Turn your Facebook Timeline into a Social Resume: An Amazing Tool to Self-Marketing

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‘Just keep getting better to deliver better’ – is probably something that Facebook has been taking as gospel. After sprucing people’s profiles up through interesting add-ons and privacy features, the social networking site recently introduced Timeline format for updating the same. Though the layout brings in a whole new deal – right from sharing and highlighting memorable posts to revealing more about their story, Facebook Timeline has got a lot more than you could think of. And when we say ‘a lot more’, it need not necessarily mean functions that solely revolve around one’s personal life. Not many would realize but Facebook Timeline can also be used as a great tool to assert whatever you have inscribed on your cover letter and curriculum vitae. So you never really knew about it, did you?

Free Social Resume with Facebook Timeline

[A creative Facebook Timeline design by Antonio Fadda]

Well to straighten that out, it nowhere signifies that Facebook will replace LinkedIn anytime soon as the social network for professionals. But, if you are searching high and low for transforming your Facebook Timeline into a supplementary yet effectual social resume tool, then here’s some help.
Following are some significant steps that should enable the employer to catch a good sight of your profile and allow you to self marketing yourself for that perfect employment. Take a look!

Step 1: Adjust your Privacy Settings

First and foremost, you need to zoom on how to effectively transform your resume into resource. For which, you will be required to trim down your privacy levels and allow non-friends view certain details of your Timeline. Since privacy settings under Facebook are quite flexible, you can configure few things and have it visible to right people. You can simply adjust your privacy settings for the right people seeing the right things. However, all of this can be executed whilst maintaining privacy for your other areas.

Step 2: Edit your Timeline

Alright, if you have your Facebook account since your college or high school time, it shouldn’t throw a curve if some inappropriate status updates or questionable wall posts are lying there. But, to turn your Timeline into a social resume, you need to make sure that no inappropriate content is a part of your Facebook Profile. You need not delete them; just ensure to edit the profile. Take some time and hide these from Timeline. It can be done easily by clicking on the ‘Activity Log’ and navigating through all your posts. Nevertheless, it can be a lengthy or time-consuming process depending on how actively you have used Facebook.

Step 3: Add Accomplishments

As Facebook intends on making Timeline your digital biography, keep it that way. You can highlight your profile by easily adding Life Events to your profile. However, don’t forget to include your high school as well as college graduations. You should also include details on when you started new jobs, promotions and other significant appraisals. Adding accomplishments to your Timeline will help you turn it into an amazing self-advertising tool.

Step 4: Create Business Cards from Timeline

Next important step that you should stand by is to procreate business cards from your Timeline. Sounds so not heard of, right? Well, to help you do that, Facebook has recently joined hands with Moo.com – printer of custom business cards. By taking advantage of which, you can seamlessly create business cards using your Timelines. For this, simply go to your ‘Contact Info’ under ‘About’ and you will notice a business card icon. Cursor over it to catch a glimpse of what your card will look like. You can edit your information on the card once you have clicked through to Moo.com. Subsequent to this, you will receive the mail in a few days and be enabled to start networking with your Facebook account.

Step 5: Make your Timeline Reveal your Personality

Lastly, focus on benefitting from the new cover photo feature as much as possible. You can choose a fun, appropriate picture that reveals or expresses more of the type of person you are. You can also enhance your Timeline by putting up appealing and suitable textures, patterns, art, nature scenes or custom Photoshop displays. But, make sure your Facebook Profile comes across as a positive representation of your personality. At the same time, you can remove inappropriate content or pictures from your profile and keep Timeline thoroughly updated. This will help you appear as a professional and more serious about the profession you have settled upon.

The above mentioned steps won’t only allow people to attach a business professional element to their life, but also maintain their social life in an effective way. But, in a true sense, it is really an interesting way to have a perfect social resume from your Timeline.

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