deals.

Today, there’s an extra protection advantage that comes with e-commerce. There is also the sad fact that brick-and-mortar shops have closed indefinitely in many areas, leaving online shopping as the only solution to a long drive.

The perks of online shopping will not disappear, even though the quarantine and lockdown situation is gradually decreasing. If more people get used to browsing and shopping from home, more business owners will continue to invest in this option even as physical shops reopen. That’s why it’s absolute that e-commerce will begin to expand even more in 2021.

Evolving Trends

Evolving Trends

Another reason for the rise of digital marketing and e-commerce is one that does relate to the pandemic. Experts in these industries are always looking for new trends and methods to make their marketing strategies more effective. Here are some of the features that experts have utilized to provide companies with better results.

#1. Social Media:

Social media platforms have significantly impacted online traffic and the e-commerce business sector. When people check their social media accounts, they can see a post about multiple products, businesses, or services with a ‘Learn More’ call-to-action.

Clicking on the link directs the customer to the website. Digital marketing and e-commerce experts claim that social media will lead the entire digital business model in the upcoming years.

#2. E-mail Marketing:

This is the traffic created by your outbound direct mail and e-mail interactions. It may seem like the old-school way of digital marketing, but it has evolved to provide companies with more benefits. Experts now make use of personalized e-mails that ensure better responses from the receiver.

#3. Referral Searching:

Some pages often redirect their traffic to other sites. It’s like word-of-mouth between websites. If internal links and quotations are present on other pages back to your platform, they can create traffic flow to your site.

Targeted And Personalized Marketing

People previously believed that targeting a broad audience would result in better leads. However, more recent studies prove that the diversity present in a population makes it impossible for digital ads to attract a relevant audience to generate quality leads.

Therefore, digital marketing experts have learned to target a specific group of people from a broader audience. They achieve this by creating customized content for personalized marketing. Doing so enhances the quality of the traffic landing on a website. Low-quality traffic can never turn into potential leads and can waste all of your efforts.

The current advent of technological tools like artificial intelligence can produce well-tailored and customizable ads. The technological advances that 2021 promised would allow experts to further modify and personalize ads for the target audience.

An abundance of data is already helping to accelerate this process of customization. When companies have access to larger numbers and reliable results, they will produce more target-oriented ads. The more you know about your clients, the easier it is to reach them with more customized communication.

E-commerce websites are the pioneer in developing highly customized ads based on the visitor’s location, interests, and behavior. OTT platforms are blooming and providing solutions to personalizing content, recommending shows and movies using a complex algorithm dependent on previous viewing behavior.

The rise of inbound marketing and targeted marketing helps companies promote advertisements for corporations whose websites they have already viewed.

Attention Span And Digital Marketing

Professionals in the digital marketing industry have finally cracked the code to their audience’s attention span. The average person does not spend any more than 10-15 seconds. This information is vital to creating quality video content that delivers the message effectively. Experts have, therefore, started using this to their benefit.

The first change they made was switching from written content to images and videos. Since these take a shorter time to process and catch attention quickly, they are more likely to succeed. Several digital channels hosting short-form videos from 10 seconds to 2 minutes have recently emerged.

The purpose of these channels is to provide the audience with engaging content that is short, entertaining, and informative. The small length of these videos requires less investment of resources, allowing experts to work on more projects.

Experts are still finding ways to make the best out of this trend. As we move into 2021, experts will find better ways to use short videos and provide companies with optimal results.

Greater Need For Improvement

The digital marketing and e-commerce industry has been gaining popularity for quite a while now. People spend more time than ever on their electronic devices, flipping through their social media accounts.

Companies have been making use of this fact and hiring experts to market their services. With every success that they experience, companies expect better results from these experts. This has created a need for improvements to keep the clients satisfied.

2020, as discussed earlier, proved to be an exciting year for digital marketing agencies and e-commerce websites. But as we progress into 2021, and companies aren’t planning on moving to physical retailing again, they want more from professionals in this field.

TherGiven the pressure to develop new, innovative, and unique ideas, the digital marketing and e-commerce industry will witness progress as it has never before.

Bigger Investments By Clients

The past few months have taught companies and business owners that digital marketing and e-commerce can significantly benefit their ROI. Many business owners who did not want to associate themselves with the digital space have now understood the benefits and opportunities that lie ahead.

This realization has led to a massive shift from traditional marketing and brick-and-mortar stores to digital marketing and e-commerce. The competition between companies that existed in real-time has now gone digital.

As businesses have started seeing their competition, they find themselves more eager to win. This eagerness and newfound desperation to grab market share and increase sales have convinced business owners to spend more on digital marketing.

Several companies have expanded their budgets for this purpose and are willing to hire more experienced resources to do the job. This competition has also helped create a more aggressive landscape in terms of products, services, and content creation to advertise the first two. Opportunities are growing, and the playing field looks ripe like never before.


No one can predict what the next year will bring. A much needed vaccine could save us all, or the virus could mutate, leading to a more aggressive outbreak, more lockdowns, and more economic recession.

However, hoping for the best, 2021 seems very promising in certain aspects at the very least. With all the uncertainty of 2020, digital advertisers have a task to reach out to their consumers in a more innovative and focused way.

There are evident signs that e-commerce and digital marketing will flourish and continue to expand in 2021. And as everything goes back to normal, consumers will begin spending more. At this crucial point in time, business owners have finally realized the significance and impact of digital marketing and e-commerce.

With more and more businesses shifting their marketing to a digital model, it is time companies start taking their first step. If companies want to stay in the game, they need to adapt to the digital world and invest in it.

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