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Although teleconferencing began as a form of a three-way call or intimate phone meeting, it used pass expanded considerably with the needs of modern business. The kind of conference call that UK companies have come to utilize may involve hundreds, or thousands of potential participants depending on the budget allotted. Even on that more elaborate end, the technology has proven to be a tremendously cost-effective and efficient way of reaching remotely stationed staffers, customers, or industry peers to discuss business matters far from a physical board room setting.

Conference Call UK

Using Third-Party Services

The medium of conference call that businesses conduct is usually facilitated by calling services. These firms provide a basic number that all parties can access at a scheduled time, in order to support a phone-based meeting. The call can be a toll-free number paid for by the company, or a toll number all parties must pay for – an acceptable trade-off in the latter case, since the alternative would be expending more cash and travel resources to get to a physical location. Even within UK that is cumbersome, given the distances between some stations of a business on the mainland.

Additional Media

In addition to the basic conference calling facility, conference call UK services may also deliver additional media to further the interaction of the parties attending the conference. Some additions include streaming video, Web conferencing media from whiteboards to PowerPoint presentations, and file transfer capability. The direct transfer of files in the middle of the conference serves as the modern equivalent to passing out a handout to all parties at a physical meeting, and some setups permit real-time updating of the forms as needed in light of developments that result from the conversation.

Online or Off-line?

Conference Call UK

Conferencing services can be utilized on an online basis, or off-line for those companies that are still “old school” in terms of their commitment to technology. Most of the audit conveniences and breakthroughs that conference call UK companies provide are Internet connected, however, and so most businesses have taken the plunge into the new media and use online based services. Using the online version allows attendees to not only engage in question answer participation or interactivity in audio conversation, but also in revising documents, contributing to the visual presentations and engaging with other forms of media.

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  1. Peter Jones says

    Interesting read! The unified comms feature has changed the way telecommunication is seen. It has indeed given a different dimension to the way communications were being held around 15 to 20 years ago.

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