How To Creating a Cohesive Look for Your Instagram Profile

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Everyone wants the perfect look for Instagram, which is affectionately known to many as the ‘gram. Whether you’re a business owner, a mommy blogger or a food enthusiast, there are plenty of ways to curate a stunning Instagram profile without using expensive photography or a ton of effort.

There are a few tricks that many people implement in order to curate the most stunning feeds on this platform. If you just want to use Instagram as your public photo diary, you might as well make it look as stunning as possible. To make this happen, adopt a few key concepts into your photographic arsenal.

Quality of Photos

Stunning photos are definitely required in order to achieve a stunning Instagram feed. However, it doesn’t take a lot of hard work in order to capture moments in a beautiful manner. If you are taking a photo with your smartphone, make sure the lens is clean. By simply swiping the lens with your cotton t-shirt, you can improve the clarity of your photo immensely. When you’re taking a picture, hold the phone with both hands. Position your hands as though they are the ends of a tripod. Use your body as the base. Stand up straight as you squeeze your elbows firmly into your sides. Take a deep breath in, and hold your breath. As you hold your breath for three seconds, hit the button that takes the picture. Your picture will be evenly aligned. This gives you the best canvas to start with. This might sound like an arduous task to do with every single shot. However, once you’ve nailed down this routine, it’ll feel like second nature.

Then, once you’ve captured the photo, download a few photo apps to enhance the look with filters. When you use filters, do your best to pick the same options. If you like a mix of sepia and colorful photos, use the same sepia filter. Also, use the same colorful filer to create a cohesive look across your feed.

The Rule of Threes

Your Instagram feed is set up in the three quadrants per row. When you’re posting photos, consider how complementary the photo will be to the other two in the row. As you upload each photo, be mindful of the color schemes with the others. If you’re using the same filters, that will help tremendously. If you see that one photo tends to clash with the other two that are on the feed, just post a photo or two that complement the ones that are already in the row. Then, you can add your next photo that will complement the next string of pictures. If it’s easier, just upload three photos at a time or take a few photos of a specific memory.

Then, upload one at a time sporadically until you fill the row with three cohesive photos.


If you’re someone who is really witty and funny, you can definitely highlight that with fun captions. If you love to talk about serious matters or the lessons you’re learning, there is room to do that in the caption area. If you’re a blogger who wants to redirect people to your website, make sure you leave a call to action. As your brand gets bigger, it’s important to maintain the bandwidth to manage the number of people who will visit the website. This is one of the reasons why you’ll want to look at options like magento enterprise for your site.

If you don’t have a way with words, but want to appear as though you do, quotes always make great captions. Think about the way you felt when you enjoyed a specific day. If the feeling was euphoric, head over to Google to find a quote that communicates euphoria. If you speak a different language, create a caption in that language. That’s always interesting to communicate. If you want to keep it really basic, it’s okay to say that you feel great or that you hope your followers have an incredible day. You don’t have to be deep all the time.


Hashtags are incredibly helpful for visibility. If you’d like for your content to get in front of more eyeballs, use hashtags that are followed by a lot of people. If you’re a gospel music singer, add the phrase to your list of hashtags. Additionally, you don’t need to include your hashtags after your caption. You can place your list of hashtags in your first comment on the page. It’s completely up to you.


When in doubt, do your best to keep things simple. Instagram is meant to be a fun platform for people to connect with one another, share their experiences and have fun. If you make it complicated, you’ll suck the joy out of something that was initially meant to be light-hearted. Enjoy the experience of capturing the moments, but don’t forget to enjoy the actual moments as well.

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