How To Design A Killer Company Logo That Ameliorates Your Brand

To some, a logo might look like a trivial symbol solely existing for visual representation but a logo carries a deeper meaning than one can even comprehend. From creating a sales funnel to forming your brand identity from scratch, a logo can do so much to ameliorate your brand’s personality.

Knowing the worth of a logo is a bit difficult to grasp at first, especially for new startups and brands. However, without a quality logo, you would end up overlooking a core building block of establishing a brand. No matter what your business is about, a logo is a prime requisite that remains unavoidable.

Once you have understood the importance of a logo, the next step is to understand the design process. The logo design process is quite extensive so be very careful in following each step with the utmost attention since only a good design carries the power to grab customer attention, generate sales and traffic.

Outlook on Brand Identity

Every person would recognize your brand differently but to know who your target or potential customers can become is what actually matters. Your customers would only prefer associating with your brand if they find any worthwhile or beneficial qualities in it and that is exactly what a brand identity enforces.

The perception of your customers has the power to either build or break your brand. The utter success of a brand lies in its ability to meet every intricate expectation of its audience but many factors are involved in building a solid brand personality but the initialization is always done through a logo.

What makes a logo worthy of notability? Here are the essential tips that can assist you in designing a killer logo for your company that enhances its worth amidst the competition.

Get to know your target audience

The thought of having a solid brand identity might sound good but in reality, one has to put in many efforts to make it possible. To perfect your brand identity further, a logo is required but your logo can only be made once you have carefully identified who your target audience is.

Many new brand owners tend to overlook this notion but they should not. Your brand needs to have the potential to connect with your audience and the only way you can do so is when you know every intricate detail of your audiences’ preferences.

Visualization of brand identity

A logo serves as a visual symbol for your brand. With the manifestation of constant changes in digital design, customers no longer prefer bland and boring forms of advertising or branding. For that reason, you would have to find a solution that is both vivid and engaging.

The only way you can make your customers engage and associate with your brand is through a logo, initially. Textual content would not be interesting enough to explain what your brand does and represents but visualization of your brand identity surely can.

Perform a competitor analysis

Thorough competitor analysis for the branding strategies your rivals have used is essential. It will help you in avoiding the issues and shortcomings your competitors had to face and knowing all the potential ways you can avoid those problems.

Judge how they have made their logos and steer clear of any aspects that could bring similarity to your and your rivals’ logos. This analysis also proves to be very crucial in knowing the strengths and weaknesses your rivals have, only to give you an upper hand amongst the competition.

Observe the current trends

To get the right inspiration for your logo design, you have many options. One such option is to stay alert of the current and upcoming logo design trends. Some design trends such as minimal logos have stuck around for quite a while so you can get the relevant inspiration and choose a befitting design concept.

However, know that some trends happen to be seasonal and generic fads and choosing such a trend could make your logo outdated in the coming years. Therefore, always make a wise decision in selecting the design type, font styles, and color combinations or gradients for the logo.

Bring originality into design

The sheer existence of a logo is to make sure it separates your visual identity from the rest. Without a killer unique logo, those who associate with your brand might not even remember it for a significant amount of time.

Your logo should be both unique and original and you can even get all the inspiration you need from renowned logos but copying every intricate detail is not going to help you. Finding out that a logo has been copied can tarnish your brand’s reputation so always come up with 100% original ideas instead of looking for a shortcut.

Simplicity always works the best

While it is essential for a logo to be unique but the uniqueness is also correlated to the simplicity of a logo’s design. Only a simple-looking logo can be memorable. If you bloat the design with unrequired details then your audience would not find a point of association with the logo and your brand’s identity.

To make your logo simple, pay heed to negative space and specifically bring your viewer’s focus on the visual combination of emptiness and creativeness you will formulate. In a digital format, your customers could be viewing your logo on different websites therefore, make sure it looks appealing then too.

There is no overnight success

Some of the most renowned brands worldwide such as Pepsi and Nike did not acquire success overnight. The thought of having an iconic logo might sound almost impossible but that alone should not disappoint you. Branding procedures and strategies take time to fully reach out to the masses so you just have to be a bit patient.

All the reasons that have made both Nike and Pepsi globally popular are that these logos did not deviate from the basic principles of logo design. Stay true and open to the principles and you will understand the depth between some of the most successful logo design to date.


Now you must be well aware of how the entire logo design process is so detailed and extensive. However, know that haste makes waste so first practice out the creation of your logo and once you are confident about the outcome, only then give it a green light.

At times, you make trivial mistakes that care easily overlookable but once you know the right procedure to follow, the gaps of mistakes that you could have left will no longer be present in your logo.

Never be hesitant to hone your design skills as failure is not fatal but it can surely motivate you to continue improving and learning until you create a logo that is both bespoke and unique.

About the Author!

Nida Asad is a Creative Consult and Strategist who has earned great proficiency by working as a creative lead at Animation Wonder. Possessing a flair for digital design and advertising, Nathan has made an utterly reputable place among the ranks of creative consultants.

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